Snow White's Scary Adventure Fun Facts
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  1. The are other hidden characters here.
  2. I rode Snow White's Adventure and riding a few years ago there was something different. I asked the cast member there if they remodled the ride and they said yes last year. It tells the whole story of Snow White now, not just go through the haunted forest and the wicked witch pops up.
    REPORTED: Mark 09 APR 98
    Does anyone know what the biggest change made to the Snow White Adventure ride was during its most recent rehab? -- Amazingly enough in the original Snow White Adventure at Disney World, there were no sightings of Snow White herself. Finally after many years of complaints from guests that the ride was too scary for young children; Disney decided to add animatronics of Snow White hoping to soften the ride and make it less scary for youngsters.
    In Snow White, before the renovation, you did not see Snow White because you were supposed to be playing her. You were supposed to be experiencing everything she did. Guests did not understand that, so they added her into the ride. Also, parents complained that the ride was too scary, that is why the witch was taken out in a few places.
    UPDATE: anon 19 FEB 02
    CONFIRMED: Lisa 08 JUL 02
  3. I don't know if it was just broken, or if this was part of the new renovation of the ride, but I noticed that at the end, before when I had ridden it, there were flashing lights and it looked as though you had crashed through the mine. But when I recently rode it, it was plain, and the doors just opened. I liked the effect much better the way it had been previously.
    REPORTED: Rain 16 SEP 98 pict from
  4. The wicked queen that peers out of the window before you actually enter the castle doors has been moved. The wicked queen's window used to be above the doors with curtains pulled over them. Then, as your little wooden car approached, the entrance after circling the well, the queen could be seen pulling open the curtains and peering out at you. You can even see a slight piece of "patchwork" where the "old" window used to be.
    REPORTED: Laura Witte 10 FEB 96
    The wicked queen used to be above the doors where your car entered the attraction. A "strap switch" on the floor, activated when your car ran over it, caused her to open the curtains and peer out as you passed beneath her. During the most recent rehab of the attraction, the queen was moved to her current location, so Princess Ballgown now you pass by her looking out over Snow White scrubbing in the courtyard before your car turns to enter the building. Unfortunately, the decision was made during the rehab to delete the animation of this figure as well, so she is now only static, and no longer opens and closes the curtains. Though the show is greatly improved overall, I miss this element.
    CONFIRMED: George Keller 07 JUN 96
  5. After you circle around the well and go through the doors you see a person staring in a mirror and the person in it. It's not a real mirror it's a whole different animation on the other side of the wall. The person in the mirror has a crown on and the other doesn't.
    REPORTED: Coasterguy 15 DEC 00

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