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Opened 5 June 1999.

Classic Pooh

  1. We saw a hidden Mickey while waiting in line. It was a knot in a tree that was shaped like Mickey, in the line before you got on the ride.
    REPORTED: anon 22 AUG 01
  2. The hidden Mickey is at the beginning of the ride on the right hand side of the honeypot just above Eeyore in the clouds!
    REPORTED: Dana 04 JAN 01 pict from
  3. Does anyone else think the three cookies on the plate to your left earlier in the ride look suspiciously Mickey-like?
    REPORTED: Jennifer M 25 APR 06
  4. When you go into the "Rabbit's Garden" pay attention to the radishes. Around that area is suppose to be the radish that is shaped like Mickey.
    REPORTED: Sandra Rivas 08 SEP 99
    On Pooh, in "Rabbits garden" the raddish marker has a hidden Mickey on it.
    CONFIRMED: Leila 06 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: Fallon Paul 07 JUN 01
    Right in the begining of the ride on the right hand side is the garden and there is a hidden Mickey in the garden.
    CONFIRMED: Jan Marie Staffa 01 JUL 02
  5. The first scene has Rabbit in his garden, with a plate of vegetables. Below the carrots on the plate is what looks like a swede and two tomatoes, arranged as a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Chris Hill 26 NOV 99
  6. When you are going by Rabbit's garden there is a little piece of paper marking the tomatoes. One of the tomatoes on the paper is a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Stephanie Walker 15 DEC 99 pict from
  7. In Pooh in the Honey Tree, if you look at Pooh on the left side of his head there is a Hidden Mickey in the honeycomb.
    REPORTED: Patt Sheahan 04 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Heather 06 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Bonnie 20 JUN 01
  8. In the gusty day room, just before you leave the room there is a big apple. On top of the stem, Is some green leaves. These leaves form a Mickey head and ears.
    REPORTED: Charlie Wagner 29 MAY 00
  9. When you first enter the "Tigger" section, where Tigger is about to hop out at you from behind some leaves (kinda like a window), on the bottom left hand corner you can see the Hidden Mickey but you have to pass it a bit first before you can really see it. Both my boyfriend and I along with the other people in the back saw this Mickey.
    REPORTED: Sandra Rivas 08 SEP 99
  10. In the Winnie the Pooh ride, in the book page Tigger pops out of has a starry background. Before he pops out there is a Hidden Mickey made out of the stars, you have to be quick to catch it!
    REPORTED: Kasumi Sakura 29 AUG 01
  11. Just as you enter the scene where Tigger is on Pooh's stomach on the storybook page to the left of the honey pot "car" look in the lower left corner of the leaves and the Mickey head is outlined in white which makes it stand out in the black lights.
    UPDATE: Heather 06 AUG 99
  12. On the Winnie the Pooh ride, when you enter the dream sequence where Winnie is dreaming about Huffalumps the lights swirling around you are in the shape of mouse ears.
    REPORTED: Barbara 13 MAR 00
  13. In the room with the Huffalumps, about halfway through, there's a hinged wall with yellow polka dots on it. At one point, it swings in front of you and three of the dots match up to form a sideways Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Bien FV 15 MAR 01
  14. Toward the end of the ride there is a spinning wheel with neon yellow spots. I think it's in front of you then moves to the right when you pass. One of the dots is a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jennifer M 25 APR 06
  15. Towards the end there is a honey pot that has over flowed. Some of the dripping make a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Stephanie 15 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: Ruben Hernandez 10 JAN 06
    CONFIRMED: Shirley Hickman 09 MAR 06

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Classic Pooh

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