Grand Prix Race Way Fun Facts

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  1. Above Grand Prix is another VIP lounge but I've heard that it's rarely used.
    REPORTED: Suzanne M. 22 JAN 96
    There is a VIP lounge in the control tower at the Grand Prix Raceway for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. the sponsor of the attraction. The size is deceiving when looking at the control tower. If you look closely, you can see the window type air conditioning units that were installed to cool this room. This room is nicely furnished and is stocked with refreshments and snacks for Goodyear VIP's. The windows overlook the raceway.
    CONFIRMED: Richard Zbin 26 MAR 97
    There IS a VIP lounge up there. The official sponsor is not Goodyear anymore but the actual Indy racing company. This means different car graphics and basically a totally different look.
    UPDATE: Greg Howe 13 DEC 99
  2. The cars are far more complex than they first look. They have advanced suspension systems and without rev limiters can go above 35 MPH.
    REPORTED: Greg Howe 13 DEC 99
  3. The track at "Prix" used to be longer. It was shortened when Mickey's Starland was built.
    REPORTED: Chris Cooper 19 SEP 98
  4. If you want to have good veiw of the fireworks at night, go on the Tommorrowland Indy Speedway and watch the fireworks while you're driving. It will look really cool.
    REPORTED: Chris 06 MAR 01

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