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IllumiNations Fun Facts

You can also find other information on fun facts and secrets of Walt Disney World by consulting with your local independent bookstore or visit our online bookstore. These are real Disney secrets. For more Disney secrets and trivia and bloopers try DISNEY Ever Notice... ?. If you are interested in rumors (some true, most not), checkout Disney Urban Legend Reference Page and Urban Legends Archive.

  1. When you're viewing Illuminations: Reflections Of Earth, watch it from the Mexico pavillion. You'll see the top of the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror. When you get to the big globe scene, look at the tower, and you'll see the finale fireworks for Fantasmic!, since Fantasmic! is located near the Tower Of Terror.
    REPORTED: anon 07 OCT 00

  2. At Mexico there is a open bridge, like Tower Bridge in London, and it is opened for a short period to let the fireworks barges into the lagoon before the fireworks.
    REPORTED: Stuart Cowper 05 JUN 02
  3. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth has begun its tremendous beginning Epcot as of September 23, 1999. The show: Begins as a dark and cold world until an asteroid lands in the lagoon and sparks earth and creates a chaos of fires that shoots in all directions, and fireworks help bring the feeling that the earth was just created. Then a 3 story high globe floats out into the middle of the lagoon and begins to rotate as a speical video presentation is shown. Fireworks and colorful lasers, along with thousands of lights and torches around the lagoon also light up to help with the Earth's diversity. As the show reaches an emotional climax the sphere in the middle of the lagoon turns white and begins to blossom like a flower while still turning. Then for the grand finale a torch that celebrates Earth's diversity lifts out of the sphere some 40 feet and an explosion of fireworks from the torch signals the fianle. Suddenly torches ignite the lagoon and streams of white fireworks pour out from everywhere to celebrate the dawn of a new era! ILLUMINATIONS 2000: REFLECTIONS OF EARTH NOW PLAYING AT EPCOT DURING THE Millennium CELEBRATION. More than 26,000 feet of lights outlines the World Showcase pavilions -- a string long enough to stretch across the Golden Gate Bridge more than six times.
    REPORTED: anon 25 SEP 99
  4. During the Millenium Celebration. There were 19 torches placed around the lagoon. Each one of these torches represent 100 years. Therefore when you add them all up you get 1900. The final torch is located inside the globe which tacks on another 100 years. This gives a grand total of 2000, which is the year of the Millenum Celebration.
    REPORTED: Eric 13 JAN 01
  5. IllumiNations Patents: US05627338, US05739462, US05526750, 5440990 and US05339741
  6. John Debney scored the IllumiNations opening theme at Epcot. He also did other music for Disney parks like the sound track of Space Mountain and Phantom Manor at Disneyland, Paris.
    REPORTED: David Goebel 31 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: michael B 10 JUL 98
  7. The announcer on Epcot's public address system - in particular, anything to do with Illuminations - sounded very much to me like one of the 'leaders' of the "Voices Of Liberty" singers (at The American Adventure) named Kevin. When I asked him about this, he did in fact confirm it for me. He also said he was going to ask for a raise now he was at star/celebrity status now! If you listen to his voice introducing "The Voices Of Liberty" singers and then listen to the announcements for Illuminations (among others), you'll pick right up on it.
    REPORTED: Mike Thomas 05 JUN 98
    Recently at Epcot (November 30, 2001), the announcement right before Illuminations reminding you every 5 mins when the show is going to start is done in a female voice. My girlfriend says that its the same voice as the emcee of the woman that does the Polynesian Luau.
    UPDATE: Jason M. Perretta & Nora C. Mankiewicz 06 DEC 01
  8. Just a small thing I remember seeing after IllumiNations was completed. In Mexico, next to the temple, on the walkway leading back to Future World, I saw one large box with a CD player and sound equipment, I saw the CD was playing and the after show music was still on. I guess this could have been the unit for the light, sound and pyro effect as well. All of it coming from one CD. I wish someone could confirm this. It also could have been used in case the main system had problems.
    REPORTED: Barry Eytcheson 12 JUL 96
  9. The control room for IllumiNations is actually located at the top of the Mexico pavilion.
    REPORTED: Rob Hamilton 11 JUL 98
  10. More than 26,000 feet of lights outlines the World Showcase pavilions -- a string long enough to stretch across the Golden Gate Bridge more than six times.
    REPORTED: Jason Dixon 23 NOV 99
  11. One night after IllumiNations my wife and I sat on a bench past the English pub, near the Canadian pavilion. In front of us was a rock with a 12-foot-tall pole coming out of it, with a light display on top. All of a sudden the pole began to silently retract into the "rock" and as it did we notice that on top of the lights was a this, contoured piece of rock placed so that when the pole fully retracted there was no indication the pole had ever been there or that the rock was anything but solid! We surmised the lights were used in IllumiNations, that it retracted once it had cooled down, and that it was hidden so as not to look out of place in the park-like setting of World Showcase.
    REPORTED: Randy Bennett 10 FEB 96
    We watched IllumiNations at least twice from near that rock. We saw many people cross the fence and climb the rock to try to get a good view. On every occasion a Cast Member would come and ask them to come down. We realized why when the show started and the pole came out right from where they would have been sitting.
    CONFIRMED: Dean Blom 21 APR 96
    The lights on the Canada rocks are indeed part of the IllumiNations show. They are raised by the Canadian doing crowd control each night. They are lowered, however, right after the show by the computer that runs the show. The actual reason for keeping guests off the rocks is twofold. First to keep them from falling into the lagoon or the concrete beach. Second, to keep them from being burned by the pyro that is shot off that wall.
    CONFIRMED: Tim 04 SEP 96
    The poles the come out of the rock are actually lights and speakers for the IllumiNations show. The actual laser comes out of the middle building in the Canada pavilion, on the upper left corner window.
    CONFIRMED: Jill Gavornik 21 AUG 97
    We confirm that there is no sitting allowed on any of the rock areas. As a matter of fact, you can't sit on anything! We were sitting on a stone wall that lead down to the "O Canada" movie so we'd have a good view of IllumiNations and a Cast Member asked us to get off the wall. Not only are there lights within the rocks, but speakers as well!
    CONFIRMED: The Crutchley Family 28 JUN 97
  12. At the end if IllimiNations on the lake at Epcot, on New Year's Eve I sew some fire works spell out "Walt" in his handwriting.
    REPORTED: Mary 14 MAR 99
  13. If Fantasmic gets a late start, technicians have to contact Epcot and have them delay their "Illuminations" show. Why? Because it's illegal for the resort to run two fireworks shows at once. And because it's also illegal to run lasers within such a close proximity. Why is it illegal? Because there's only one fire department on property (Reedy Creek). Another reason why: because it ruins Fantasmic's effects, being that "Illuminations" goes off directly behind and to the left of the stage/mountain at the Hollywood Hills Ampitheater.
    REPORTED: anon 18 JUL 99
    While it's probably true that Illuminations may be postponed occasionally due to Fantasmic, I don't think that's the correct reason. There IS only one fire department in WDW, but they DO have more than one truck (In fact, they have at least two buildings that I know of.) Plus, they have had more than one fireworks display going on at the sam time (I watched the New Year's Eve fireworks at MK from the top of the Diamond Horseshoe, and I could see Epcot's fireworks from there, too.) So, if they DO have a rule against doing Illuminations before/during Fantasmic, it's probably because it'll ruin the "show".
    CONFIRMED: Holly 23 JUL 99
    The IllumiNations/Fantasmic conflict is certainly PARTLY because of "show" being ruined, but it honestly is illegal for the lasers to run at the same time. The reason holly saw MK fireworks at the same time she saw EPCOT fireworks is because there are no lasers in the MK show, not to mention that MK is quite a distance from EPCOT. MGM (Fantasmic being the very closest point to EPCOT inside the park) and EPCOT are about two-thirds of a straight mile from each other, if that. EPCOT's lasers are pointed directly over the Fantasmic mountain. Fantasmic's lasers have to be pointed slightly higher because of the Tower of Terror behind the seats in the ampitheater. So, naturally, they intersect at some point. This is the same reason that laser pointers are not allowed in the hollywood hills amphitheater. They announce that before each night's show.
    CONFIRMED: anon 02 OCT 99
  14. You can hire a boat to float anywhere you want in the lake at EPCOT to watch the illuminations.
    REPORTED: Stuart Cowper 05 JUN 02

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