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  1. When you enter the open courtyard loading area of Big Thunder Mountain, look up at the weather vane that is on the roof. The roof spike pointing up has a circle design. If you look at the way the West and East arms of the arrow meet the vertical North-South spike, above the larger circles, you can see a Hidden Mickey formed by three circles. The face circle is on the spike and the ear circles are created by the way the East-West arms of the arrow meet above the face circle. This is not as obvious in design as the Grand Floridan weather vanes but nevertheless we believe it is a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Dave Lanthier 22 FEB 99
  2. This one is actually on the side of Big Thunder Mountain, but can only be seen from Tom Sawyer's Island. The best place to see it is from in the fort. When you are in the fort facing the mountain, go in the "turret" (where the guns are) on the right closest to the mountain. Look out the hole of the gun on the right, and you will see a small white area on the mountain. Its three rocks in a Mickey head, almost sideways! It's the only white spot in that area. pict from
    REPORTED: Selena Parisher 15 MAR 99
    This is only visible from Tom Sawyer Island, either from on top of the Fort, or on the dock next to the the Fort where there's a few rocking chairs.
    CONFIRMED: Rob Steere 12 DEC 99
  3. On the right side of the station, there is a clock where you can see a little Hidden Mickey on the extremity of the minute hand.
    REPORTED: Yann 23 APR 97
  4. In line at Big Thunder Mountain there is a Mickey. You can see it when you are in the building. They have several open windows that look out on the ride. If you look almost straight down there is a Mickey shaped rock. It has the two ears and the head. If you scan the ground it becomes obvious where it is.
    REPORTED: Carrie Mennerich 01 MAR 98
  5. About 3/4 of the way through the left line you some back around to the front of the building. There is a basket of cannonballs of various sizes, forming at least one perfect Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
  6. In the queue line wear you are heading to go to the loading station i saw a hidden Mickey in the "hot springs"
    REPORTED: Adam Butler 21 JUN 00
  7. When you are going through the bat cave in Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you will see a bat with Mickey ears
    REPORTED: anon 13 JAN 98
  8. Right before you go up the first lift (after the bats) keep looking to the right...just as you go up a LARGE hole on the right will look like a Mickey head for a second before you go by and it loses the shape.
    REPORTED: Selena Parisher 15 MAR 99
  9. Watch on the right side as you go up the first lift. Since its in the cave, right when your near the top, look at the stalagtites and stalagmites in the colored lighting. The last 3 formations ball out at the top and bottom making a Mickey head when you pass by.
    REPORTED: John Hillier 19 APR 98
  10. A Hidden Mickey is made with the colored pools in the first scene on the ride.
    REPORTED: Chris Sullivan 05 JAN 97
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 25 APR 97
  11. On Thunder Mountain, pay attention on that climb where the rocks are shifting back and forth. This is the one where it looks as though the track will end but you veer off to the left instead. Right when you get to the top, look to the right where all of the pools of water are. I was looking for a Goofy, but at the back of that little cave with the pools, there is an obvious Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Bryan Timm 18 AUG 00 pict from
  12. Near the bottom left of the highest peak of Thunder Mountain, there is a diagonally-turned Mickey head. It is slightly discolored from the rest of the peak and is very hard to see.
    REPORTED: Lindsey Fuller 09 AUG 97
    I think I saw what Lindsey meant, here is a picture showing the location with a circle but not close up enough to capture the face. It needs to be seen in person, from the queue area, but I hope this picture helps people to find it.
    CONFIRMED: Selena Parisher 15 MAR 99
  13. Contrary to popular belief there is only one Hidden Mickey at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It is located in the show scene known as the Avalanche. The Hidden Mickey can only be seen while the work and egress lights are on, so it cannot be seen during normal attraction operation.
    REPORTED: Kenneth Nabbe or his home page. 06 MAR 96
    As you climb for the last drop, the shadows of boulders that appear to tumble down at you have a Mickey head among them. It is very, very hard to see. You have to know what it is you are looking for to see it.
    CONFIRMED: Jenn 13 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Susa person 01 JUL 96
  14. Just as you go over the second lift and around the first curve there is a big tin that says "something Moonshine." In the blue paint there's red Mickey ears painted on it.
    REPORTED: sabrina 11 OCT 00
  15. I was on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, climbing up one of the last hills. It was just before the park closed so it was dark and the lights were on. I looked to my right and saw a black Hidden Mickey, with head and ears, in the middle of one of the pools of water. It looked as if it was painted on the bottom. I don't know if it can be seen during the day or not. Also, I am not sure which hill I was on or which pool of water it was in.
    REPORTED: Melanie 20 MAY 98
  16. As you are going up the second hill (just before the two rattle snakes) on the left side there are three gears in the shape of a hidden Mickey. One giant one and two smaller ones on top they are huge you cant miss it.
    REPORTED: Karen 14 MAY 01 pict from
  17. Just before you roll back into the station, there are three rusting gear wheels on the right-hand side of the track that form a Mickey. There are the ones closest to the track.
    REPORTED: Roger Ratcliff 26 MAY 95
    CONFIRMED: Martin Dube 30 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Donna Conley 27 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Jim Straka 26 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Morna Brown 10 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Michael 12 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 27 FEB 99
    On the attraction Big Thunder Mountain Railroad there is a hidden Mickey made up of 3 gears at the end of the ride as you enter BZ4, or right after the dinosaur bones, they are on the right hand side in the grass.
    CONFIRMED: Arryn Grimaldo 28 APR 99
    This is true as I have confirmed it with numerous cast members in Walt Disney World (especially the ones working Big Thunder Mountain). There is only ONE hidden Mickey on Big Thunder Mountain and that is the one seen at the very end of the ride before you go into the station, look to the right of the track and notice that there are three gears or whatever that form a traditional Mickey head.
    CONFIRMED: Derek Henningsen 26 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: Cara 01 FEB 01
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Crochet 18 JUN 01
    There is a hidden Mickey made of "gears" directly to your right, right before you re-enter the station at the end of the ride. This was pointed out to me by a cast member. Part of the right ear is covered by a growing shrub, but its there.
    CONFIRMED: jesse 16 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Tina 17 FEB 02
    As you enter the final turn before the ride finishes, on the ground is 3 "gear" type wheels that form the shape of a Mickey icon. Don't blink or you'll miss it!
    CONFIRMED: Sharon 19 MAY 02 pict from
  18. Look for the three cactii just outside the exit in the shape of a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Stan Sroka
    CONFIRMED: Gary Eckhardt 17 FEB 94

    CONFIRMED: Martin Dube 30 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: erik f and kimberly r johnson 26 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 07 MAR 98
  19. On Big Thunder Mountain where the two peeks are, around noon, you will see a hidden Mickey shadow slowly moving up the mountain.
    REPORTED: Patrick Family 07 JAN 98
  20. As you ride Big Thunder Mountain at night you will notice a burning cabin on Tom Sawyer Island. The flaming hole in the center is in the shape of MICKEY. You have to be real quick because you only have about 2 seconds. I did confirm this one with a cast member.
    REPORTED: Jule 23 NOV 98
  21. Just before the end of the ride when returning to load/unload on the train on the right, to the train's right there is a hidden Mickey made of landscaping materials and one (or two, it's been awhile) gears or wheels. We asked and the CM was only too happy to point it out to us =)
    REPORTED: Taylor Preston 13 JUL 99
  22. When you come out of the exit on Thunder Mountain to your left is a small waiting area or something. There are two individual rocks that stand tall about 30 feet high next to each other. On the one to the right, in the middle near the right edge is a light rounded rock with two darker, perfectly smaller, and rounded rocks on top. Its hard to find but once you find it you will never miss it again.
    REPORTED: matt 12 JUL 99

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