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Ride with Ed on Disney's new attraction, Test Track
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  1. Sometimes a test dummy character walks around Test Track to entertain people. With the test dummy character is always a "Test Track Engineer" type character dressed in a laboratory coat who helps to ensure the test dummy's safety. The clipboard that the engineer is carrying has a Hidden Mickey on it formed by perfect circles.
    REPORTED: The Buck Family 11 JAN 99
  2. In the GM VIP Lounge, there's a life-sized Mickey.
    REPORTED: Abbey K 15 MAY 99


  1. The giant billboards out front contain photos or pictures of the globe, well just off the west cost of Africa is a newly formed island chain, its at where the equator would be. That's right its a "Hidden Mickey"
    REPORTED: Inner Reality 12 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: Kaylin 07 JUL 99
  2. Shortly after entering the Preshow area, there is a machine with a "3" on the front. When viewed straight-on it looks pretty Mickey-like, although since it's a real machine it's probably a coincidence. Although they might have picked the machine for that reason!
    REPORTED: Paul Asente 10 JAN 98
  3. While standing in line for Test Track, there are four poles holding up the white car in the midde. If you look at the front of the poles there is a number on a circle attatched to the pole such as 7. Stand at eye level in front of the number on the circle in front of it, and there are two canisters right above it that form a hidden Mickey when you look at the number from eye level.
    REPORTED: Michael 22 DEC 98
    It is the "Lab Test Car", station 2A. The 4 poles mentioned extend out under the front end of the car, but there are also two shafts or pipes on each side of the car, one under the other. The top one on each side has the identical Hidden Mickey as the front end ones. The lower one on each side has two smaller shafts attached to it, which also form a Hidden Mickey (though not as well-proportioned as the others.) So this one car has EIGHT hidden Mickeys -- 4 in the front, and 2 on each side!
    CONFIRMED: Joel Knack 08 JAN 99
  4. In the waiting line, after you leave the dark, Electromagnetic Test Room, the blue room, look to the right, (across from the paint testing display). There's a clipboard hanging from the wall. On the top left of the board is a Mickey logo as if it were part of the stationary.
    REPORTED: Jonathan Zielinski 13 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: The Buck Family 11 JAN 99
  5. In the waiting area in Test Track, before the red toolbox are 3 poles. If you bend down and look at the poles sraight on, you will see a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Seany 06 JUL 99
  6. There is a red Snap-On tool box by the seat "squirm and jounce" test. In a mug on top of the tool-box is an ink pen with a Mickey Mouse head on the cap.
    REPORTED: anon 15 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Gene and Mary Rampale 23 NOV 00
  7. Mickey Pez dispenser in cup on workbench in area 2B.
    REPORTED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
    It is on a red tool chest just after you exit the blue electromagnetic room!
    CONFIRMED: Brian Miller 12 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Holland Hayes 15 DEC 98
    It's on the desk near the exhibit on Corrosion in the line marked: "9a"
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Jim Graham and Paul Asente 20 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Joy Kovacs 05 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Paul Asente 10 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Eric Hoke 23 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Mike Drzal 12 APR 99
  8. At station 3B, a hidden Mickey is in a picture on the wall. The picture contains a child seat and on the side of the child seat is the hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: scott 18 JAN 99
  9. In the queue area, after passing the corrosion test display and before the dummy testing displays, if you look up to the celing in the center of the room at the lights, there is a Hidden Mickey formed by two small spotlights (blue and orange, we think) and one of the large white floodlights. Of all the lights in the waiting area, only these three are arranged in this pattern.
    REPORTED: Stephen and Jeanna Judy 25 AUG 99
  10. There is a Mickey Mouse sticker on the cabinet in area 5B
    REPORTED: Paul Asente 20 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Jim Graham 20 DEC 98
    I suspect that the sticker was put on the cabinet by a guest, since the next day when we rode again there were 2 stickers there.
    UPDATE: Paul Asente 10 JAN 98
  11. In the queue area Section 5B on the floor near the crash test dummy and car there is a coiling of wire or rubber tubing forming three circles in the shape of Mickey's head and ears.
    REPORTED: Jim Graham 20 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Paul Asente 20 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 98
    LOST: Paul Asente 11 FEB 00
  12. In the "Dummy Calibration area 8B (between the two dummies that are getting hammered), there is a white Snap-on workbench. On the waist-level work area, just above the lock, are three large washers perfectly position into a Mickey (two smaller washers near the edge of the table, then the larger one toward the back).
    REPORTED: Holland Hayes 12 DEC 98
    There is a Hidden Mickey on the large lower shelf of the desk at the knee test exhibit "8b" in line made by three washers, one large, two small. I pointed this out to several Disney employees who were with me at the time, and they all agreed with me.
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
    There are three washers (a larger one with two smaller ones for ears) set in the shape of a hidden Mickey on the front edge of the desk in the test track queue at desk 8b which is the torso test. The hidden Mickey is to the left of the center.
    CONFIRMED: David Fuller 15 DEC 98
    They appear between the knee and chest calibration machines
    CONFIRMED: Jim Graham and Paul Asente 20 DEC 98
    On the "Chest Calibration" workbench
    CONFIRMED: Joel Knack 19 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Paul Asente 10 JAN 98
  13. As you enter the building, look at the rear light cutouts of the white care in front of you. The cutout is in the shape of a Mickey.
    REPORTED: John Pappas 25 AUG 99
    There are hidden mickeys in the back lights of the white car! we spotted them while standing behind the chest tester thing.
    CONFIRMED: Katie 20 MAR 02
  14. In the Test Track queue/preshow area, there is a picture of kids wearing Santa hats with Mickey ears on them. These hats are sold in all of the parks during the holidays. It is hanging up at the "Chest Calibration" area (8B) at the white desk with the TV on top.
    REPORTED: The Buck Family 11 JAN 99
    This is pretty much impossible to see from the queue. We took a photograph of the picture with our camera and blew it up on our computer. Grainy, but the ears do seem to be there.
    CONFIRMED: Joy 12 DEC 01
  15. Mickey Koosh Doll by knee test in area 8B.
    REPORTED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
    In the "Dummy Calibration area 8b on the top right shelf of that same unit.
    CONFIRMED: Holland Hayes 12 DEC 98
    It is between the knee and the chest test areas!
    CONFIRMED: Brian Miller 12 DEC 98
    It's on the upper shelf on the right side of the desk near the knee test exibit marked: 8b
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Jim Graham and Paul Asente 20 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Joy Kovacs 05 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Paul Asente 10 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Eric Hoke 23 JAN 99
  16. At station 10b, Dummy Assembly, look on the work bench. There is a Mickey button next to a dummy's solitary foot.
    REPORTED: Renée and Tom Shaw 26 DEC 98
  17. Near the end of the queue for Test Track the line begins to incline as it approaches the briefing rooms. When you are standing behind the raised white test vehicle, you will see a red cart. Look on the bottom level of this cart and you will see a hidden Mickey made out of loops of grey cord. There are several places where you can see it, but the elevated portion of the line behind the car.
    REPORTED: Jason B Smith 22 MAR 00
  18. Test Car signed off by M. Mouse.
    REPORTED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
    As you are standing in the queue inside the Test Track building, the line snakes its way through several "safety" exhibits. As you are on the last incline before you pass through the turnstile to the pre-show, there's a white car (A GM-- presumably a Cavalier or Sunbird) on your right, that's been tested in several experiments, its up on a rack. If you look on the rear passenger door you'll see an inspection sticker signed by "M. Mouse"
    CONFIRMED: Johnny Berry 17 DEC 98
    The car is the "Crash Test Car", and I saw two inspection stickers! The one on the driver's door is signed just "Mickey", and the one on the passenger's door is signed "M. Mouse".
    CONFIRMED: Joel Knack 08 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Heather 02 AUG 99
    We confirm the inspection signatures on the white car in the Test Track que area, one is signed M. Mouse, the other is signed Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Stephen and Jeanna Judy 04 NOV 00
  19. When you go into briefing room number 3 there is a board that has your test schedule on it. On the board there are 2 drawings of a Mickey face.
    REPORTED: Lisa and Nick Bilich 01 JUL 00
  20. As you are waiting in the single riders line, after the preshow and you come out and around the bend, look toward the back wall just past the closed door where they might slip another car onto the track. On the floor are 3 stacks of traffic cones set in the familiar tri-circle pattern.
    REPORTED: Jackie Wyatt 07 OCT 00

Hill Climb Test

Suspension Test

Break Test

Environmental Test

  1. The Office contains a Mickey Doll.
    REPORTED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 07 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Heather 02 AUG 99
  2. The Office has a Mickey pencil.
    REPORTED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
    CONFIRMED: Paul Asente 10 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Steph 15 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 07 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Heather 02 AUG 99
    In the office there is a cup full of pen, pencils, markers, highliters, etc. In that cup is a Mickey pencil.
    CONFIRMED: Brittany Padley 07 APR 00
  3. The Office has a chart with a test track car being driven by Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
  4. While on the Test Track ride, inside of the building while on the ride, you go through an abandoned loading area. In there is a ride operators booth, as part of the set while on the ride. In there is a message board. On the written 8:00, one of the 0's is a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 22 JUL 01
  5. Cold Room has a Mickey in frost on the back wall.
    REPORTED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
    There is one frosted on the back wall to the right of the car just as you enter and there are also two more in the office.
    CONFIRMED: Heather 02 AUG 99
  6. In the cold room you go through on the ride there is an icicle hanging in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.
    REPORTED: Eric Hoke 23 JAN 99
  7. In the office in the warm environmental chamber, there is a dry-erase board with different times written down. One of the times reads "(Hidden Mickey):00".
    REPORTED: Marcia Bauer 06 MAR 01
  8. In the corrosion chamber (which is the third environmental testing chamber), there is a Hidden Mickey on the tank to the left. It is a rust spot in the tri-circle form. My family was chosen to be on the special behind-the-scenes tour and our guide told me that I was the first guest to find it!
    REPORTED: Gary Navo Jr. 03 JUL 98
    Corrosion Room has a Mickey in rust on both sides of the room.
    CONFIRMED: Weazel 11 OCT 98
    CONFIRMED: Holland Hayes 15 DEC 98
    On the door to the right and on the truck fender to the left as you enter there are two Mickeys rusted into them.
    CONFIRMED: Heather 02 AUG 99
    When you are on the ride and first get into the corrosive chamber look to your right. There are a few rusty doors hanging on the wall, one of them has a rust spot shaped like a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Michael Crowell 07 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: chris vernon a. 16 FEB 01

Ride Handling Test

  1. On the back of the gas tank of the truck, there are 3 stickers lined up like Mickey - Look closely though, they are kind of hard to see until the light hits them.
    REPORTED: Heather 02 AUG 99
  2. While inside the building while doing the curves test, there is a board with some data written on it. There is a Mickey on the bottem left hand corner.
    REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 21 JUL 01

Barrier Test

  1. On the very last white car on the left in the first area (just before you get to the barrier wall) that vehicle with the serial number C10861 painted on the door has a hidden Mickey on the rear right corner panel on the gas tank door made by three crash test stickers.
    REPORTED: David Fuller 18 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Heather 02 AUG 99
  2. My family and I were stuck on Test Track for a few minutes. We were stopped just at the point where you can see the dummies being crashed into the barrier ahead and to the left of us. From where we were sitting, to the right of our car was a white wipe off board. On the board in brown marker, someone had drawn a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Patty(PA) 08 NOV 99
    On Test Track, right before the barrier test and right after the close-to-collision with the truck, there is a white car, on the left side as you turn the corner, next to the car is a drawing board. In about the middle of the drawing board, close to it anyway, there is a Mickey drawn and colored in with a marker. I think this may be one that was placed by a cast member working the ride and it might not always be there.
    CONFIRMED: Derek Henningsen 26 MAR 00
    I just want to state that the hidden Mickey that they are talking about on the drawing board before the barrier test was there, but it was wiped off and new things were written there. If they had looked close enough they would have seen my name there right by it. I was a cast member at Test Track and I put that on there one day while I was in training. I was surprised to see that someone had noticed it there. I am working in the Magic Kingdom now. But I just wanted people to know that it was there and that I was the one who had done it.
    CONFIRMED: Heather Lalone 15 FEB 01
  3. You could have seen this one if you look behind you to the the car's left when you have your picture taken during the ride right before the crash barrier but you probably are going too fast to see it. After the ride, like on so many others, you have the chance to purchase a picture of yourself. Look on the top right of the picture. There are hoses lying on the floor, guess what shape they're in?
    REPORTED: Jonathan Zielinski 13 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: David Koter 28 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Joy Kovacs 05 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Ricky Solar 23 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: Yvonne DeJong 10 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Heather 02 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Anita DeJong 31 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Jason 27 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Melissa 30 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Dan S 06 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Ross Parmly 14 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: Ro S. 26 JUL 00
    In the Test Track, when you are about to hit the wall, they take a picture, well if you buy the picture you will discover that there was actually a hidden mickey right by you, on the Floor next to your car, there are some wires raped up in the mickey's head. You could see them on the floor, but you aren't looking on the floor, you are more worried about hitting the wall, so you are not looking, but if you get the picture, you will see them in the upper right side of the picture!
    CONFIRMED: Bryan Festa 05 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: Chris Green 20 NOV 00
    CONFIRMED: Daniel 31 DEC 00
    CONFIRMED: Eric 13 JAN 01
    CONFIRMED: Ross 25 FEB 01
    CONFIRMED: Sarah Jones 15 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: jocelyn 16 SEP 01
    CONFIRMED: Ricky Delgado 18 JAN 02
    CONFIRMED: anon 04 MAR 02
    I'd like to confirm the hidden Mickey that you see in your picture take while on the ride. When we got our picture out when we got home, my mom was so suprised!!!
    CONFIRMED: Sam V 11 MAY 02
    CONFIRMED: anon 03 JUL 02

High Speed Test

Post Show

  1. I just returned from a week at Disney World and was on the lookout for those hard to spot Hidden Mickey's. As I was going down the exit ramp at Test Track, I got my first glimpse of the shy creature. After I stepped out of my vehicle, I made my way down the ramp. Just as I got to the first u-turn, there it was. Hanging on a fence cleverly hidden within a STOP sign. The "O" looked vaguely familiar. I looked at it a little longer and then it hit me. It is the famous profile of the main mouse himself. This is out in the open but since it is hanging right at the spot where the ramp makes a u-turn, it can be easy to miss if you are not on the side. I did not see anymore in the ride but I am sure that they are there.
    REPORTED: Michael 24 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: indiana jones 15 SEP 00
  2. At the photo selection area, take a look at the monitors. You will see a hidden Mickey that you passed by earlier in the ride!
  3. In the Test Track post-show, there is a factory exhibit. On the left at the exit to the factory, there is a "Just-In-Time Control Room". At the far end of the control room wall, a status board has round magnets stuck to it, and one of the magnets has Mickey's ears drawn around it.
    REPORTED: Joel Knack 19 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Paul Asente 10 JAN 98
    On the left at the exit to the factory, there is a "Just-In-Time Control Room". At the far end of the control room wall, a status board has round magnets stuck to it, and one of the magnets has Mickey's ears drawn around it.
    CONFIRMED: Steve Preskitt 10 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: The Buck Family 11 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: John and Melanie Emmons 07 FEB 99
    LOST: Paul Asente 11 FEB 00
  4. After you get off the ride, there is an area with a red chevy S-10 pickup. In front of the pick up is a series of six monitors that display a video with man and a woman inspecting the finish on the truck wearing white gloves. At one point in the video it shows the man rubbing his hand (in the white glove) over the hood, this is a close-up shot that just shows his hand and arm. On three of the screens, it is the man's hand, but on the other three YES its Mickey's!!!! You can distincly tell the large white glove and Mickey's small black arm.
    REPORTED: Len Casady 17 MAY 99
    Once you exit the attraction and pass the Assembly Experiance, there is a small open hall way with the DTL labs to the left and a red chevy Truck to the right. There is a film being projected just in front of the truck showing workers inspecting trucks. At one point during the film, there are several inspectors going over differnt truck bodies with white gloves. There is a green body, a blue, etc. Watch carefully for the red truck body to show up! Mickey's familar gloved hand will come onto the screen inspecting one of the cars!! I had to watch it twice to make sure, but it is there in all of its 4 fingered, gloved glory!
    CONFIRMED: daktt 21 MAY 99
  5. On the top floor of Test Track, you can see the shadow of a giant Mickey plush.
    REPORTED: Chato 12 NOV 98
    This is not really a "HIDDEN" Mickey, but actualy a lucky glimpse of the GM VIP Lounge upstairs which features a life size Mickey plush that you can have your picture taken with.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 13 MAY 01
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Cool Wash

Fun Facts
  1. In the Coca Cola sponsored Cool Wash on far left wall are 3 oil drums two red one yellow in the pattern of an upside down hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 06 JUL 98

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