Magic Kingdom

Ariel's Grotto/Fairytale Garden

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  1. Here you meet Ariel, next to her tail on the ground the patterns make a Mickey. There's only one, and it's at the very end of where her tail sits on the ground.
    REPORTED: anon 20 APR 00
  2. My mom, Christine, and I were at the Magic Kingdom recently and I explained the concept of "hidden Mickeys" to her and she immediately pointed one out. We were standing outside "Ariel's Grotto," one of the character meeting places that also contains fountains for children to run around in. At the center of the area (which is fairly small), there is a big rock with a bronzed statue of Ariel on it. She is posing like a seal would, supporting her body with her arms. The hidden Mickey my mom found is actually on the rock. When you stand at the entrance and face the rock, you're actually looking at Ariel's side. The hidden Mickey is on the rock, around the Ariel's midsection near the top of the rock. The key to finding it though, is that the Mickey head is slightly raised from the rock. It is possible to find the Mickey if you look hard enough from a distance. But, if you go over to the rock and feel the area, you can tell there is a distinct difference in that part of the rock to the point where you can trace the ears and head. We figured when the Disney imagineers/construction crews created the rock, they added some extra slabs of cement and molded them into a Mickey head on this area.
    REPORTED: Christine 14 JUL 01

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