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  1. Fantasyland is supposed to be modeled after a medieval fair/german village. The area where It's a Small World and Peter Pan's Flight are modeled after a German village (Pinnochio style) and the rest of Fantasyland is modeled after a Renaissance/Medieval fair (tents roofing, etc.)
    REPORTED: Phillip 22 MAR 01
  2. Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom is the only one out of the four Disney Theme Parks (Tokyo, LA, Florida and Paris) that dosn't have the Pinocchio's Daring Jounrey Dark Ride!
    REPORTED: anon 10 AUG 01
  3. Although there are many great locations outside the Magic Kingdom that offer a high rise view of the nightly fireworks, I would recommend that an excellent location within the park itself is on the bridge between the Castle and Tommorowland. I have used this vantage point on numerous occasions and have always had an unrestricted view. Plus, you are real close to those hidden speakers, so you get the full effect of the music too!!!
    REPORTED: Chris Neilson 23 OCT 97
    Another great place to watch the fireworks is in the small rose garden to the right of the castle. The is usually no one there and your almost right under the firworks.
    UPDATE: Tom and RenŽe Shaw 28 DEC 97
    Our family was lucky enough to see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdon on the Monorail as it was leaving the Contemporary the fire works went off. If you are able to be on the Monorail when the fireworks go off it is an amazing site to see.
    UPDATE: John 06 AUG 99
    The best place in Magic Kingdom to see fireworks is deffinately where 2000 Legues Under the Sea was.
    CONFIRMED: Brian Deitsch 08 JUL 00
    Everyone has their opinion as to where is the best place to watch the fireworks. In my opinion, it is in the cast member parking lot. There is no music, and you are usually out there mostly by yourself. The fireworks are so close that they make car alarms go off.
    UPDATE: anon 22 FEB 01
    One day when i was exiting Magic Kingdom i was on my way to the monorail. Well as luck would have it we got to sit in the front seat of the monorail where the driver is. He gave us a cool card or pin i cant remember that said we were official monorail drivers (of course it wasnt for real but it was still kewl). and on are way to the Contemperary Resort they started the 2000 Mellenium works and the driver stoped and said that this is one of the best views for the fireworks in the park. We watched the fireworks and it was one of the coolest things ive seen in disney. Well if your ever there and the fireworks are gonna happen ask to sit in the front and ask the driver if he could stop to watch the fireworks. I gurantee it will be the coolest things u will ever see

    UPDATE: Harold Valdes 21 OCT 01
  4. Disney Fireworks Patents: US05627338, US05739462, US05526750, 5440990 and US05339741
  5. There is a store that sells good ice cream, like strawberry flavered kinds next to The Tea Cups, and there is a little spot to sit down in there. Well, if you go back far enough in this little place to sit down, there is a door that says cast members only. Of course I had to go in it, so I saw what was in there, and all I can remember is a desk with a lot of papers on it. But there is a secret door just past this place to eat, its to the left of it. Its back in a garden sort of thing, and I went back there. Turns out that there were a lot of doors to go into. Well I picked the one where I was directly backstage of THE LION KING. Which was cool.
    REPORTED: Chris Sullivan 27 NOV 97
    WISHFUL THINKING: joyce lacomb 22 MAR 98
  6. The cast members in Fantasyland hiss at one another while on stage to get each other's attention. It is a lot more helpful than to yell out names on stage.
    REPORTED: anon 22 NOV 98
    Someone made a comment on how the CMs "hiss" to get the attention of one another, this is true and actually used through out all of the Magic Kingdom... two of my roomates used to work at Tomorrowland, they did the same thing over there.
    CONFIRMED: anon 04 FEB 06
  7. The Fantasyland Costume has changed to green pants with a red belt and a white shirt
    REPORTED: anon 28 MAR 01

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