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You can also find other information on fun facts and secrets of Walt Disney World by consulting with your local independent bookstore or visit our online bookstore. These are real Disney secrets. For more Disney secrets and trivia and bloopers try DISNEY Ever Notice... ?. If you are interested in rumors (some true, most not), checkout Disney Urban Legend Reference Page and Urban Legends Archive.

  1. The "Hotel du Canada" is based on the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.
    REPORTED: Ray Petti 23 DEC 96 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. One night after IllumiNations my wife and I sat on a bench past the English pub, near the Canadian pavilion. In front of us was a rock with a 12-foot-tall pole coming out of it, with a light display on top. All of a sudden the pole began to silently retract into the "rock" and as it did we notice that on top of the lights was a this, contoured piece of rock placed so that when the pole fully retracted there was no indication the pole had ever been there or that the rock was anything but solid! We surmised the lights were used in IllumiNations, that it retracted once it had cooled down, and that it was hidden so as not to look out of place in the park-like setting of World Showcase.
    REPORTED: Randy Bennett 10 FEB 96
    We watched IllumiNations at least twice from near that rock. We saw many people cross the fence and climb the rock to try to get a good view. On every occasion a Cast Member would come and ask them to come down. We realized why when the show started and the pole came out right from where they would have been sitting.
    CONFIRMED: Dean Blom 21 APR 96
    The lights on the Canada rocks are indeed part of the IllumiNations show. They are raised by the Canadian doing crowd control each night. They are lowered, however, right after the show by the computer that runs the show. The actual reason for keeping guests off the rocks is twofold. First to keep them from falling into the lagoon or the concrete beach. Second, to keep them from being burned by the pyro that is shot off that wall.
    CONFIRMED: Tim 04 SEP 96
    The poles the come out of the rock are actually lights and speakers for the illuminations show. The actual laser comes out of the middle building in the Canada pavilion, on the upper left corner window.
    CONFIRMED: Jill Gavornik 21 AUG 97
    We confirm that there is no sitting allowed on any of the rock areas. As a matter of fact, you can't sit on anything! We were sitting on a stone wall that lead down to the "O Canada" movie so we'd have a good view of IllumiNations and a Cast Member asked us to get off the wall. Not only are there lights within the rocks, but speakers as well!
    CONFIRMED: The Crutchley Family 28 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 99
  3. Only one of the three totem poles is real wood. The other two have two distict markings that show they are two large pieces of fiberglass stacked on top of each other.
    REPORTED: Justin Stone 08 NOV 96
  4. The 30-foot "Real" totem pole raised there in April, 1998, is carved by a renowned Tsimshian Indian carver, David Boxley. The totem pole is 3 stories of Raven, a traditional story amongst Northwest Coastal Indians. The top of the pole depicts the story of Raven tricking the Chief of the Skies to release the sun, moon & stars from a carved cedar chest (box).
    REPORTED: anon 28 JUN 98
  5. As you walk down the steps to see the Canada 3-D movie, there is a waterfall to your right, among several large (fiberglass) rocks. About halfway down the steps or so there is a small rock with a hinge on it. If you lift it up, there is the valve to turn off the entire waterfall! Our tour guide showed us on a behind-the-scenes tour of Epcot.
    REPORTED: Jill M. Miske 06 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Larsen 18 SEP 98
  6. In the song 'Canada, You're a Lifetime Journey' that is played in the circlevision movie 'O Canada', the woman who sings the French lyrics is an anglophone with a very poor French accent. It's so poor, in fact, that even those who are fluent in both Canada's official languages have trouble understanding what she is saying. I love the song -- the melody is beautiful, and it says so much about the great country of Canada, but I wonder why they couldn't have hired someone fluent in French (preferably a francophone, or at least an anglophone with a good accent) to sing it.
    REPORTED: Tanya G 27 MAY 00
  7. Off Kilter, a great band, plays at the Canadian Pavilion. Learn more about the band and listen to some of their tunes. By the way there are no canadians in the band.
  8. Between 92-93 I worked in the UK pavillion as a J-1 cast member (the College Program thought they had fun- we out did them on all occasions...even being stopped by the National Enquirer one night and asked to give background info on being an international cast member....no way!!) A J-1 Cast Member was (pre '93), a cast member from the international programme at World Showcase. J-1 refers to the Visa that was given to the various participants (I believe that it's actually a type of study Visa!!). This then changed, also changing the FICA tax status of the cast members on the new Q-1 visa and causing a large back-log in tax which meant that a few people (notably Canadians working in 'Le Cellier and earning no gratuities) could no longer continue working at EPCOT 'cos they had HUGE back-dated tax bills!!
    REPORTED: Phil 16 FEB 00
    Yes most of the cast members in the World Showcase are on Q-1 visa's. J-1's are issued to people who are intended to be learning while at Disney, this includes such people as foriegner's working as lifeguards in the water parks, and chefs working in the kitchens. As well servers in Le Cellier do earn tips as I can attest to having been one. And as far as taxes, several, but not all the countries in the World Showcase have tax treaties with the USA, and thus people from these countries receive all of there taxes back, and instead are suppose to pay taxes on their income earned in Disney to their respective counties.
    CONFIRMED: Jamie Sharp 08 JAN 01
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