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Fun Facts of Future World, East

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Odyssey Center

  1. Within the same building as the Odyssey Center is a Cast Member Cafeteria called the "World Premiere Cafe"
    REPORTED: Kenneth Klingensmith 30 DEC 96
    There is an employee restaurant behind the Oddysey Restaurant in Future World of EPCOT. In fact they both share a common kitchen and coolers. I worked in the both restuarants when the park opened in 1982. Saddly the food is much better and the prices are very cheap (or were) in the employee cafeteria than compared to the Oddysey Restarant. They have a grill, a hot line, a sandwhich line, a sald bar and a beverage bar. I loved eating there because the food was great!
    CONFIRMED: Jack Welch 22 OCT 98
    The cast cafeteria located behind the Odyssey is now called the Discovery Diner.
    UPDATE: anon 12 JAN 01

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