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Main Street
Fun Facts of Main Street Food Outlets

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Main Street Bake Shop

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  1. The smell from the Toll House Cookie Shop is deliberately piped out onto Main Street. The scent which comes from the shop is not a real cookie baking smells. The scent is actually chemically manufactured and is contained in bottles and is piped out into the street from above the cookie shop.
    REPORTED: Mike Kaply 10 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 09 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Erica Malanchuk 08 FEB 97
    As you walk down Main Street, stop in front of the bakery and notice the awesome smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Think again! When the bakery was being designed imagineers wanted to put a fan in front of the cooling racks of freshly baked cookies to blow the aroma out onto main street. The bakers stopped the installation of the fan, claiming that the cool air from the fans would crack the hot cookies. So the imagineers put a pump down in the service tunnel, in that pump they put an artificial cookie smelling liquid, and that is what you smell as you stand in front of the bakery.
    CONFIRMED: Tony 16 MAR 97
    The actual machine is located on the floor below in the main Utilidor that runs from Main Strreet to the underground entrance to the park in the back.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Pannone 20 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Miranda Rose 01 JUN 98
    There is the scent of vanilla piped in (through a vent above the window). This is because the baking is not always happening, and Walt wanted to make the park realistic. Many, many, many blind people visit the parks each year - and this is one of the touches that adds realism. The device is called a scentitsir (or something like that), is patented by Disney, and the actual device is located in the utilidor running under Main Street.
    CONFIRMED: anon 01 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: Taylor 24 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer Padley 18 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: Ry Ogron and Mike Crowell 06 OCT 99
    When you walk in on Main Street and smell the Nestle Tollhouse cookie smell (the really nice chocolate chip cookie one), its not really the smell of cookies bakeing. It is actually a chemical that the tollhouse store pumps out to give the tourists that impression. That is why you can smell the cookies a good dstance up Main Street USA
    UPDATE: Justin Lonie 12 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: Old Kid 20 JUN 01
    I worked as a candy maker on Main Street at Disneyland from 1985-1987. My co workers at the time, Lee who had worked at the park for so long he had pictures of himself with Walt, and Robbie had been there 15+ yrs (I think he may have just retired in 2005).They told me when I asked how the vanilla smell was pumped on to the street that the fan that did it was so bad it had started numerous little smoke incidents and that it had not been used in years! I asked why the orientation tour still talked about it and they just laughed. Been to Dland thousands of times since I left and have never smelt artificial vanilla. This is a myth that while once true, is false.
    UPDATE: Michael Bergevi 16 FEB 06

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

  1. In the sidewalk in front of Tony's Town Square Restaurant there are two pairs of dog paw prints in the cement enclosed in a heart (Lady's and the Tramp's paw prints!).
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 14 MAY 97
  2. The best place to eat breakfast on Main Street is Tonys Town Square Cafe. The prices are low and they have plenty of room. The ambiance is great here. The Crystal Palace is also a good place to eat if you have the time. Usually there is an hour to two hour wait to eat here because of the character meal.
    REPORTED: Kevin 11 DEC 98
  3. My daughter and I have always made our dinner reservations at Tony's Town Square Restaurant for a time coinciding with one of the Main Street Parades, always requesting seating on the front porch although they can't promise it. We have always been lucky enough to get a table on the porch so the we can watch the parade while we have dinner. The wait staff is very good about letting you stay to watch the parade even if you've already finished eating, and it's great entertainment for dessert.
    REPORTED: LauraMacC 03 SEP 01

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