Cinderella's Golden Carrousel Fun Facts
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  1. The Carrousel is the oldest ride in the park.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    Cinderella's Carrousel was from Olympic Park in New Jersey. It was built in 1917. This information came from the book Since The World began by Jeff Kurtti
    UPDATE: anon 23 MAY 98
    Cinderella's Golden Carrousel was from Olympic Park and was built in 1917 by the Philadelphia Tobagen Company.
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 NOV 98
    The Philadelphia Toboggan Company also built a carrousel in 1905 that can now be found in Burlington, Colorado. It has 46 handcarved animals, many with real antlers, horse tails, etc. We stopped there on a recent trip and loved it. It is now all that much more special to know that they did the one at WDW!! If you love carrousels, stop by sometime and take a ride. You can also see a picture and more information here.
    UPDATE: The Schones Family 25 JUL 99
    A 1905 Philadelphia Toboggan Company carrousel can now be found in Burlington, Colorado. If you love carrousels, stop by sometime and take a ride.
    CONFIRMED: Christy Michelle 09 JAN 01 pict from
  2. There is a total of ninety horses on Cinderella's Golden Carrousel. Cinderella's horse is the horse with the gold ribbon tied on its tail.
    REPORTED: anon 21 NOV 98
    On Cinderella's Carrousel there IS only one horse with a gold ribbon in its tail. It also has a very wide red bridle on its face. It is horse number 37 and it is on the first row of jumpers from the outside. A stander with really impressive copper armor is in the same position on the row before it. Whether it is supposed to be Cinderella's horse I don't know, but it is there.
    UPDATE: Elizabeth Steed Vitale 06 NOV 00
    There are 87 horses on the carrousel and one chariot. Also, Cinderella's horse is currently being fixed up. She'll be back in a month or so! And, yes, it IS Cinderella's horse, the one next to it is Prince Charming's as well.
    UPDATE: anon 19 FEB 02
    The horse on the carousel with the golden ribbon is in fact supposed to be Cinderella's horse. We were at the Cinderella's Royal Breakfast and Cinderella herself told my stepdaughter to look for this horse because it was hers.
    CONFIRMED: melissa lee 05 APR 02
  3. On Cinderella's Golden Carousel, it seemed that the two innermost rows of horses on the carousel not only appeared smaller, but also appeared less ornate (they simply wore colored blankets and a basic bridle, no "themed" tack like the knight's horse, or the Calvary-like horse.) I wondered if these horses were part of the original carousel. I'd read that the carousel had been purchased and refurbished--were some of the original horses kept, and new ones added? P.S. The "old" horse (67 I believe) that I rode sounded solid when knocked on--almost like wood.
    REPORTED: Jennifer 07 JUL 02
  4. All of the horses on Cinderella's Carrousel are maintained by one woman. She hand paints all of the horses on the carrousel in a small room in Central Shops located behind the Kingdom.
    REPORTED: Rob Hamilton 04 DEC 98
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 FEB 00

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