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  1. Its A Small World originally started out at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. Walt Disney liked the concept, so he brought it do Disneyland. It was a success.
    REPORTED: Jordan Wasyliw 29 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Tinkerbell 27 AUG 99
    The attraction " It's a Small World " was designed by the Disney company for the 1964 World's Fair with an agreement that after the World's Fair ended, Disneyland would recieve the attraction. " It's a Small World " when at The World's Fair was the Pepsi-Cola Pavillion.
    CONFIRMED: Sabrina 20 JUL 00
    Its A Small World was originally used in the World Fair. Disney sponsored it and because it was so popular,Disney decided to open it as one of the attractions permanately at the park. It is one of my dad's all time favorite rides because he still remembers riding it when he was 11 years old. Pretty neat huh?
    CONFIRMED: Gina Weber 21 MAY 01
    The pavillion in the 65 World's Fair in NY was sponsored by Pepsi and AT&T. The ride was a continuous chain of individual, fixed seats that enclosed you with speakers to either side of your head. (Imagine something like the end of the haunted mansion ride when the ghost rides with you, with only one person to a "car" and no space between them.) There was a single sound track and each seat as it reached the same point heard the same part of the track.
    UPDATE: David Porter 12 SEP 01
  2. Small World was originally sponsered by Mattel.
  3. In the finale of "It a Small World", there is a clown in a hot air balloon holding a Glittery sign that says "Help". I assume a castmember placed it there as a joke, and because it is properly themed, maintenance has not noticed it. I've seen it many times over the past 3 years.
    REPORTED: Tom C. 26 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: Julie Williams 17 MAR 98
    In "It's a Small World", there is a clown holding a "Help Me!" sign. It is not a joke by a cast member - it is a planned part of the ride. The clown holding it is the only character in the whole ride that is not smiling - he has a little frown. The sign is just to keep him in character.
    UPDATE: PatrickRG 11 FEB 99
  4. There are no American Small World scenes in Walt Disney World, so there's one in Disneyland Paris.
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 04 SEP 99
  5. The water in Small World is definitely not emergency potable water. The Cast Members are still required to wade in that water weekly to scrub the boats with soap, so I doubt it qualifies as potable water.
    REPORTED: B. Clayton Wagar 09 JAN 97
    If you fall in that water during the ride, you are required to have a tetanus shot.
    UPDATED: Josh Shipp 26 JUL 97
  6. The "Turn-Off" for "It's a Small World After All" is located in the Mexico scene with the volcano. Right before the volcano you will see a bridge and that is were the "Turn-Off" is.
    CONFIRMED: Philip Mckinney 05 MAR 99
  7. The turrets and gold colored ornaments on the outside of the Small World Ride are actual 22K gold leaf. Normal gold tone paint had been used early on when the ride first opened but the paint would oxidize very quickly and need to be replaced on a continual basis much the same way as San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. While initially expensive to gold leaf, the gold is actually more cost effective in the long run.
    REPORTED: DrGallegos 20 OCT 97
  8. On the "It's a Small World" ride, on the second to last turn, as soon as you complete the turn, look straight up, a hole is cut in the ceiling with a bright light in it, but you must be in the rightmost seat to see it.
    REPORTED: Nick Povio 01 SEP 01
  9. At the end of It's a Small World, there are signs with the word "Goodbye" in different languages from all over the world. However the sign that supposedly represents Japan is the Japanese word "Arigato" meaning "Thank You". Perhaps someone who is a more advanced student of Japanese than I could explain this difference, kudasai??
    REPORTED: Gwendel 03 NOV 98
    I was kind of annoyed to to see that the Japanese "goodbye" sign in the Small World ride was Arigato, which means thank you in Japanese. Sayonara would have been more appropriate.
    CONFIRMED: anon 15 APR 00
    When my brother and I noticed the Arigato in the last room, we thought it was odd at first because all the other languages we recognized said Goodbye. Then we remembered that all the shopkeepers in Okinawa (where we lived for 5 years) would call out "Arigato!" as we were leaving, so we assumed it was the more appropriate phrase. It was still there when I visited again in December 2000, but in my last trip (March 2001) everything had changed. I never paid much attention before, but I noticed as we were starting to round the corner that it didn't look like I remembered, and when I saw a flower-shaped Sayonara instead of the kite-shaped Arigato, I knew I wasn't imagining things. Does anyone know why it changed?
    UPDATE: Lace 08 MAR 01
  10. Its a Small World is the longest unsupervised ride, meaning there are no security cameras in Its a Small World.
    REPORTED: Brian 15 DEC 01
  11. The sound systems for Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World are in the same room, which is one of Haunted Mansion's backstage rooms. The reason is that Small World is a water ride, the sound systems needed to be stored someplace dry, and Haunted Mansion is the nearest similar attraction.
    REPORTED: Barbara Fett 06 MAY 00
  12. If you're bored with Small World, get to love it all over again by going on it at Christmas time! They redecorate the whole ride in a holiday motif with lights and wreaths, etc. On top of that, they alternate the usual song with "Jingle Bells". (The Scottish piper plays, as a counterpart, "Tunes of Glory", which is his national anthem.)
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 05 SEP 01
  13. The enormous building behind the Haunted Mansions false exterior, which houses the ride in WDW, is actually right next to the ride building for "It's a Small World". Due to the incredible design of the park you would never guess it! This is evident when you examine aerial photography of the park.
    REPORTED: Roberto Sarrionandia 14 APR 06

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