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  1. As you walk through the castle (mural to your left, restaurant to your right), hang a left and take a drink from the brass Cinderella fountain between the restrooms and Tinkerbell's Treasures. In the pool below, a Cast Member has arranged three stones as a Hidden Mickey. All the other stones are neatly tucked in at the base of the statue, so this one seems quite intentional--they're the only stones out of place.
    REPORTED: Katrin Auch 17 SEP 00
  2. If you go thru Cinderella Castle, there is a series of shops outside on the left side with English-style Tudor timbering. The walls on the second story are white and the timbers are brown. Above one of the shops the Mickey shape is formed by the timbers on the 2nd story. I think it is a toy shop but can't remember.
    REPORTED: John Krikke 28 JUN 95
  3. After you make a wish in the wishing well at the Magic Kingdom, you may want to check out some of the rose bushes that are/were in the planters surrounding the well. If you look very carefully many of the leaves form perfect "Hidden Mickey" mouse ears. This was pointed out by my other half - Ticia during a recent trip to "our" spot in the Magic Kingdom =).
    REPORTED: Jason and Ticia 23 NOV 99
  4. As you go west from Peter Pan's Flight to the Liberty Square area, the building on your left is painted with grape clusters and vines. The bottom three grapes on two of the clusters are Mickeys
    REPORTED: Deena White 13 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
    Don't know if these were intentional, but they look right.
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 04 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 08 FEB 99
    Between the Peter Pan and the restrooms across from the skyride. There are three sets of grapes drawn on the wall. The third set on the right contains a tri-circle Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Christine Smith 07 MAR 99 pict from
  5. In the satellite photos of the Magic Kingdom there is a building shaped like Mickey's head. Go straight up Main Street (starting at the parks main entrance towards the castle) continue on to a group of white buildings. There is a large building to the left of the building shaped like Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Dan 01 AUG 01
  6. In front of Pooh at the Ice Cream Parlor, the shadows from the tables and chairs sometimes form a perfect Mickey
    REPORTED: Matthew Gauker 15 DEC 97
  7. A new stage called Fairytale Garden has opened to the right of the castle between teacups and cos rays. There are two metal ironwork doors that lead to the backstage area, on top are decorative metal vines that when viewed upside down look like a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: ben h. 22 JUL 99

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