Adventureland Magic Carpets of Aladdin

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  1. Be on the look out for Aladdin's jewels in the cement. As you enter the queue area about five feet in look down you will see a Mickey in the sidewalk.
    REPORTED: Linda Kaye Jonas 22 OCT 01
    I was standing by the gift shop across from the new Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride. When I looked on the ground, I saw the jewels placed in the ground. Three of the jewels looked like a Hidden Mickey to me.
    CONFIRMED: Marcy Beter 07 NOV 01
    On the path around Aladdins flying carpet, behind the large spitting camel, next to the shops, there is what looks to be a 5 stoned bracelet embedded in the cement. On each 'stone', there is a hidden mickey. This was pointed out by my 6 year old daughter Grace.
    CONFIRMED: The Boruch Family 29 APR 02
  2. On the vase where the ride controls booth is located is a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Henry 08 SEP 01
    When you are on the Aladdin ride When you go by the top of the control panel there are vases in the shape of a hidden Mickey
    CONFIRMED: Tina 17 FEB 02
    Unfortunately, this Hidden Mickey has been destroyed. The vase beside the control console that had it was recently smashed by a guest, and the replacement has no Hidden Mickey on it.
    LOST: Marcus -- Cast Member on Magic Carpets 06 MAY 02
  3. While on the ride you look down towards the center of the ride on the wood floor you will see a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Henry 08 SEP 01
    On the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, the remaining Hidden Mickey is very hard to see. As you enter the ride envelope, turn left and walk toward the control console building. Between the two Carpets that are closest to the console, there is a small maintanance bridge that leads to the hub of the ride. DO NOT SUCCUMB TO THE TEMPTATION TO CROSS THIS BRIDGE. :) From this bridge, go clockwise one or two carpets and board that carpet. Look at the wooden floor of the hub island and you'll see a 2 or 3 inch Mickey embossed into the wood grain. It's the classic 3-circle Mickey, not the profile Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Marcus -- Cast Member on Magic Carpets 06 MAY 02

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