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Innoventions, East

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  2. In the display of the map of Innoventions East, near the entrance, the icon of number 9 (Internet Zone) is a familiar mouse
    REPORTED: Abelinhe Ramos 02 APR 02
  3. Between the Motorola and Panja House of Innovations exhibits along the back wall are some vertical columns in brushed aluminum. On the column closest to the Panja House are several circles. About 2/3 of the way up are four large circles. Three of them make an accidental Hidden Mickey. Also, the struts above and to the left of these contain three circles which make a somewhat elongated Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: S D Riba 10 MAR 00
    In the Motorola's Communication Dream forum, there's a part called Touch It (or something like that) at the end of their "movie room" (when you exit the room, headind to the House of Innoventions, on your left side). In that section, they have 5 circles in the wall. They are placed just like the number five is in a dice, that is, one in the midlle and the others around it. In the Motorola exhibition, the middle circle is bigger than the ones around it. This one is Mickey's face. The two circles above the one in the middle, are closer than the ones under the midle one. The circles above are the ears. So, there you have the hidden Mickey reported!!
    CONFIRMED: Gabriel-Brazil 16 JUL 01
  4. Inside the House of Innoventions, in the kitchen (first room in the left, when you walk through the front door), under the table, exactly in front of the refrigerator hooked up to the internet.
    REPORTED: Gabriel-Brazil 16 JUL 01
  5. When you sit to watch the total trivia show, there are 3 gears that pass by that are Mickey. It is on its side. The picture is near the top of the screen and it goes by pretty fast.
    REPORTED: marci 02 OCT 99
    This is in the "Tappi" exhibit (paper/trees exhibit).
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 AUG 01
  6. There is a Hidden Mickey in the area of the interactive computers, directly acrossed from the big bat that swings at the window (near the cookie oven). Facing this computer corner, at the first computer on the right, stand on top of the bench seat. Only then you can see a Mickey on top of what looks like Lego blocks. You have to stand on the bench to see it.
    REPORTED: Megan 11 JUN 99
    Between the General Electric exhibit and the big bat that hits the baseball, there are interactive computers. At the station near the end, stand on the bench in front of the lowest computer. If you look towards the Motorola exhibit, and look down onto the top of one of the legos, there is a hidden Mickey. The lego is yellow, and the hidden Mickey blue.
    CONFIRMED: Jason 14 JUN 99
  7. There is a Hidden Mickey located in the guest relations lobby of Innoventions, East. As you enter the lobby, to the right is a purple column. At the bottom of the column are two purple circles. You can visualize a Hidden Mickey in the architecture taking into account the column and the two circles on the floor.
    REPORTED: John E. Walker 01 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Rodlly Figari 27 APR 97
  8. The Disney on Disk display sign has 3 disks that form a perfect Mickey.
    REPORTED: Frakers 09 OCT 00

Innoventions, West

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  1. In the new IBM area in Innoventions West, there is a "world rider" showcase which includes a large half-globe near the ceiling. Inside this half-globe is a map of part of the world. If you watch the area around Florida for at most 15 seconds you should see a big obvious Hidden Mickey flash on for a few seconds in red LED lights. It is lit only about every 3 out ot 15 seconds, so keep looking at Florida and you should see it.
    REPORTED: Josef Faulkner 08 JAN 98
    At the IBM Exhibit in the "Planet Rider" Show, the upper globe on Florida
    CONFIRMED: anon 02 FEB 98
    At the IBM Experience, on the inside of "Planet Rider's" inverse map of the globe, stare at the state of Florida. Every 20 seconds a beautiful, multi-colored hidden Mickey delightfully appears! The man that created this hidden Mickey is as nice as the feeling his creation evokes! Have fun!!
    CONFIRMED: Kiliminjaro 31 AUG 01
    At the IBM network car race demo and inside the dome over your head, look very closely at the state of Florida. Small LEDs will light up forming a hidden Mickey. It does this every 30 seconds and with three separate colors each, blue, and white. It is best seen if someone is not playing the game because the project race video falls upon the same surface.
    CONFIRMED: Bill Jones 13 MAR 02
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