Disneymania! Fun Facts
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  1. The dancers in the stage shows in front of the castle don't really sing. My name is Aris and I am applying to become a dancer. In the show only 2 microphones that operate for speaking to the audience and the other 8 are fake. Look at dancers, there is no microphones connected anywhere to their clothing for the show.
    REPORTED: anon 28 FEB 98
  2. Ever wonder how they run the lights and sound for the Cinderella Castle Stage Shows?? Well, here it is!! I learned this while attending a Show Choir Camp at Walt Disney World. Anyway, stand in front of the castle (right in front of the archway) and look down Mainstreet U.S.A. To your right and left there are two food vending stands. On the roofs of these stands, are the lighting and sound boards for the shows!! Ladders fold down allowing access to them!! Also, the lighting rigs for the shows are hidden UNDER THE BRIDGE when not in use. They fold down and collapse so as not to be seen. Another little show tid-bit is when they rehearse. Since they can't rehearse with people in the park, the cast members, (and campers) all rehearse at five in the morning on the stage!! Talk about an early morning!! Rehearsals run until the park opens.
    REPORTED: Matt Warfield 29 JAN 00

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