Magic Kingdom Frontierland Country Bear

Country Bear Jamboree

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  1. On the wooden walkway near the Country Bear Jamboree there are 3 barrels (one large/two small) in a wheelbarrow stacked in the Hidden Mickey fashion.
    REPORTED: Heath Moss 04 AUG 97
  2. Many of the spotlights shine Mickey heads before opening up into full circular spotlights.
    REPORTED: Drew Halasz and Heather Graham 24 MAR 98
  3. Above the center of the stage, there is an Hidden Mickey formed by a flower and some scrollwork. It is just above the picture of Ursus H. Bear.
    REPORTED: The Blanchette Family 22 JUN 97
    There is a hidden Mickey on the top of the platform (where all the bears play-center stage). If you look up, you'll see a flower in the middle, with a squirrel. The squirrel's tail splits and the on top of the flower are two little balls.
    CONFIRMED: Jax 06 SEP 97
    In the Counrty Bear Jamboree once you enter the theater look up! Above the main stage there is a hidden Mickey. There is a big circle and then there are little swirls that make up the ears.
    CONFIRMED: Tera, Tammy, Terry and Richard 15 APR 02
  4. I found a Hidden Mickey in the Country Bear Jamboree, on the hat of Henry, the bear host. It is on the Henry that is on stage left, the left side of his top hat, when he turns his head facing towards the animals on the right wall.
    REPORTED: Jill Kovalic 25 SEP 96
  5. This one was so cleverly hidden I had to watch the show 3 times to make up my mind! In the Country Bear Jamboree, there is a Hidden Mickey on Big Al's guitar. On the part of the guitar where the strings connect (not by the neck, but near the main part with the hole) the string connectors are in the shape of our familiar friend. It's very tiny, so you will need to sit in the first couple of rows on the left side by the stage where Big Al appears to see it. It is probably worth mentioning that the Mickey is slightly hidden by Big Al's arm fur. There are 3 random dots to hold guitar strings on the base (part of guitar with the hole) However, just above that, for the other 3 strings, slighly hidden by his fur, the 3 dots form the tri-circle emblem.
    REPORTED: Al Branch 10 SEP 98
  6. One of the backdrops that falls down during one of the songs contains a pile of logs on it. The ends of the logs come together in that familiar shape. It is proportional, and is visable only durring that song.
    REPORTED: Clay Duncan 15 APR 98
  7. There is a new hidden Mickey in the Country Bear Jamboree when you exit the show glide your hand along the railing when it bends to the left the screws form the hidden Mickey. It is the only place where three of the screws are positioned in that fashion.
    REPORTED: mary sharp 03 JAN 00
  8. When coming out of Country Bear Jamboree you can see a Mickey head on a drain cover.
    REPORTED: Gabe C. 23 FEB 02

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