Fun Facts of Adventureland's Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

  1. The tree in which the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse resides is called a Disneyodendron Exiums, or "out of the ordinary Disney tree," so dubbed by the Imagineers who built her. It is classified as a building, so is subject to the same safety and building codes as all of the other structures in Walt Disney World. Also, the tree contains 800,000 fabricated leaves, which each cost $1 to produce!
    REPORTED: Kyle Madorin 20 FEB 97
  2. Swiss Family Treehouse has concrete "roots" that stick 42 feet into the ground, and a steel superstructure. That tree is gonna be there a while.
    REPORTED: Chuck Strom 11 JUL 96

Swiss Family Treehouse Facts and Figures



Attraction Type

Walk Thru




October, 1971

Number of Leaves

800,000 (hand made vinyl)

Number of Branches


Number of Steps

? total - ? going up, ? going down

Tree Height

Approximately ? feet

Tree Width

90 feet (at its widest point)

Tree Weight

? tons

Amount of Water Circulated by Bamboo Buckets

Approximately ? gallons per hour

Amount of Water Circulated in the Treehouse

? gallons per minute

Stream Length

? feet

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