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  1. This hidden Mickey was shown to us by a cast member. You must be standing on the lower level of The Land Pavilion behind the fountain. The entrance (on the 2nd floor) should be in front of you. Now look up into the glass part of the building. The fountain reflects into the glass to form a hidden Mickey. It is easiest to see when the balloons are "down". This was reportedly an "accidental" hidden Mickey, but it is plainly there.
    REPORTED: Beth Cobb 05 MAY 02
  2. At night, stand by the balcony in front of the restaurant and look up at the glass panes in the ceiling. A Mickey head is made by the reflection of the lights outside.
    REPORTED: Peter Basilo 26 NOV 95 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. Checkout the explanation of popcorn in the lobby
    REPORTED: anon 06 FEB 01 White Cookie Background 120x60 pict from hiddenmickeys.org pict from hiddenmickeys.org pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. The Cast Members at the Land pavilion that work at the Nestle chocolate chip cookie baking demonstration put bakers hats on all the kids. Each hat is decorated with the child's name and a prominent Mickey head. Depending on the Cast Member, the letter "I" may be dotted with a Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 06 FEB 01
  5. The large balloons hanging from the ceiling line up to form a Mickey head. The balloons are moving up and down, but every time the two outer ones pass the middle one, Mickey's head is formed as clear as day.
    REPORTED: Todd D McCartney 16 JUL 93
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Connelly 08 SEP 93
    The pavilion now has five balloons. However, you can still see the original three line up if you go to the right and stop just before the entrance to the Harvest Theater.
    CONFIRMED: Graham Allan 06 JAN 94
    CONFIRMED: Ben 21 MAR 94
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 18 OCT 97
  6. The cloud hanging from the large balloon includes two sideways Hidden Mickeys formed by bulges in the cloud.
    REPORTED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
  7. Looking from the front of the building, the balloon behind the large balloon includes a Hidden Mickey formed by a sun and circles to the side of it. Also, on the same balloon a Hidden Mickey is formed by blue and orange circles.
    REPORTED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
  8. There is one on each side of the green balloon on the ceiling. It is best seen from the entrance to the Circle of Life movie. It is a big yellow outline with red circles.
    REPORTED: Laura Larson 22 JUN 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  9. While waiting in line for The Circle of Life, my friend noticed a Hidden Mickey on the Green Hot Air Balloon: It is made up of Gold Circles, one with a red center, clearly touching and proportioned as required, the ears are tilted to the left.
    REPORTED: technoid 17 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: The Winn Family 05 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: The Spencer Family 10 JUL 97
  10. A Hidden Mickey is formed by the giant fountain in the middle with two umbrellas as ears. This is best seen from the balcony near the entrance to the Garden Grill.
    REPORTED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
  11. There is a very plain Hidden Mickey in the central fountain. The best I can remember is that it is on the bottom row and faces the Living with the Land queue.
    REPORTED: Harry Walker 19 JUN 00

Circle of Life Theater

  1. Small stones in front of the Native American man on a horse.
    The Indian is riding a horse. The Hidden Mickey is laying on the ground left of the Indian (his right).
    CONFIRMED: Jeffrey Todd Collier 13 DEC 93
    CONFIRMED: Ben 21 MAR 94
  2. Baseball cap on the man driving a harvester.
  3. When looking at the woman taking water samples on the Willamette River, the reflection in her sunglasses shows the cameraman wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt.
    REPORTED: Stan Sroka

    The Mickey T-Shirt on the camerman seen in the reflection of the water sampling tech's glasses. I worked in the theater when the movie was called Symbiosis, and the theater was The Harvest Theater.
    CONFIRMED: anon 17 APR 98
  4. There is a Mickey Mouse balloon flying in the hayfield where they are driving a tractor
    CONFIRMED: anon 17 APR 98
  5. When Simba touches the water to from ripples, a Hidden Mickey briefly forms.
    REPORTED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
  6. At the Circle of Life Theater as the movie begins, the sun is coming up and the song is playing. In the lower right hand corner, your right hand corner as you face the screen, there is a set of trees in silhouette, colored orange, and as the sun rises they form a Hidden Mickey which lasts approximately three seconds before the shadow changes it.
    REPORTED: Paula Herwig 13 NOV 00

The Garden Grill

Fun Facts
  1. At Epcot in "The Land" attraction there is a wonderful, revolving restaurant. When you are first seated at your booth, pay attention to the way the plates and bowls are arranged. I think we have Mickey ears!
    REPORTED: Renee Bledsoe 29 APR 02
  2. If you are sitting on the top section if you look at the sunflowers painted on the walls some of them form a hidden Mickey - almost to many to count.
    REPORTED: Laura 05 FEB 01
  3. On the Garden Grill sign to the right of the sunflower, there is a bunch of grapes next to some carrots. About midway up the carrot there are three grapes - one large and two small grapes - that form a perfect tri-circle Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: The Spencer Family 10 JUL 97
  4. I used to work at the boat ride in the Land. If you are standing along side the railings of the Garden Grill while it is rotating through the scene with the prairie dogs you will notice that the rocks are placed in the shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Nicole LaLonde 23 APR 96
  5. The dunes on the land ride look like a Mickey from the restaurant.
    REPORTED: Damon Burke
    CONFIRMED: Ana B. Watson 15 DEC 93
  6. When you rotate past the lightning storm, there are three cloud layers; next to one of these layers is Mickey on his back. His nose, ears and hands across his chest are visible, similar to the one in Splash Mountain.
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 31 AUG 96
  7. There is a large mural that you rotate past showing a lot of different plants under the sun. Mickey can be found on the (looking at the mural) right side of the mural just after you pass the house from the boat ride. This Hidden Mickey is HUGE so think big when trying to find him. It is a face-on picture. The easiest thing to find is Mickey's nose, which is a large leaf (maybe 1 foot across) and oval shaped. This leaf/nose is painted in front of a light green background of grass, which is also Mickey's face (the part that is usually flesh-toned or white). Above the nose are three palm-like leaves (also on the light green background). Two of them are the same size and shape. These are the eyes. Ignore the middle leaf, it is not part of the Mickey. From here, look directly above and to the right of the light green grass. There is a branch going up and to the left. Look for the thinner branch coming off of this where the leaves are directly touching the first branch. This second branch curves upward, forming part of Mickey's ear. If you follow this curve, you'll see yet another branch curving down from above which finishes Mickey's right ear. On the left side of Mickey's face are two pink and blue flowers. Curving upwards, they form the left side of Mickey's face. A little past this to the left are two stems 2-3 inches thick going up, and both split near the top. The leftmost fork on the left and the rightmost fork on the right form Mickey's left ear. Finally is Mickey's smile. The grass at the bottom of the mural forms this. The large piece of grass that is the tallest on the right side in the corner of the mural is the right side of his smile, and the left side is formed by the piece of grass that is separate from the group - it is the last one that is lined in yellow. The bottom of his smile isn't there because the mural doesn't go down far enough!
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 15 AUG 97
  8. There's a mural in the rotating "Garden Grill" restaurant. As you enter, walk to the left (clockwise, against the rotation). In the middle of the mural is a blazing sun. Far below (at eye level), and to the right, you can see lily pads or some other roundish leaf. Above the lily pads are some vegetation. At the border of lily pad and vegetation is a hidden Mickey. It's no bigger than your outstretched hand, and may not have been the top layer of paint, but I can see it. REPORTED: Ben 21 MAR 94
  9. In the same mural, look at the rightmost lily pads. A branch grows in front of the pads, forking once then again. Between the branches of the first fork, you'll see a lavender leaf. This is Mickey's left ear (your right). To the left is a misshapen ear, and a mouselike nose points to your right. You may see the detail of the mouse's left eye. Is this Mickey? Has Disney been infiltrated by other mouse-illustrators? I'm not sure.
    REPORTED: Ben 21 MAR 94 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  10. This one in the left side of the mural. There are three flowers, two blue, one purple. Above the left most one (the blue one I think) is a fern. Count six leaves up on the fern. Mickey's eyes are two black circles above the 6th leaf. His mouth, which is open, is below the 6th leaf. His ears are green and one is totally above the 7th leaf, one partially above the 7th and partially below it. His nose extends toward the right. Mickey is looking slightly downward to the left. It is a 3/4 view of him. It is an old-fashioned Mickey (more like the Mickeys in "Plane Crazy" or "Steamboat Willie"). If you have a hard time finding Mickey, just ask a Cast Member who works in the restaurant. They all know about him.
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 09 AUG 96
    A Cast Member pointed this out. A real "hidden" Hidden Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    The Hidden Mickey in the Garden Grill Restaurant in the mural located behind the fern. We had Mickey himself show us with a broomstick it is really tough if not impossible to see without asking someone but it is one of the better Hidden Mickeys I've seen.
    CONFIRMED: George Nichols 13 MAY 97
  11. I noticed a couple of perfectly formed "Hidden Mickey" cactus plants while dining at the "Garden Grill" restaurant in Dec. 92. They were up at the restaurant's level when our revolving booth was overlooking the desert scene. My husband insisted that I was really stretching it or going overboard with that one, so I dropped it.
    REPORTED: Brenda Bowden 25 MAR 94
    These were obviously Mickey-shaped.
    CONFIRMED: Robin Norell 01 FEB 98
    CONFIRMED: gatorboy 15 NOV 98
  12. When you are eating on the Garden Grill restaurant, look down at the farm scene. There is a Mickey shaped by pumpkins. It's slanted diagonally right up
    REPORTED: Katie 06 SEP 97
  13. At the Garden Grill, the plates and bowls are arranged on the table in the shape of Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Jamie 28 JAN 99


Living with the Land

Fun Facts

Note: Living with the Land used to be known as Listen to the Land prior to the last refurbishment.

pict from hiddenmickeys.org

  1. Bubbles in the middle of the giant mural in the queue.
    CONFIRMED:Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    When waiting in line for the ride, if you look at the picture with bubbles you can see that 3 bubbles that are together form a perfect Mickey head!
    CONFIRMED: Kerry 27 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: The Randolph Family 08 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Candice Ossowski 17 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Dawn Malfitano 19 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: The Winn Family 05 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: George Nichols 13 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Andrea and Eric 03 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Dave Robertson 18 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: Jason C. Robertson 22 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 18 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: sara jameson 13 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Carter & Kristy Miskoff 24 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Laura Larson 22 JUN 98
    In the first mural you come to in the queue for the "Celebrate the Land" boat ride. There is a row of vertical bubbles. Half way up the row three bubbles form a Hidden Mickey turned about 35 degrees.
    CONFIRMED: Robert Stuckey 23 OCT 98
    While waiting in line to ride "Living with the Land" a hidden Mickey can be seen in a mural painted along the wall. It's in the mural that contains quotes that people have said, look at the part of the wall that has bubbles painted as if they're floating up the wall. Near the bottom of the bubbles, there are three that are sorta stuck together in that familiar mouse formation.
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 MAR 01
  2. On the mural, the rocks form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Katie 06 SEP 97
  3. At the far right of the mural where the boats enter the ride there is a bubble design near the bottom of a valley. The background is made up of several colored sections. At the top of the light green section, just below the mauve section we found a perfect Mickey made up of a green circle with a red outline and two smaller blue circles (one outlined in purple and the other in dark blue).
    REPORTED: WDW List pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Evans 29 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Russell 25 MAY 96
    Confirmed on "Walt Disney World Inside Out"
    CONFIRMED: Dean Scungio 06 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Matt DeGrandis 30 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED:John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: George Nichols 13 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Dave Robertson 18 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 18 OCT 97
    Saw it in the last painting on the far right, in the lower right-hand corner, just slightly above the corner. There is a large circle with two smaller circles forming the head. Just a bit above this, again, on the right-hand side, there is another Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Doug Macut 26 DEC 98
  4. Look at the mural on the wall separating the line from the water of the ride. Painted into the mural, at about waist high, is an actual Mickey face. It pictures Mickey's nose, eyes, and mouth, as well as his head. Take note that it is not just three circles on the wall. It is an actual Mickey face, angled to the viewer's right.
    REPORTED: Theodore Lucas Hollar 29 APR 97
    We looked for a good 10 minutes and couldn't see anything remotely close to a Hidden Mickey.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Jeff Carter & Kristy Miskoff 24 JAN 98
  5. There is a Hidden Mickey in the Family Farm Scene. The clouds all the way to the right of the scene form an outline of Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Brennan Lundberg 23 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 18 OCT 97
  6. In the first barn scene, the last movie screen has a scene that shows a row of cows, the fourth or fifth cow from the bottom has a hidden Mickey on his tail end. It's a white cow with a black spot in the shape in the shape of a Mickey head. You have to be lucky enough to see that particular scene and it only lasts for a few seconds, but it is very clear.
    REPORTED: Estrella 14 FEB 99
  7. In the beginning of either the desert scene, on the ground, there are several cactii. Some feature round leaves conveniently forming the Mickey head with ears. These can also be seen from Garden Grill.
    REPORTED: gatorboy 15 NOV 98
  8. After the farm scene, you see three large screens showing Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, farmlands across America and Epcot. In the Saudi Arabia and Mexico scene, near the bottom left of the scene next to the feet of the man standing there, there is an imprint of a three-circle Mickey in the desert sand. It's only visible for a few seconds.
    REPORTED: Marcus J. LaPratt 13 SEP 95
    The Hidden Mickey in the Saudi Arabian Scene is there. You need to be lucky and paying attention.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Carter & Kristy Miskoff 24 JAN 98
  9. In the farm scene, there is a hidden Mickey along the path that leads up to the house. It looks like a foot print from the dog. I believe that it's to the left of the mailbox.
    REPORTED: Donna 22 JUN 98
  10. In the film montage after farm scene, there are Mickeys on the nametags of the greenhouse technicians in one of the pictures.
    CONFIRMED: Peter Basilo 26 NOV 95
    CONFIRMED:Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Joe & Donna Marquart 18 JAN 97
  11. You pass through a "room" of projected scenery, a far off group of trees in the lower right hand of the wall is actually one big Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Soon Kang 03 MAY 94 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  12. On the left side of the boat you come up on a bed of lettuce, in the middle of this bed there is a mickey shaped head formed with a different colored lettuce. this was spotted by my 12 yr. old daughter Rachael on our August trip.
    REPORTED: anon 12 FEB 06
  13. Right before you see the test tube Mickey. Hanging near plants is a plastic Mickey
    REPORTED: Pat Greene 26 JUN 05
  14. pict from hiddenmickeys.org pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  15. Towards the end, the boat passes what appears to be a laboratory. There is a machine which contains vials for testing. Some of the vial stoppers are green. The green ones make an outline of Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Amy Ginsburg 30 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED:John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: The Randolph Family 08 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: The Winn Family 05 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: George Nichols 13 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 18 OCT 97
    In the "Living with the Land" boat ride in The Land, as you're at the end of the ride in the hydroponics lab section, you pass a glassed-in bio-technology lab on your right that your guide will point out. It's chock-full of testing equipment and on-going experiments. On the right-hand counter of the lab, about halfway into the room, is a circular test-tube rack, about 2 feet in diameter. There were test tubes placed in it in a definite Mickey pattern, with test tubes forming the outline of Mickey's head and ears.
    CONFIRMED: Chris and Jennifer Majors 20 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: DPlatt 09 FEB 98
    At the laboratory window, on the counter, right hand side, there is a circular test tube holder and in it the test tubes formed a Mickey shilouette.
    CONFIRMED: Mary Ann Markle 23 APR 98
    In the last room of the greenhouse, you can see a little laboratory. Well, there is a container thing that holds little vials of DNA or something, and the vials inside of it make up one of the world's most obvious Hidden Mickeys! It's placed right out in front, and it was huge, but many people on the tour with me didn't recognize it. Problem is, it looked like they were using that equipment, so it could be lost to time already!
    CONFIRMED: Fish 18 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Karen 20 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Laurie Sotelo 30 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: Kerry McCloy 10 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: Chris 30 MAR 01
  16. A temporary Hidden Mickey - My daughter also spotted two that may or may not count because they are not permanent. We went on the Living With the Land ride twice and it was there both times...someone made one in the sand in the area with the vegetables.
    REPORTED: Terrie Braun 16 JUN 96
    It was drawn in the sand as you enter the ride where future gardening techniques are displayed.
    CONFIRMED: DPlatt 09 FEB 98
  17. This one is temporary. If you look at the papaya fruit just right, they kinda form a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 18 OCT 97
Behind the Seeds

Behind the Seeds, A Special Guided Greenhouse Tour

  1. While walking through an area covered with sand, I noticed that a Mickey head was shaped into the sand with the special rake they use. You have to look at it for a little to see it, but it is definitely there.
    REPORTED: anon 30 MAR 97
    Behind the Seeds We saw the Hidden Mickey raked in the sand while taking the tour. It was in an area where only the walking tour could see it, and not the boat riders. Obviously temporary, but probably done frequently by the CM's.
    CONFIRMED: Lipscomb/Fisher family 22 APR 98
  2. There is a Mickey on the second stop of the tour, at the tissue culture window. Look at the containers on the moving platform. the 3rd container from the left, first row of pinapple plants, is a Mickey silhouette in place of a number on all the rest of the containers.
    REPORTED: Mary Ann Markle 23 APR 98

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