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Lion King

  1. If you go to see the Lion King Show in Fantasyland, try to be the first person in line to go to the preshow area. This way you get a good look at the rocks that touch the floor. The rocks actually spell out a name. Because of the volume of people that entered the room, I was not able to read the entire name.
    REPORTED: Angelique Winchester 18 MAR 99
    There is, in fact, a name written in the stones in the Lion King Pre-show. The name is "Dallas" and you can clearly make out the name when the theater is empty. I'm pretty sure that it was the name of one of the men who built the stage.
    CONFIRMED: Suzanne Merrill 09 JUN 99
  2. Some of the puppets in the Legend of the Lion King show require up to 4 people to operate!
    REPORTED: Amy 23 JUL 98
    As a Lion King animateer I can assure you that the Adult Simba puppet in the Legend of the Lion King show requires 5 people to fully operate.
    UPDATE: anon 28 AUG 98
  3. In The Ledgend of The Lion King you only see half of Scar's body. I was told by a Cast member that his is done because Scar is only one-half of a puppet!
    REPORTED: Alan Urtz 10 JUN 01

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