Mission Space

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  1. One interesting tidbit is that the monitors in front of Mission Control (behind the glass wall), which incidently IS the actual hub of the ride (the cast members in there are really monitoring the stats of all 4 bays of the attraction) occasionally shows a clip of a seagull crashing into the ground. This is from Horizons, which previously was housed in the pavillion.
    REPORTED: Erica 31 MAR 06
  2. Another tidbit is that the giant spinning space station (or big wheel, as we called it) is a prop from the movie Mission to Mars. The Mars rover, located in the lobby of the attraction, is on loan from the Smithsonian.
    REPORTED: Erica 31 MAR 06
  3. In front of Mission: SPACE, each hour on the half hour, is the only place guests can see Space Mickey and Space Goofy.
    REPORTED: Erica 31 MAR 06
  4. If you stand in the indoor queue and look up (across from the spinning space station, i.e., the wheel), you can see the windows of the HP lounge, which is called the Red Planet Room. There is a secretary/hostess there, who is counted as a vendor, as she works for HP yet works on property. HP employees will often ask cast members at the attraction for the Red Planet Room, and when they do, they are taken to a side door (near the moon in Planetary Plaza) where they are buzzed in. Upstairs there is a lounge with a soda fountain. Nothing too special. Additionally, HP employees are given automatic fast pass entrance. This is how all sponsors are treated at their attractions. I can only speak for Space, though, as that is where I worked.
    REPORTED: Erica 11 APR 06
  5. Original Concept Art

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