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Fun Facts of Main Street 2nd Floor Windows

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  1. The names located along Main Street are also set in order of the opening credits to a movie. Walt's name is the last one, located at the end of Main Street on the Ice Cream Parlor. The train tunnel acts as a curtain. The first smell you encounter is popcorn. Hence, the effect of walking into a movie theater.
    REPORTED: Dave Kringer 07 JUN 00
  2. Walt's brother's, Roy O., window credit can be found above the confectionary store (formally the camera store) at Town Square.
  3. On Main Street USA, on the second story of most of the buildings, the windows bear the names of Disney Executives, Contributing artists, and family. Those name include:Roy E. Disney, his wife Patty; Dick Nunis, the Chairman of Walt Disney attractions;John Hench, the executive vice president of WED Enterprises; and E. Cardon (Card) Walker, the former Walt Disney Productions CEO.
    REPORTED: Tim 28 JUL 00 pict from
  4. Walt's name also appears on a window just at the end on Main Street above the Ice Cream shop. If you are looking at the Castle, stop turn completely around and on the left side you will see his wife and his names on the window. Roy's (his brother) and his wife's names and 7 of his childrens names also apprear (he had 13 but at the time there was only 7 born.)
    REPORTED: Debbie Perez 17 SEP 98
  5. Frank Wells, former co-CEO with Micheal, appears in window about 7 peaks. Wells was an avid mountain climber and wanted to do the seven peaks on the 7 continents. These are Aconcagua, Chile, South America; McKinley, AK, USA, North America; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa; Elbrus, Russia, Europe; Vinson, Antartica; Kosciusko, Australia; and Everest, Nepal, Asia. Before he died in a heliocopter crash, he climbed all but Everest.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    About halfway down Main Street, there is a corner building bearing Frank Well's name on the top window. This is the highest point of any name within the Magic Kingdom. It was put there shortly after his death as a tribute, for he once told Eisner his goal was to climb the highest mountain (He was an avid mountain climber)
    CONFIRMED: Donald Ford 26 JAN 01 pict from
  6. Walt's nephew, Roy, has his own window on Main Street. Roy loved to sail and the window indicates this.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 FEB 99
  7. Above Casey's Corner you will see: The Camelot Core: Tony Baxter, Dave Durkhart, Ed Johnson, Gary Younger.
    REPORTED: J. Ferris 10 DEC 96
    pict from
  8. The Real Estate window contains the dummy companies that Walt used to buy the land for Disney World. As soon as word leaked it was Disney buying the land, the price skyrocketed.
    REPORTED: Jessica Winn 27 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Tha Kolb Family 25 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Carolyn Fleetwood 06 JAN 98
    One of those names is "M.T. Lott - Real Estate Investments" (say it out loud). It's located on a corner on the right hand side of Main Street when facing the castle. It was pointed out to us during our tour.
    CONFIRMED: Marla Jenkins 07 JUN 98
    Another name is "I. Four Reality" (as in I-4, the Interstate that's near.)
    CONFIRMED: Debbie Perez 17 SEP 98
    While walking down Main Street, the Realty company building (M.T. Lott Realty). This name was one of Walt's fake names under which he purchased land in the Orlando area. If you read it fast it reads "Empty Lot". A reporter from Miami investigated the company and found out that the owner of M.T. Lott Realty was Mrs. Minnie Mouse. He did this so that when he bought the property the owners wouldn't jack up the prices on him knowing who he was. Walt bought his first acre of land for $80 and his last for $80,000.
    CONFIRMED: anon 30 MAY 99 pict from
  9. Disney has Chinese food...sort of. Second floor window, over the Casey's Corner food concession, there's a sign for...a Chinese Restaurant. Why not? They've got everything else.
    REPORTED: Joseph St. Angelo 13 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 FEB 99

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