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  1. There are other hidden characters here
  2. When people think of Walt Disney World, most think of the Magic Kingdom. It's comprised of adventures, rides, and shows symbolizing the Disney cartoon characters, and Cinderella Castle. Although the Magic Kingdom is only one element of Disney World, it remains its heart. The Magic Kingdom is divided into seven subareas or "lands," six of which are arranged around a central hub. First encountered is Main Street, U.S.A., which connects the Magic Kingdom entrance with the central hub. Clockwise around the hub are Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. Mickey's Toontown Fair, the first new land in the Magic Kingdom since the park opened (originally named Mickey's Birthdayland) is situated along the Walt Disney Railroad on three acres between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Access is through Fantasyland or Tomorrowland, or via the railroad. Three hotels (the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian Beach resorts) are close to the Magic Kingdom and are directly connected to it by monorail and boat. Two additional hotels, Shades of Green (formerly the Disney Inn) and Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort, are nearby but aren't served by monorail.
    REPORTED: anon 15 MAY 99
  3. For those of you who have ever taken Disney Transportation to the Magic Kingdom or stayed at the Contemporary Resort, you may have wondered where the rest of that road leads...well, here it is!! If the Disney Transport Buses were to continue going straight, they would come across the MONORAIL SERVICE STATION!! All the way back and to the right, is the location where the train, Busses, and all the monorail trains are stored. Also, if you were to continue and take a left at the station, you would pass by the entrance to the utilidors and discover a parking lot in the back behind Splash Mountain. This is where electric water pagent boats, garbage collection, float storage, and rehearsal areas are located. However, only performers in the Magic Music Days and Disney Employees are allowed back here.
    REPORTED: Matt Warfield 29 JAN 00
  4. On Official WDW Transportation guides the non-public monorail tracks are shown and the Transportation Center is also shown. When you travel on the Magic Kingdom railway before the last station - Mickey's Toontown Fair station - if you look back and to the left hand side of the way the train is going you can see the tracks going back to the depot.
    REPORTED: Stuart Cowper 05 JUN 02
  5. You can see the monorails changing tracks early in the morning, if you get one of the first buses to Magic Kingdom you can see the tracks move to let a new monorail on.
    REPORTED: Stuart Cowper 05 JUN 02
  6. Sometimes during surprise mornings or after fireworks displays, especially 4th July you may be lucky enough if you stay in the WDW to get back to the resort or park on a Disney Cruise Line Bus. One once came for us at the then Dixie Landings to EPCOT a 5 min journey. It cleared the stop well, it took just over 50 people.
    REPORTED: Stuart Cowper 05 JUN 02
  7. The outline of the Magic Kingdom park was never in the shape of Mickey's head. In a conference room adjacent to first aid (next to the Crystal Palace) there is a huge airborne photograph of the Park taken just recently. Even if you ignore Toontown Fair and the Frontierland mountains area (both added after the park was opened), the park is still in a roughly rectangular/trapezoidal shape. It is interesting to note that the park seen on guidemaps and official art is a very distorted interpretation of the park's actual shape.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper. 30 OCT 99
  8. On average 15 children get lost every day in the Magic Kingdom and have to be reunited with their parents by Cast Members. The longest time that a child's parents went missing was 7.5 hours!
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
  9. Did you know that there are no lost children in the Magic Kingdom? There are only lost parents. The reason for this distintion is because when a child becomes seperated from their parents, they are often afraid that their parents will be upset at them. When you tell them that it is not they who are lost, rather their parents, it shifts the "blame" to the parent.
    REPORTED: Former Main Street Cast Member 26 OCT 99
    According to a Cast Member (I believe at Aladdin's Magic Flying Carpets, but I'm not sure-- her name may have been Carrie or Katie or something similar), kids never get lost at WDW... it's the parents that do. :D I discovered this after trying to explain to my 6 year old sister who to look for if she got lost and didn't know where the rest of our family went. The Cast Member kindly pointed out her name tag and said that every Cast Member wears them, but she [my sister] wouldn't get lost because only the parents get lost in WDW.
    UPDATE: Jennifer 07 JUL 02
  10. The fact that old Swan boats of the Magic Kingdom were given to the City of Orlando and now float, peacefully on Lake Eola is a common myth and has been reported in Eyes and Ears within the last year.
    REPORTED: Alex Jankowski 31 NOV 01
  11. I recently went on the Keys to the Kingdom tour and was amazed how much the Magic Kingdom was thought out. For example, Walt wanted the park to be like a "show", so the Walt Disney Railroad Station acts like the curtain hiding all the contents of the "show". Also the only place you can see the Contemporary Resort in the park is from Tomorrowland which ties in with the futuristic theme. The only place you can see the Grand Floridian Resort is from the Walt Disney Railroad Station which ties in with the Victorian theme of the station. We rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, The Haunted Mansion, The Pirates of The Caribbean (we weren't supposed to ride "Pirates" but, we had the director of all Disney Tours (Chris was his name) was one of our tour guides and he let us ride it and he pointed out a hidden Mickey and told us the official story of "Pirates"), and we went into the utiltors. We all had a great time(I recommend it) and ask for Illiana and Chris(they are really good)
    REPORTED: anon 29 APR 98
  12. All recorded music and sounds that you hear in the rides and throught the park constantly run. It is more costly for Disneyland to shut the sound off and restart the system every day. The only time sound actually gets shut off is when there is an Emergency stop or large system failure, ie a massive power loss, emergency shut down or other sorts of emergencies. Most notable is It's a small world - the dolls may stop moving, but the music still plays and the Haunted Mansion - The buggies stop and the animatronics still move and the voiceover says there is a ghoul in the system with no music, but the when music does resume after the voiceover, it has been playing on. There was no pause in it at all. Luckily for cleaning and maintenance crews, they can turn it down so they won't go mad.
    REPORTED: Steven M. Saito 04 JAN 00
    This is not true -- I was the first to be in line for an attraction, and the CM would not let me enter because they had to go turn the music on. The door was not open, and there was definitely no music whatsoever. It was quite obvious when the CM started it, not returned it from a muted level.
  13. Every night the maintenance staff hoses down the park with over 120 degree water so all the gum will melt off of the mid-ways and cue-lines.
    REPORTED: Speed 30 OCT 98
  14. The Magic Kingdom does 68 tons of laundery per day and generates 115 pounds of lint!!
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
  15. How to get to the Center Building behind the Magic Kingdom? This road is open to the public. From the Crossroads shopping area just outside of Lake Buena Vista Village, take 535 away from the Interstate, up about a block to the Texaco station and turn left. This road goes through a few golf courses and resorts, through many twists and turns, and finally, after several miles ends up at a stop light in the absolute middle.
    REPORTED: Michael Littell 04 OCT 95
    You'll never get to the buildings behind the Magic Kingdom using Littell's route, at least if you don't have security clearance. There's a much more direct way by which the usually unsuspecting guest finds himself or herself on the Magic Kingdom's service roads.
    UPDATE: SM 13 OCT 95
  16. The central location for garbage processing is also where floats are stored. The same floats are used for different types of parades by refitting them.
    REPORTED: Mike Kaply 10 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 29 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Brent Altenhof 30 MAR 97
    You can see parade float storage and entrance, garbage processing area, the storage area for the electric light boats, Splash Mountain's water recycling building and more from space.
  17. On all the Disney World maps all of the parking lots are shown as green forest land and not as a parking lot.
    REPORTED: David Jendras 22 MAR 00
  18. The park is situated with Town Square at the South end and Ariel's Grotto at the North end, sort of like a compass.
    REPORTED: Safari Steve 03 NOV 99
  19. The Magic Kingdom can hold 100,000 people. Although they close the parking lots when it reaches 75,000, guests can still catch buses from the resorts.
    REPORTED: W. Todd Stephenson 11 JAN 96
    T. Stephenson reported that the Magic Kingdom holds 100,000 people. I'd like to add that in the summer of 1985, during the July 4th celebration, within 3 hours of opening, the Magic Kingdom had a head count of 100,000 people! I know...I was one of them! The park had to close its doors because there was literally no room to hold another body! Try enjoying that in 95+ degree heat and humidity! Needless to say, by lunch time, I headed back to our trailer and opted to visit the campground pool for the rest of the afternoon!!
    CLARIFICATION: Mary Glenn Crutchley 12 MAR 96
  20. For every three trees you see in the Magic Kingdom, there is one tree "behind the scenes" that is the similar size and looks. These trees are kept in case a tree is damaged during a storm it can be replaced at night without anyone knowing it was missing!
    REPORTED: Dawn 18 MAY 97
  21. There is a program called C.H.I.P. at the Kingdom. C.H.I.P. (Character Hotline Information Program) allows any Cast Member to call and locate any character for a guest. This program, combined with the character accessibility of Toontown, has all but eliminated guests who complain that they didn't see a certain character.
    REPORTED: anon 09 JUL 96
  22. Disney Fireworks Patents: US05627338, US05739462, US05526750, 5440990 and US05339741
  23. The best place to watch the fireworks is from behind 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, by the pool thing where they do repairs on a lot of the rides.
    REPORTED: Jessica Winn 27 MAY 97
    Best places to see the fireworks: on the bridge leading from Main Street to Tomorrowland; from the top of the Contemporary Resort for a different perspective.
    UPDATE: Chris Cooper 19 SEP 98
    Our family was lucky enough to see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom on the Monorail as it was leaving the Contemporary the fire works went off. If you are able to be on the Monorail when the fireworks go off it is an amazing site to see.
    UPDATE: John 06 AUG 99
    Actually, the best place to see fireworks is from the back stage area behind Splash Mountain where they house the parades. I was there because my high school band had been invited to march in front of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade, and the fireworks went off. They were right above our heads because we were between two firework bunkers. It was Awesome!
    UPDATE: Jackie Sigler 28 FEB 00
    Have you ever ridden Big Thunder Mountain during the fireworks? It is the coolest view. But the BEST view of the fireworks ever is in front of a snack place called Mrs. Pott's Cupboard in Fantasyland. I was shown this by a Cast Member when we stopped by there to get a milkshake just before the fireworks. There is a long round bench area with chairs that's nearby the lake. There is a good view anywhere around this area, but if you get in the right spot (around the right side somewhere, haven't seen the fireworks from there in a while or I could give better description) it is AWESOME.
    UPDATE: Abagail 01 MAY 00
  24. I was visiting my roommate who worked as Goofy at Liberty Tree Tavern. He took me on the roof above the parade route and we watched SpectroMagic and the fireworks. I remember thinking the experience to be one of the most magical and definitely the best seat in the Kingdom!
    REPORTED: Cara Davis-Earyes 23 NOV 00
  25. Disney has a "adopt a backstage area" and "adopt a tunnel" program in Magic Kingdom. This is for employees that would like to keep these areas clean. I was in the backstage area in back of Splash Mountain because the ride broke down and it was a mess. They really do a good job of hiding it all..
    REPORTED: Scott Cimakosky 30 JUL 98
  26. I have seen this both times at WDW when visiting in Feb 1985 and again in Nov 1999. It is someone's job at each park to count the people coming in at the entrance. You will see a CM standing at the enterance (usually in the morning) with a "clicker" in his hand, counting people on it as they enter.
    REPORTED: Stacey Rose 12 DEC 99
    This is incorrect. That is what the turnstiles are for. Sometimes they study traffic patterns, and this occurs, but is very rare.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 17 JUL 00
  27. As you walk from land to land, look down. The walkways/pavement changes as you move from one land to another.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 21 SEP 96
  28. As you walk from Liberty Square, into Frontierland, just before the Diamond Horseshoe, there is a metal plate that goes across the entire width of the walkway. Under that plate, water runs to the lake. This stream represents the Mississippi River. To the east is Liberty Square symbolizing the eastern part of the United States with its colonial architecture and early American theme. To the west is the early American frontier of Frontierland. If you look at the pavement, it changes on either side of the "Mississippi" following the Magic Kingdom's design of changing the walkways as you move from one land to another.
    REPORTED: Arthur Young 21 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 21 SEP 98
  29. Although there are many great locations outside the Magic Kingdom that offer a high rise view of the nightly fireworks, I would recommend that an excellent location within the park itself is on the bridge between the Castle and Tommorowland. I have used this vantage point on numerous occasions and have always had an unrestricted view. Plus, you are real close to those hidden speakers, so you get the full effect of the music too!!!
    REPORTED: Chris Neilson 23 OCT 97
    Another great place to watch the fireworks is in the small rose garden to the right of the castle. The is usually no one there and your almost right under the firworks.
    UPDATE: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    The best place to view the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom is from the train station platform or right at the Main Street center. The best place to get an up close view of Tinker Bell is the walkway between Main Street and Tommorowland. She fly's right over the walkway.
    UPDATE: Kevin 11 DEC 98
    Our family was lucky enough to see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom on the Monorail as it was leaving the Contemporary the fire works went off. If you are able to be on the Monorail when the fireworks go off it is an amazing site to see.
    UPDATE: John 06 AUG 99
    On our last trip there, we just happened to be going across the bridge from Main Street into Tomorrow Land and stopped to watch when the Fireworks were about to start. To my amazement, Tinkerbell flew right over us and even waved at us. I didn't even realize until that moment that it was a real person who flew over. If you want a real treat for your kids, stop right under the guidewire for a special view of the Fireworks and a very personal view of Tinkerbell.
    UPDATE: Nina Daise 26 APR 00
  30. Disney Fireworks Patents: US05627338, US05739462, US05526750, 5440990 and US05339741
  31. I used to work at the Magic Kingdom. Each costumed cast member had to stay in their own land and was not allowed to go into other lands while in costume. The only time this was allowed is when the cast members were asked to help with PAC (Parade Audience Control). There were 2 - 3 cast members from each land that would help with the 3 o'clock parade every day. This rule was to keep the themeing of each land consistent.
    REPORTED: Lynda Roberts 01 APR 99
    Actually, any cast member is allowed to enter the "hub", or central plaza of the park in his or her land's dress. However, many of the cast members elect to wear what is know as a PAC Costume (white shirt, blue or red Magic Kingdom tie, grey slacks). This allows free access to any area of the park.
    CONFIRMED: anon 07 DEC 99
  32. We saw a wild bunny in the Park
    REPORTED: John, Amy, JB, Karrie and Robbie Cholnoky 27 DEC 98
    We saw a bunny near the T&TC and another near the Mad Tea Party.
    CONFIRMED: Kyle5555 07 AUG 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  33. The subs from 20,000 Leagues are stored in the boneyard portion of the Pluto Parking lot (castmember overflow parking) located past the Contemporary and before the Monorail barn.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 99
  34. We recently took one of the tours where you go backstage, and we got to catch a glimpse of the Giant Squid Animatronic from 20,000 Leagues and I happened to notice that his pupil in his eye was a rather large Mickey! Apparently no-one had ever notcied this before because it was so dark on that ride.
  35. The "General Joe Potter" ferryboat is the only ferrybot with twin stacks and no seats upstairs. It is also apparently haunted by the ghost of a woman who was accidently run over in a water mouse boat by the "Potter" even though this ghost is not as well known as "George" in "Pirates of the Caribbean", I have witnessed the Potter's ghost first hand as well as other Watercraft cast members. Strangely the Potter is notorious for breaking in one way or another, doesn't steer as well as the other ferryboats, and doesn't like to stop.
    REPORTED: Matt Fierro 08 JAN 04
  36. The most maneuverable boat operated by Magic Kingdom Watercraft is the ferryboat. The boat is 120 feet long, and weigh nearly 300 tons, yet╩the boat can be rotated 360 degrees╩on it's own axis, it can move completely sideways and it╩can even round corners...sideways. During training, pilots are usually taken to the Grand Floridian dock and told to plant the bow╩a few feet off the dock, then "walk" the boat sideways, turn it around the corner of the dock and then "walk" it sideways down the side of the dock.╩Guests are usually surprised to see this manuever and it╩was alot of fun to do. The ferryboats can also be driven through the narrow waterbridge channel, with only about 8 feet of clearance on each side during the most narrow part. Each ferryboat must make this journey at least once a week to go to drydock for fuel. This╩manuever is also a very fun thing to do.
    REPORTED: Matt Fierro 08 JAN 04
  37. None of the watercraft outside the Magic Kingdom are on tracks. All boats are fully functional watercraft under the complete control of the pilots. If you don't believe me, ride on them on a windy day, or ask the pilot to prove there are not on tracks. Many would be happy to "prove" it to you. I "proved" it once on a Launch by swinging the wheel back and forth rapdily causing the boat the sway and swerve widly. Guests believed me after that.
    REPORTED: Matt Fierro 08 JAN 04

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