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  1. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. Outside the entrance to France, there was a Mickey in the sculptured garden made of hedges.
    REPORTED: Lois Scherzinger 31 OCT 98
    There are several low bushes in a garden. We think we saw three circular bushes grouped together to form a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: mike salmen 15 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 26 DEC 99
    In the mock garden of Versailles in France, if you look closely, one of the shrubs is shaped like Mickey's head.
    CONFIRMED: Regina Sacco 06 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: Amy Hudson 07 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: Bobby N Kathy Kurczeski 15 APR 01
  3. This is more a decor, plain-to-see Mickey, but the Madeline merchandise display contains a statue of Madeline holding a red Mickey-head balloon.
    REPORTED: Dan Amrich 24 SEP 95
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Hutchings 27 NOV 95 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. If you look at the grates that are at the base of the trees in France you will notice a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: The Johnsons 08 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: T. Fox 27 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Jerry McKune 30 MAR 99

Impressions de France

  1. In the background of the wedding scene in the center of the 2nd floor window on the house in the movie, "Impressions de France"
    CONFIRMED: Joe Weeks 16 FEB 98
    In the wedding scene there is a hidden Mickey. When they are outside and everyone is danceing and having a good time look at the second story windows. Look closely, VERY closely. You will see a hidden Micky.
    CONFIRMED: anon 25 FEB 01

Boulangerie Patisserie

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. Look at the Patisserie's window, notice the oranges.
  2. Looking out at the lagoon from the Patisserie, I noticed that the black fence that surrounds the trees in France was made of 3/4 circles that make a Hidden Mickey. You have to look through the fence and line up the circles in the fence behind it.
    REPORTED: Jason Steven 29 JAN 97
  3. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. Outside the restaurant there are tables. The cast members arrange them in the form of a Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 31 MAR 06

Les Chefs de France

  1. the Le Chefs De France restaurant, there are chandeliers and wall lights that are made of round globes. The wall lights are made of three round globes, the center one above the other two, not touching. So the wall light itself does not qualify as a hidden Mickey. But when you look at the wall lights behind you, reflected in the curved surface of your water glass, you see a row of hidden Mickeys, correctly proportioned and right-side-up.
    REPORTED: Daniel Boyd 02 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Savannah 03 AUG 99

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