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Hidden Characters
  1. Manhole covers
  2. When you buy your ticket at the Magic Kingdom's Transportation and Ticket Center, take a look at the advertisements on the ticket windows. You will see poster for Epcot's Body Wars attraction. In the upper left hand corner, there are three red blood cells that form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Stephen Gercken 05 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Jay and Marty Rayburn 05 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Richard Bozeman 05 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Allie Collard 04 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Freddy Zanfardino 23 NOV 97 Bells
  3. On the Walk Around the World bricks before you enter the Magic Kingdom, the bricks with wedding bells. The clapper's form a classic three circle Mickey.
    REPORTED: Christine Smith 25 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Connelly 28 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: George Nichols & Christine Smith 07 MAR 99

    pict from

  4. On the Walk Around the World bricks before you enter the Magic Kingdom, the bricks have a silhouette profile of Mickey's head with the year the brick was laid.  decor
    REPORTED: Shawn Connelly 28 MAY 97
  5. The green metal gates have Mickey's all over them.
    REPORTED: Hoozie 31 JAN 00
  6. When I was waiting for the monorail that takes you to the hotels (I get on this on because it is faster than waiting in line for the express) I noticed that the lights bulbs atop the light posts form a hidden Mickey when looking at the at a certain angle. I was standing up front near where the attendent lets you through the gate to get to the waiting line for the next monorail. It was a perfect shape. I mentioned it to the attendent and he said that was just one Mickey and there are several throughout the monorail pickup stations.
    REPORTED: Chris Scauzillo 25 JAN 00 pict from
  7. I found this great hidden Mickey while looking at a park map. Get a Magic Kingdom park map and turn it counter clock wise until Space Mountain is at top. Next look at the Jungle Cruise. The entire jungle cruise area is a gigantic Mickey. His left eye is an island, his right eye is a peninsula, the space between Mickey's eyes is made by a ismis, his nose is the ancient ruins, (cambodian Temple Ruins in the center of the ride)his ears are made up by the river-path around islands, and his mouth is made by the river's southernmost point. (corner of mouth made by the bay in a peninsula)try to top this hidden Mickey!!!
    REPORTED: david Tribby 09 AUG 01
  8. If you look at the top right hand corner of the Magic Kingdom map you will notice three tents. The red tent resembles the head of Mickey and the blue and yellow tents resemble his ears.
    REPORTED: Lauren 13 APR 06
  9. This could just be a coincidince, but as you're leaving the Magic Kingdom, on the way to the monorail there are bushes on the right side (left, too?). The bushes are very consistent, except for a place where the bush has become bare, no leaves showing... A completely bare spot in the shape of a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Melissa 08 JUL 98
    Yes, I noticed this as well. (At least on one side.) At first I thought it was my imagination but, especially after seeing this report, I am quite certain you are right. Its hard to catch since the monorail can go by it quite quickly.
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer 24 NOV 99

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