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Hall of Presidents Fun Facts

  1. Around the corner to the left of the front entrance to the Hall of Presidents, is a small worn marble step. That step is actually from Montecello (Thomas Jefferson's house). There was a plaque identifying the piece at the upper right, but now only its frame remains. The identifying information has been removed.
    REPORTED: Paul Dowgewicz 03 APR 97
    The marble stair by the Hall of Presidents is a stair from Thomas Jefferson's house.
    CONFIRMED: Lori Robinson 27 AUG 97
    Although I had to ask a cast member, then have her point more closely at it, to find it. It's at the foot of a fake door around the corner, surrounded by an iron fence, if that helps anyone as dense as me. :)
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 02 NOV 98
  2. Each of the 42 Audio-Animatronics have at least one change of clothes.
    REPORTED: Nick 16 DEC 00
  3. Almost all the jewerly, shoes, hair texture, and even George Washington's chairs are all re-created from research of paintings, newspapers, government archives, etc.
    REPORTED: Nick 16 DEC 00
  4. At first I only thought that a few of the Presidents move. But then I realized that after each name is called that President nods his head. During Clinton's and Lincoln's speeches they do the same thing as well as fidget, sway, and even wisper to each other.
    REPORTED: Nick 16 DEC 00
  5. Look at Franklin D Roosevelt's legs, they have braces on them.
    REPORTED: Nick 16 DEC 00
  6. Towards the end of the show, during the scene at NASA, the TV camera on the left-hand screen has "WED-TV" on the side. WED, as in "Walter Elias Disney."
    REPORTED: John & Melanie Emmons 29 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Brad Bell 07 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Schub 04 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Unknown Mousketeer 29 MAY 99
    The reason that WED-TV can be seen on a TV camra in the NASA part of the film presentation in the Hall of Presidents is that Disney has some of the best TV cameras in the world at the Disney-MGM Studios and frequently loans them out to networks like CNN, etc. for covering shutle launches. I heard this on the backsatage tour tram.
    REPORTED: Thomas McCarthy 27 APR 00
  7. The Narrator in the Haunted Mansion is the late voice actor Paul Frees. His voice is used in a number of other attractions, including the multimedia segment of the Hall of Presidents, and most if not all of the Pirates, including the auctioneer.
    REPORTED: Rick Pastore 09 MAR 97
    He was also the voice of Ludwig von Drake in the TV Series Disneyland, the voice of the Psychiatrist/Narrator in The Shaggy Dog, the voice Dirty Dawson in One Hundred and One Dalmatians, and the voice of the Radio Announcer in the Absent Minded Professor.
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 02 JAN 98
    Paul Frees, in addition to his many Disney voices, was the voice of John Lennon on the Beatles' ABC Saturday morning cartoon show, from 1965-1968.
    UPDATE: Jeff Davis 14 SEP 01
  8. In the Hall of the Presidents President Clinton is the only one to record his own voice..
    REPORTED: Eric Kluska 04 APR 99
  9. The voice of Abraham Lincoln in the Hall of Presidents is Royal Dano... an excellent old actor who is now deceased.
    REPORTED: Brenda 25 FEB 01
    I can confirm that the voice of Abraham Lincoln is the late Royal Dano. I have an original records from the Illinois Pavilion of the NY Worlds Fair which was where "Meet Mr Lincoln" originally appeared. The record is of The Gettysburg Address and gives a credit to Royal Dano. Dano could have played Lincoln in person, he looks a lot like him. You can see one of Dano's last peformances as the lightening rod salesman in "Something Wicked This Way Comes".
    CONFIRMED: Samuel J. Tomaino 16 JUL 01

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