Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe Fun Facts

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  1. There is a garbage can in the cafeteria adjacent to the Grand Prix raceway that is "alive". When a guest throws their food scraps away, the garbage can makes chewing noises and smacks its lips.
    REPORTED: Kristy Felblinger 28 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 29 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Jason Dixon 22 NOV 99
  2. Cosmic Ray's is the largest indoor fast food restaurant in North America.
    REPORTED: Steve Bialecki 04 SEP 97
    Until the McDonald's in Moscow, Cosmic Ray's was the largest fast food restaurant in the world!
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    The largest fast food place in the world is Varsity Dog in Atlanta Georgia. The place is close to 75 years old and occupies more than 2 full city blocks.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Mike Mazzeo 25 OCT 00
  3. When I was in Disney World in 1978 I ate at what was then the Tomorrowland Terrace. As I ate, I looked casually at the large windowed area in the lower level. Suddenly, I saw the plant in the center of the hexagon shaped area move upward. Then I noticed that the whole platform was rising. when it came up. There was a band and equipment. They played "Gloria". It has since been replaced by the piano playing alien lounge singer in Ray's Starlight Cafe'. Just a neat footnote some of you might not know.
    REPORTED: Stephan Lastinger 28 SEP 97
    In Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, the stage goes downwards to the tunnel for the bands to "disappear" into, and Sunny Eclipse (the keyboard alien) goes up!!
    CONFIRMED: itwasalatenite 03 MAR 98
    At the very bottom you have a comment about Tomorrowland. It's about a person saying that they ate at the Tomorrowland Terrace (now Comic Ray's Starlight cafe) and that the stage in the hexagon moved up and there was a stage underneath it, complete with a band. It said that it was now replaced by just Sunny Eclipse (the alien singer). Well, that lower stage has not been replaced at all. It's just that the alien is on top of it. During special occasions they will raise Sunny and there is still a stage underneath it. I was in the park a month ago watching some high school chorus students sing. After they were finished singing the stage lowered and Sunny returned to his normal position. So, my point is that the feature was not lost when they added Sunny Eclipse, the singing alien.
    UPDATE: Rebecca Chidester 13 JUN 98
    A week ago, my high school choir went to Disney World and got the chance to perform there. The Chamber Choir performed at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe and they got to come up on the rising stage. They had to go through underground Disney to get there, and it is true that Sonny Eclipse is on the top and is brought up whenever a group is performing.
    CONFIRMED: Steph Johnson 05 APR 99
    The "stage" underneath "Sonny Eclipse" at Cosmic Ray's does infact still exist, I am an Audio Technician at MK who happens to be the crew chief of that very stage. It is used quite often for our Magic Music Days guest talent program, as well as special events.
    UPDATE: Jerm! 18 AUG 99
    I'm in a high school band, and we went to Disney in FL to participate in the Magic Music Days. We have a Jazz band that I'm also in, and we got to perform at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe and yes there is a stage that rises for live performances. We went backstage Disney (which looks NOTHING like the Disney everyone else see's) and we went down in the tunnels. When we got on the stage we had to be very quiet so the people above couldn't hear. While underneath the control guy talked to us, but he wasn't in there, it was like a God thing. There was a li'l foot peddle that controls the up and down and one of our players got to raise and lower the stage. We were playing as we rose and playing as we lowered. It was a once in a lifetime event and I don't think I'll ever forget it.
    CONFIRMED: PsYcHoBaBbLe22 30 NOV 00
  4. The "Sonny Eclipse" Audio Animatronic alien performing in Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe is actually a duplicate of Officer Zzyxx, an alien created for the Pan Galactic Pizza Port restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland in 1989. Officer Zzyxx, an alien security guard, was created to serve a transistion between Star Tours and the more cartoony aliens at Pan Galactic Pizza Port. For Walt Disney World, the character was redeveloped into a lounge singer.
    REPORTED: LJ Alexander 23 FEB 99
    Sonny Eclipse who performs "live" every day at Cosmic Ray's. Sonny is from Yew Nork on the planet Zork and is married to a gal that really "blows him away" (with her many nostrils) and has the loveliest purple eyes--all 7 (or 8, I don't remember) of them! Sonny plays hits such as "Yew Nork, Yew Nork" and the "Planetary Boogie", as well as a few numbers with his Space Angels(who you never actually see). In between songs he tells some fantastically lame jokes ("Hey! Did you hear the universe is expanding? Guess it's time to losen the asteroid belt" and "[something about Ray, as in Cosmic Ray] Ray pays me weekly [comedic pause] VERY weakly!") Sonny isn't the most creative guy in the universe--he repeats his act after about 8 songs. (I'm guessing about every 1/2 hour).
    UPDATE: anon 08 JUL 02
  5. I remember one time I was eating at Cosmic Ray's in Tomorrowland and I recall having blue mayonnaise and purple ketchup. I just recently returned to Walt Disney World and these colorful condiments were no more. How come?
    REPORTED: Katie 01 JAN 00
    I was just at Cosmic Ray's and there were no colored condiments- I miss them!!
    CONFIRMED: Kell 14 APR 00
  6. If you want to get out of the rain and meet the characters, go to the Starlight cafe. If it is raining, and there is going to be a parade in the next 45 to 15 minutes, the Starlight cafe is on to way to the meeting place. If the conditions are just right, you may get all the charcters stopping in to get out of the rain. This happened to me after a depressing day of missing all the characters with my little cousin and little sister. This is a rare occurance, but worth the attempt.
    REPORTED: Meagan 16 JAN 01
    I worked in Cosmic Ray's this spring, and characters do indeed appear in our dining room during rainy afternoons. They cut through the kitchen to stay dry, and then hang out near Sonny Eclipse. I've only seen characters from Alice in Wonderland come to Cosmic's, because we're right across from the Mad Teacup ride. Most often it was Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but the Mad Hatter was there sometimes too.
    CONFIRMED: Sarah 17 MAY 01

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