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  1. The Mickey in the sign for Peter Pan's Flight was lost. The sign is now a bunch of plastic clouds. We were told they changed them a couple of months ago. we found a side Mickey hidden in a cloud under a lamp. The face and nose are recessed and the ears are sticking out.
    REPORTED: krista munsell 09 DEC 97
    When seen from the right, or on the line from It's a Small World, there's a nice Mickey in the clouds under Mark.
    CONFIRMED: Heather Graham and Drew Halasz 24 MAR 98
    Wishful thinking (at least from straight-on)
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 08 FEB 99
  2. When you enter just after the turnstiles on the left is a tree. In the tree bark a Hidden Mickey is painted dark brown as a tree "knot" about half way up. Can't miss it!
    REPORTED: Tricia Nitz 23 JUL 01
    Just before you enter the turnstile on the que, look to your left. There is a bunch of trees. On one of the middle trees there is a hidden mickey about 4 ft from the ground. Look hard, it's small. It is painted on the tree as some of the bark.
    CONFIRMED: Ken 21 AUG 01
  3. In line for the ride there are some "totem poles" behind the area where the ships pass. The one in the front has 3 faces on it, and the middle one forms a Mickey if you ignore the colors painted on it.
    REPORTED: Brian Creely 13 MAR 00 White Cookie Background 120x60
  4. Just as you go through the first set of doors as the ride starts, look back towards the right. There is an Hidden Mickey on a table formed of a plate with cookies and two tea cups.
    REPORTED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
  5. It was in a big clock just before the ships take flight. Its right under it, in one of the time hands.
    REPORTED: anon 19 MAR 06
  6. In the ride Peter Pan's Flight there is a hidden Mickey located in Old London Town. If you look down and out of your ship to the left you can see this hidden Mickey. It is to the left of a the first bridge in the Old London Town scene.
    REPORTED: anon 21 NOV 98
  7. When you are flying over London, if you look to the left, there are three orange circles of a building that form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Michelle Smith 10 NOV 96
  8. As you are flying over the Jolly Roger, there are two scenes: the one where the lost boys are tied up, and the one that shows the defeat of the pirates. In the second scene, there is a stack of cannon balls on the deck. The shadow makes a perfect Mickey symbol. Also, if you notice, the "shadow" is actually painted onto the deck so you should be able to spot it no problem.
    REPORTED: Shawna Daniel 06 APR 98
    Aft end of the Jolly Roger, cannon ball shadow. Right side of flying ship almost straight down.
    CONFIRMED: John Pace 25 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 06 MAR 01
  9. Where the meramids are you will see among the paint flowers three dots for a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Judy Romano 12 JAN 00
  10. On the top of a mountain with 3 flowers painted on it (1 large and 2 small forming the ears).
    REPORTED: Cindy Schober 11 MAY 97
    It's the one of the three flowers on the mountain if you sit on the right side of the ride.
    CONFIRMED: Karen Gassen 29 DEC 97
    Karen pointed out the flowers in the shape of Mickey's head, but it's hard to see when sitting on the left side of the ride unless you stretch a little.
    CONFIRMED: Shelly Elkins 10 JAN 98

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