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  1. In the pre-show queue, where you are still standing in the first room waiting to get on the actual ride, Ellen is sitting in her living room holding her cat watching Jeopardy. If you look behind her to the left, there is a bookshelf type of thing. On the top of that bookshelf there is a little Mickey statuette. (I believe also on the top of it there is a plant in a basket and a book and maybe some other things.) The statue is on the left-middle of the bookshelf top.
    REPORTED: Traci Gregory 08 DEC 00
  2. After the dinos in the second part of the movie, there is a man who drives a tractor into a barn. When he comes out of the barn he is driving a different car. As he is driving the car he passes a church. In the door of the church there is a shaddow of the Earful Tower. It is a little Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jennifer Hoffer 01 JAN 99
    The building is not actually a church since a cross cannot be found on it, but the style implies a church.
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 JAN 99
  3. In Ellen's Energy Adventure, in the fight scene between the t-rex and stegosaurus, there is a fairly large plant shaped like Mickey's head located to the front, right side of the dinosaurs.
    REPORTED: Barbara Naness 27 DEC 96
  4. When Ellen is driving Bill Nye the Science Guy through the factory, just after she almost hits the factory worker, there was a center yellow light, with two white light above to make the typical Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Joseph Weeks 21 OCT 96
    I don't think that could have been intended, if the lights really did make a Mickey
    WISHFUL THINKING: Alanna Pasquale 20 DEC 96
  5. When exiting the Universe of Energy Exhibit, there is a poster with two tigers on it. The larger tiger appears normal but the smaller tiger is a hidden Mickey with head and ears. The tiger's head is round and close inspection of smaller tiger's ears will reveal that they have been morphed into round shapes in correct proportion to the tiger's head.
    REPORTED: Steve Lowe 14 NOV 00

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