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  1. The buildings in in Liberty Square have "street numbers". These aren't street numbers, but, the year of which the particular architecture was popular.
    REPORTED: Pixxie 06 JUL 00
  2. The live oak that serves as the centerpiece of Liberty Square is more than 130 years old, and was found on the southern end of Walt Disney World property. In order to move the 38-ton tree, 2-inch holes were drilled through the trunk, then fitted with steel dowel pins. Once transplanted, the pins were removed and replaced with sections of oak hardwood. With careful observation, the plugs can still be seen today. It is the proud parent of more than 500 young trees. They all started out as acorns harvested from the majestic oak.
    REPORTED: Mark Matthews 08 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Lynda Fox 19 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Joshua L 04 MAR 97
  3. Right in the middle of LIberty Square is a replica of The Liberty Bell. If you reach into the bell and swing the clapper, the bell rings LOUD! Hold your ears! I do this everytime I pass through Liberty Square.
    REPORTED: Charlie Vazquez 23 MAY 99
  4. Learn about the Mississippi River
  5. Disney has removed the Georgia flag from its "Liberty Flag Plaza" (Where they display the flags from the 13 original colonies) and have replaced it with the "Don't Tread on Me" Colonial Flag. I bet you it had something to do with the fact that the GA flag contains the Confederate Battle Flag.
    REPORTED: anon 24 AUG 98
  6. A note about Disney Liberty Square, there were six wooden houses done by Shelia's Collectibles and one ornament. The following is a list of them.
    1. EXC 06 Ye Olde Christmas Shop (26100041)
    2. EXC 07 Yankee Trader (26100039)
    3. EXC 08 Heritage House (26100040)
    4. EXC 09 Hall of Presidents (26100035)
    5. EXC 10 Liberty Tree (26100042)
    6. EXC 11 Liberty Bell (26100043)
    7. EXC 13 Earful Tower Ornament (15310001)

    REPORTED: Teresa W. Haynes 22 MAY 98

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