Star Traders/Merchant of Venus

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  1. In the store, there is a very cool little detail. Alien Encounter is adjacent to this store and is touching it on the back wall. Across from the door is a small grate just below the ceiling. It has some tubes and wires in it, presumably an an air conditioner or part of the "Space Age that never was" decor. However, this one is much more. According to the complex plot of Alien Encounter, the Alien goes on a rampage through the presentation building. Well, since this gift shop is so close to the Tommorowland convention center, the Alien seems to make a little detour and make a quick stop at Merchant of Venus! Every 10-15 minutes or so, the panel behind the grate comes alive, making sounds, bubbling, sparking, and flashing as if the "Alien was behind it."
    REPORTED: Sam Moore 17 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Spencer Parks 06 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Skunk 18 APR 97
  2. In the Merchants of Venus Shop there is a display/retail center featuring robotic arms that airbrushes shirts in multiple colors. Consumers can choose many different designs and also have their name put on shirts. These robots, minus their XS decor were once in Village Marketplace. The robots motions are controlled by CAD programs running on computers. The robots present an excellent prospective into the way Disney combines "show with sale".
    REPORTED: Kenneth Klingensmith 09 JUL 98

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