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  1. There is a Hidden Mickey in the shrubbery in the Liberty Square area. It is across the street from the Hall of Presidents on the side of the street where you can see the Riverboats. It's almost dead center in this picture. It seems too strange that only one of the flowers in this shrubbery was in the shape of Mickey's head and it was too perfectly shaped to be coincidence.
    REPORTED: The Schultz Family 14 SEP 98 pict from
  2. If you look real carefully at the locks on the backs of the racks in the middle of Liberty Square, you will notice that they are in a rather familiar shape...
    REPORTED: Fish 20 MAR 99
    The padlock on the stocks near the Liberty Bell is shaped like a Mickey silhouette,the big circle then the two smaller ones on top.
    CONFIRMED: Adrienne and Stephen 24 AUG 99

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