Peter Pan's Flight Fun Facts
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  1. The are other hidden characters here.
  2. Cast members at Peter Pan's Flight wear what appears to be a garage door opener on them at all times. These garage door openers are actually emergency stops.
    REPORTED: anon 21 NOV 98
    Allmost every attraction at Disney has E-stop packs. They are for emergency stops and they don't work very well. I use them at EPCOT.
    CONFIRMED: EPCOTgirl 04 OCT 00
  3. Did you know that at Disneyland, the flying ship vehicles at Peter Pan's Flight stop at the platform to load. After the passengers are seated, the ship takes flight. However, at Disney World's Magic Kingdom, the ships move on a continuous moving convayor belt. This means that passengers must board the ship from a moving footpath.
    REPORTED: anon 20 FEB 01
  4. When my brother and I rode Peter Pan's Flight, we both took seperate galleons around. When we got off, my brother told me that one of the effects had gone wrong. In the nursery scene, the shadow on the wall stopped after a second and one of the arms dropped revealing a metal bar in the shadow. The spotlight moved backwards again with the now mangled shadow on it! This shows that the effect is just a metal 2-D cut out of Peter Pan in front of a bright spotlight!
    REPORTED: anon 10 AUG 01
  5. On Peter Pan's Flight, during the scene where Wendy is walking the plank, look to the right of her. You'll see the "mountain" which also serves as the stage for Fantasmic! at the Studios.
    REPORTED: Chris J. 05 JUL 99
    This is an interesting coincidence but is not intentional
    UPDATE: anon 10 NOV 99
  6. The scene in which Peter, Wendy, John and Michael begin their flight from the nursery over London--look down at the street. One of the cars...the red one...looks a little like Mickey's car.
    REPORTED: Gina 29 JUN 00
  7. In the Peter Pan ride look down as your ship is flying over London. In the street there are cars. The cars are really just bits of glow in the dark paint splatered on a bicycle chain. This makes if appear as if cars are rolling down the streets of London.
    REPORTED: Emily 13 APR 06
  8. Backyard Imagineering
  9. Who did Walt Disney use as a model for Peter Pan's Tinkerbell? It was Margaret Kerry. She is now a retired elementary school teacher and being model for Tinkerbell in the movie Peter Pan is the only thing she ever did for Disney.
    REPORTED: Sonny Snarr 01 AUG 00
  10. During my recent visit to Florida, I rode Peter Pan's Flight twice seeming it was one of my favorite rides! But I noticed that it had changed alot after my last visit two years before. The nursery scene had been extended and ship flew in and out of Neverland instead of over it. We also found out some backstage information. My brother noticed that as we flew into the nursey, the shadow of Peter Pan on the wall came forwards. But as it did, it stops half way and one arm jerked downwards before it flew backwards and switched off. Also, at several locations during the ride, there are high level staircases which are used in case the ride breaks down. I noticed these at the first half of the Pirate ship scene (were Wendy walks the plank) and just after you leave the nursery, hidden as a stone wall!
    REPORTED: anon 08 AUG 01

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