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Mission Space

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  1. There are three hidden Mickeys located on the wall that surrounds "Mission Space"
    REPORTED: anon 23 APR 00
    The wall that surrounds the new Mission Space (old Horizons pavilion) does have hidden mickeys. The wall says "Watch this SPACE" and the background is black with stars. There are a few places where there are three stars placed close together in the typical Mickey configuration.
    CONFIRMED: Allison 07 MAY 00
    CONFIRMED: Amy Hudson 07 AUG 00
    Out front in the sideway there are many colors stones placed into the pavement. Some are purposefully arranged to create little hidden Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: Erica 31 MAR 06
  2. Space Mickey
  3. On the Moon replica there is a Hidden Mickey near Luna 8. A cast member pointed it out to us.
    REPORTED: Jenn 15 MAR 06
  4. Mission Space entrance in the exhibit of the 3 planets, you will see what looks like a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 23 MAR 06
  5. When standing in line, facing Mission Control, guests can watch monitors. At one point there is an image of Mars, which is then transformed into a heat sensing image of the planet. A hidden Mickey appears in the heat seeking image.
    REPORTED: Erica 31 MAR 06
  6. Once seated on the ride, but before it is launched, there are what are called blast screens on the monitors. There are two semi-hidden Mickeys on the screen.
    REPORTED: Erica 31 MAR 06
  7. Once the ride has launched, at the end of the tower (the tower which the shuttle ascends during lift off) has two small hidden Mickeys at the end of the tower. They are reflectors or small lights, but they are in the shape of Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Erica 31 MAR 06
  8. Inside the gift shop at the end of Mission: Space to the right of the exit, there are two electrical junction boxes. One is the traditional rectangular shape, the other is a Mickey head. REPORTED: Jeffrey Contompasis 28 APR 06

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