Disney World's Epcot Hidden Mickey Contributors

These contributors have sighted the most popular and verified Hidden Mickeys. I will be only accepting new reports for these Hidden Mickeys if they are changed by the imagineers, cast members or lost during a rehab, etc.

World Showcase


Maelstrom - Viking wearing a Mickey Mouse hat

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
Stan Sroka
Kathy Nicklas-Varraso
Tom Corrigan
Laura Wotycha
Aaron Kaufman
Tom Corrigan
Ashley Vogl
Confirmed on "Walt Disney World Inside Out."
Dean Scungio
Gary Larizza
Katherine Wright
Susa person
John & Melanie Emmons
Carolyn R. Sorrells
Twyla-Rose Ferguson
Lisa O'Neill
Tom & Renée Shaw
Casey Wolnowski
Charles Lindlau
Candice Ossowski
Al & Adrienne Pillar
George Nichols
Christine Smith
Margret Irwin
Linda McCullough
Eric Jourgensen
Rick Reed
Josh Evans
Peter Stepniewicz
Michelle Lamelza
The Crutchley Family

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