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Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Fun Facts

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  1. Opened 7 October 1998
  2. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is the architectual clone of the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin attration at Disneyland. Roger Rabbit was built first.
    REPORTED: Jeff Kozlowski 20 AUG 99
  3. Ride Patent: 5453053
  4. A planet is called 'Pollost Prime', and the show's executive producer was Paul Osterhout... just coincidence?
    REPORTED: Gwendel 04 NOV 98
  5. When you are in line right before you get to the projected faced Buzz giving you a pep talk, to your left, his right, there is a board with different pictures of planets, there is planet that looks exactly like the old model of earth they used when they thought it was square, go figure.
    REPORTED: Chris 27 JUL 00 Buzz Battery
  6. The Imagineers left their mark on the batteries on the first wall across from the entrance: Made in Glendale California!
    REPORTED: anon 01 MAY 99
  7. To achieve a high score on the Buzz Lightyear Space Rangers Spin Ride, here are a couple of hidden targets. As you leave the first shooting area, there is a "Z" target on the ceiling above you, if you hit the target directly in the center with the laser, you get 100,000 points per hit. There is also a hidden target on the wall in the room that shows you the wall video of the flying Zurg ship. You can only see it for a split second while the Zurg ship is stopped and just before it gets destroyed. This is the most challenging one to find and hitting the targe (Not Enclosed in a "Z") also gives high bonus points, but I don't know how much since you really have to concentrate on the wall.
    REPORTED: Randy De Meno 26 JAN 99
    On the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin there is a target in the first room worth 100,000 points. When you enter the first target room there will be an orange robot on your left. As you pass,spin around and shoot at the target on it's left arm. Each hit is worth 100,000 points. I maxed out the score at 999,999 before leaving the room. You don't get anything except the satisfaction of being a Space Commander.
    UPDATE: Bill Bissell 06 FEB 99
    There's an invisible hidden Mickey. (I know...sounds ridiculous, but true!) On the ride, you go through a round-ish doorway. Turn your car completely around and imagine there's a 3-circle Mickey head. Shoot at where the right ear would be, and if you hit the target (you can actually see a white circle) you get 1 million points!
    UPDATE: Jamie 27 MAR 99
    There is a hidden Mickey as you come through a round door and spin completely around. If you can hit the hidden Mickey (which is hard) you get a million points. It is true!
    CONFIRMED: Kate 02 JUN 99
    There's another way to get a high score on the Buzz Lightyear ride. The first time I rode it, the ride stopped periodically (due to mechanical trouble, I guess) but the lasers were not affected. I scored 999,999 points with ease.
    CONFIRMED: Pete DeBalli 23 OCT 99
    I have forgotten in which room this is located but in the Buzzlight Year SpaceRanger Spin sit in the left hand sid of the car and just before you enter a room in the shooting area shoot at the bottom of the door on the left side and if you hit the right sopt you get major points which gives you 50% chance of beatting the other person in your car.
    CONFIRMED: aladdin 06 NOV 99
  8. In the "New" Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin attraction. Guests are asked to help Buzz stop evil Zurg from destroying the universe with his Doomsday Device. You do this by taking control of an XP-37 Space Cruiser armed with twin ion laser cannons (a basic laser tag gun). There are hundreds of "Z" targets in the ride area in which Guests are to shoot at. The targets are worth different point values depending on how difficult they are to hit. Points per target range from 100 points through 100,000 points (there are only three 100,000 point targets). Here are some hints on how to score big:
    1. Hold down on the fire button. Your gun will fire contiuously this way (one shot per second).
    2. It is not necessary to hit the target in the middle. Anywhere on the surface of the target will do.
    3. The harder the target is to hit, the more points you will get. (targets further from the track are generally worth more points).
    4. If you find a high point target, hit it multiple times.
    5. In the projection room there are two targets. Each are worth 25,000 points. They are not marked as a "z" target. Look hard on the wall for a black dot where Zurg's ship stops from time to time. Hit within 6 inches of that dot and you score.
    6. Practice, practice, practice.
    7. If you loose track of which red dot is yours. Fire at an area that does not have a target near it so you can find which shot is yours. Slowly move your gun back to a target while firing constantly so you can keep an eye on which shot is yours.
    So, where are the three 100,000 point targets? If I told you that would be cheating. It is more fun to try and find them for yourself. Good Luck Space Rangers
    UPDATE: Emporer Zurg 18 APR 99
    The million point dot in Buzz Lightyear's S.R.S. has been turned off. Now worth 100 points. CM said that too many people had found it
    UPDATE: wummpy 15 FEB 00
  9. The Warning on side of laser blasters in Buzz Lightyear. This is a real OSHA warning label for the helium neon lasers on your space ship
    REPORTED: anon 01 MAY 99
  10. I was one of the first people to ride it. The official oppening was December, but I rode it in Oct. Disney was having some trouble with the newness of the ride. We rode it twice and we stopped both times. When they stopped the ride, there was always a cast member there behid you with a wakie-talkie and shooting the lazers at targets to see if they worked. Some times they stoped the ride more than 3 times in one cycle. When you were in line you could hear Buzz's voice-over about the momentary stop. Once I went back in Agu., it was running regularly. P.S. Universal copied Disney and made the new MIB ride. It's plot is totaly copied off of 007-Licens to Thrill at Kings Dominion and Kings Island (they discised the recruting system as a theme park ride, M even says that!). It uses the same system, only that the cars are seperate like Test Track's and there are a lot of people in one car.
    REPORTED: anon 07 NOV 00

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