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Fun Facts of Future World, East

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You can also find other information on fun facts and secrets of Walt Disney World by consulting with your local independent bookstore or visit our online bookstore. These are real Disney secrets. For more Disney secrets and trivia and bloopers try DISNEY Ever Notice... ?. If you are interested in rumors (some true, most not), checkout Disney Urban Legend Reference Page and Urban Legends Archive.

Universe of Energy - Ellen's Energy Adventure

  1. At the end of the Jeopardy scene right before going into the last theater Ellen gives Einstein a light bulb and the announcer says,"Its a long lasting low energy lightbulb. Enjoy the efficiency!" Originally Ellen went back to Jeopardy earlier and picked up Einstein and brought him back home to meet her parents but that scene was cut out. The final show was shown to test audiences and they all asked why Ellen was handing Einstein a lightbulb so they added the announcer's voice to make sense.
    REPORTED: Ashlea Hebert 25 AUG 98
  2. Two bloopers in Ellen's Energy Adventure.
    1. Preshow - After the first round is over and she says "FREEZE!," a camera change occures and you can notice that in neither camera angle that her lips are actually moving to say Freeze.
    2. The Make-up lady shoes change from the Pre-Show video to the Start of Double Jeopardy in Theater II. In the Pre-Show she wears black pumps, and in the Theater II video she has on White Shoes.

    REPORTED: Mike Harrison 10 JUL 98
  3. Part of the delay for the attration opening was that initial response to the AA figure of Ellen, didn't look like her at all. So they went back and tried again.
    REPORTED: Barry Eytcheson 31 JAN 97
  4. The new Universe of Energy Attraction features a $2 million audio-animatronic of Ellen Dengeneres, making her even more expensive than the Wicked Witch in the Great Movie Ride at the Studios.
    REPORTED: Alyson Lamble 11 OCT 96
    The animatronic Ellen is Disney's most advanced animatronic device yet.
    UPDATE: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
  5. The dinosaurs in the ride are all built to actual scale. During the first phase of reimagineering, they brought in dinosaur experts who instructed them on how to color the dinosaurs skin. For the past few years, some of the dinosaurs have been almost florescent... This is apparently, according to the experts, how they really looked.
    REPORTED: Scott 16 JAN 98
  6. In the movie after the dinosaur sequence, a guy driving a trailer, then driving through a barn, and coming out driving a car, while the guy is driving a car he passes a small cartoon town, in the town an Exxon sign is sticking up. I predict that scene took place around the 1920's. The secret is that Exxon gas used to be called Esso gas, the name changed in the 1970-1980's.
    REPORTED: anon 08 MAR 98
  7. In the original Universe of Energy, during the dinosaur sequence, there was this dino that was like a snake that almost stuck its head in the passengers face, that part was changed when Ellen came, now the snake dino is attacking her.
    REPORTED: anon 08 MAR 98
  8. From the Epcot Field Guide: The roof of the pavilion contains a photovoltaic array of approximately 2,200 modules, with each module containing 36 individual silicon solar cells. The entire array can produce up to 70,000 watts of DC power.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
  9. From the Epcot Field Guide: At the time of its construction, the pavilion was he largest privately funded solar-power installation in the world.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
  10. From the Epcot Field Guide: The scenic backdrop of the diorama is the largest ever created by Disney Imagineers. It measures 32 feet high and 515 feet long, and took a team of three artists nearly 6,000 hours to paint.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
  11. What's that scent you smell in the diorama? Why, it's "Eau de Swamp" of course! Its is a sulfur based compound.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
  12. From the Epcot Field Guide: In The Universe of Energy, the moving theater cars weigh 30,000 lbs when fully loaded with 96 passengers. However they are guided by a wire on the floor that is only 1/8 inch thick.
    REPORTED: Todd D. McCartney 13 APR 94
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
  13. On the Energy presentation where the caveman is shown "discovering" fire by getting hit by lightning, the caveman is clearly Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld).
    REPORTED: Milton Howell 02 MAY 97
    The caveman that gets struck by lightening in the Universe of Energy is clearly Michael Richards, aka Kramer from Seinfeld.
    CONFIRMED: Scott Frank 05 AUG 97
  14. At the end of Ellen's Energy Adventure, the announcer talks about the prizes. One is a year's supply of energy. Then he gives the slogan, "Energy: You Make the World Go 'Round." This is a reference to the song of the same name that used to be in this attraction before it was redone.
    REPORTED: Ben Parrot 12 DEC 97
  15. IN the Universe of Energy ride after the dinosaur part when the final Jepordy song is playing and the announcer says "The winner of today's show gets a lifetime supply of energy, energy it makes the world go round.". "Energy, it makes the world go round" is the name to the theme song used in the end of the ride befor it was redone.
    REPORTED: Sergio 19 APR 98

Wonders Of Life

  1. From the Epcot Field Guide: The geodesic gold dome covers 50,000 square feet, is 250 feet in diameter, and is 60 feet tall.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
  2. From the Epcot Field Guide: The 75-foot tower in front of the pavilion is an artistic representation of a DNA molecule. A human who would accommodate a 65-foot DNA molecule would stand millions of miles high!
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
  3. From the Epcot Field Guide: The Wonders of Life is enclosed in a 100,000 square foot geodesic dome. The attraction cost $100 million!
    REPORTED: Todd D. McCartney 13 APR 94pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. At the Wonders of Life building sometimes here is a small remote controlled blimp flying around inside the building. The blimp is controlled by a cast member by the enterance of the builing and cost about $15,000 dollar.
    REPORTED: Nathan Jones 13 JUL 97
  5. Every day a little after 2 PM the Wonders of Life Pavilion has " The Child of the Day". A cast member randomly chooses a child between ages 3 and 12 to get a real VIP Treatment. The Child is backdoored into coaches corner, and the taken with their family to the VIP lounge. There they get a special Wonders of Life pin, a one on one visit with Goofy, and free beverages for the whole family. The whole group is then backdoored on to Body Wars.
    REPORTED: anon 08 OCT 97
  6. The music that is channeled through the entire Wonders of Life pavilion can be found on Ray Lynch's album "Deep Breakfast."
    REPORTED: Paul Smith 16 FEB 96 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  7. Located at the back of the Wonders of Life pavilion, this door leads to the Met Life VIP lounge. To the left is a control pad. When acceess is granted, the door slides open.
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 16 JAN 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  8. In the Met Life VIP lounge, there are touch screens which allow you to control these cameras, located around the pavilion, and look around.
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 16 JAN 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  9. The back wall of Wonders of Life and behind the one-way mirrors is the Met Life VIP lounge. If you look closely, sometimes the lights inside are visible.
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 16 JAN 98

"The Making Of Me"

  1. In the film, "The Making Of Me", Martin Short's "parents" go to see "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" but leave the theater for the baby's safety. The poster is clearly visible as they leave the theater.
    REPORTED: Dan Amrich 24 SEP 95
  2. This is a hard secret but if you look closely at the father in the Making of Me, Martin Short is also the father as well as the son
    REPORTED: anon 12 MAR 98

Body Wars

  1. Rick Moranis makes a cameo in the preshow video. He appears briefly in character from 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' in the video that explains the loading and unloading of the ride. His "gadget hat" is also seen being stowed underneath his seat.
    REPORTED: anon 26 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 18 OCT 97
  2. The preshow has a bunch of people walking into the ride where they show to buckle up and stash things under the seat. One of the ladies walking into the ride is carrying a bag with Mickey Mouse on it, and then when you are actually sitting down in the ride and they show the stuff being stashed, there is a different bag with Mickey Mouse on it being placed underneath the seat.
    REPORTED: Scott Baker 03 MAR 96
  3. In the pre show (the safety show) in Body Wars, there is a hidden Figment!!! There is a kid wearing a figment hat.
    REPORTED: Steve Bazemore 03 JUL 97
  4. The female scientist that is "swimming" outside the craft and eventually has to enter the craft is none other than Oscar-nominated actress Elizabeth Shue.
    REPORTED: Bob Patterson 10 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 26 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Pete Farris 08 DEC 97
  5. To see more of Captain Braddok, the pilot of the craft in the attraction, check out the movie Black Sheep, starring Chris Farley and David Spade. It has him casted as governor Mike Donnely.
    REPORTED: Derrick Rottler 17 MAR 97
    One other note about the pilot of the Body Wars vehicle: He also appeared in the movie Animal House. I believe his name was "otter" in that movie, and he was one of the beer guzzling, women chg frat members. Not exactly the guy I want to trust my life with in inner-space!
    CONFIRMED: Kyle Madorin 31 MAR 97
    The pilot of the ship is the one and only.... Tim Matheson. He is in the movie "Black Sheep" as Governor Donnely. He is also in the movies "A very Brady Sequel" as Mrs. Bradys EX husband, Roy Martin and in the movie "Twilite Man" as Jordan Cooper. He's in lots of other movies too.
    CONFIRMED: Steve Bazemore 08 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Pete Farris 08 DEC 97
  6. Leonard Nimoy was the director of the "Body Wars" thrill ride movie.
    REPORTED: Pete Farris 08 DEC 97
  7. If, on Body Wars, they tell you your simulator is delayed due to a "lost and found" item, it is most likley someones lunch. We were told this is why there was a wait, but a cast member told the man in front of me someone threw up.
    REPORTED: Ron D'Anna 16 MAR 98

Cranium Command

  1. The Little Mermaid is one of the objects that gets dumped into the boys head in the pre-show.
    REPORTED: Loren & Brenda Knutson 07 MAR 94
    CONFIRMED: Kathy Nicklas-Varraso 22 MAY 94

    CONFIRMED: Kathryn Walker 14 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 20 JUN 97
  2. The little sister's bag when shown when going down the stairs has Minnie mouse on it.
    REPORTED: anon 30 SEP 97
  3. There is also an Oscar in the bottom right of the school's trophy case at the end of the show.
    REPORTED: anon 30 SEP 97


General Motors' Test Track

There are at least 17 hidden Mickeys in Test Track
  1. When it opens, Test Track will be Disney's longest, fastest, most sophisticated indoor/outdoor attraction.
    REPORTED: Disney/GM 13 FEB 97
    Confirmed on "Inside Out."
    CONFIRMED: Joe Cutroni 17 JUL 97
  2. Disney asked GM to sponsor Rocket Rods in Disneyland, when GM heard that Rocket Rods was using the same technology as the Test Track in Florida, they refused.
    REPORTED: anon 07 AUG 98
  3. Test Track facts
    1. The crash-test dummies will be struck in the chest, banged on the knees and have their necks bent in pre-show demonstrations 720 times per day.
    2. Maximum speed reached by test vehicles is Disney's fastest at 65 mph.
    3. Each test vehicle was designed to last 1 million miles! Enough miles to make a trip from the Earth to the Moon more than four times.
    4. Each test vehicle will travel 50,000 miles per year. Equivalent to nearly four times the miles the average U.S. car is driven annually.
    5. 250 horsepower is generated by each test vehicle. This is roughly equal to the super-charged 3.8 Liter/240 horsepower 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix
    6. The test vehicle to go from 0-65 mph in 8.8 seconds.
    7. The "highway" loops around building which is 320-feet diameter.
    8. The test vehicle have two computers which together have more processing power than the Space Shuttle.
    9. You will go through 34 turns
    10. The ride traverses 15 hills.
    11. Read the 85 road signs.
    12. The ride takes you thru 100 temperature swings.
    13. There are 2108 blue anechoic cones lining the walls and ceiling at electromagnetic compatibility test in attractions pre-show
    14. There are 4 visible wheels per vehicle but 22 total wheels on each vehicle.
    15. There are 6 braking systems on board each vehicle unlike the one or two braking systems on cars sold today .
    16. The vehicle's chassis is made of composite materials
    17. The display vehicle will collide headfirst, then reset, in high-speed barrier test 4446 times per day.

    REPORTED: Disney/GM 13 FEB 97
  4. Turn around the building: 53 banking. It was made 53 becuase WDI researchers discovered that the steepest race track turn was 52 at Talladegga.
    REPORTED: Anon 03 AUG 98

Test Track Facts and Figures




Enhanced Motion Vehicle






5,246 feet

Ride Time

5 min. 34 sec


? mph (avg), 65 mph (max)


6 riders per car


? per hour

Number of cars

29-30 cars active, 31 total

Number of computers

142 total, with 2 per car

Temperature Swing


Number of Turns


Maximum Bank Angle


Number of Operators

14 people - 3 greeters, 4 loaders, pluas a tower, breaker, grouper, load assist, sender, door, and a unload cast member

Odyssey Center

  1. Within the same building as the Odyssey Center is a Cast Member Cafeteria called the "World Premiere Cafe"
    REPORTED: Kenneth Klingensmith 30 DEC 96

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