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  1. It was January 16, around 5:00 PM, and I was walking from Toontown Fair to Tomorrowland along the new path that runs next to the railroad tracks. As we passed the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co., I noticed that each metallic ornament on the side of the building, along with the shadow it casts to the left, makes a pretty convincing Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Justin Callaghan 17 JAN 98
    Walking from Tomorrowland to Toontown one of the light poles with 3 lights on the top casts a Mickey shadow on the ground in the late morning.
    CONFIRMED: Susan Casino 03 MAR 06
  2. The lights in Tomorrowland make a Hidden Mickey shadow on the ground when the sun hits them just right.
    REPORTED: John De Long II 18 OCT 95
    Only one light between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland has three lights; all others have two. I saw a shadow Mickey around 3:00 pm.
    CONFIRMED: S Mykel 01 JAN 96
    There are three ring lamp posts off behind the Astro Orbiter, near Space Mountain. In the early morning sun before 10 am, the reflection of the lamps make a nice Mickey shadow.
    CONFIRMED: Mark Fisher & Ryland Madison 21 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Michelle Leigh Simrell 03 MAY 96
    If you stand in the main walkway in front of Geiger's Counter, facing Space Mountain, between 2pm and 3pm, a lightpost or something casts a Hidden Mickey shadow onto Space Mountain.
    CONFIRMED: Bob 24 AUG 97
    The lamp posts in Tomorrowland make a Hidden Mickey at dawn and sunset
    CONFIRMED: timothy pappas 28 SEP 97
    I worked in Tomorrowland this summer, and at about 11 am the sun shines just right on the lamp posts and they form a shadow that outlines the sillouhette of Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Erika Gentile 02 DEC 97
    One afternoon while walking through Tomorrowland, I looked down and found myself standing in a giant Mickey shadow. Puzzled, I looked around, trying to figure out what in the world was making it. Lo and behold, the tall, triple lamp posts were casting the shadow, but only when the sun was at a particular angle.
    CONFIRMED: Carolyn Fleetwood 06 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: S. Maloney 08 FEB 98
    There is a Mickey behind Cosmic Rays in the lamp post. When the sunlight hits the three pronged street lamp, it casts a shadow of Mickey Mouse on the ground
    CONFIRMED: Kyle Newell 04 OCT 98
    CONFIRMED: Dr. J 19 DEC 98
    I saw a hidden Mickey on the pavement formed by a lightpost next to the Tommorrowland Raceway across from Tommorrowland Terrace restaurant. The sun at this particular time of day shined through the post and projected the hidden Mickey on the pavement. I believe it was around 10:00 am. You have to look very carefully
    CONFIRMED: Steve Mendygral 18 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Kalani Allred 30 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: Stacy Coleman 11 JUL 99
    While at Tomorrowland today, we noticed that the lightpole have the three circles. At 9:00 to 11:00 AM it makes perfect hidden mickeys on the ground. After that time there are just three circles. Don't know if it was intended that way or not, if it was, genius.
    CONFIRMED: anon 12 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 26 SEP 99
    The lights in Tomorrowland do make a Hidden Mickey shadow, the lights are on the left at the very begining of the Speedway, if you are leaving Fantasyland.
    CONFIRMED: Leila 31 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Pixxie 06 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: Kevin A. 25 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: Michael Clemmer 01 JAN 02
  3. Several of the large planters in Tomorrowland (some around TTA supports, one just outside of Alien Encounter) each form "high-tech" hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Michael Pagano 31 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Steve Mathis 24 FEB 98
  4. My brother and I were walking towards the Transit Authority to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin when he looked down and in the concrete there was a hidden Mickey carved.
    REPORTED: Chris & Steve Jablonski 08 JAN 00
    There is a Hidden Mickey carved into the cement almost in the center of Tomorrowland as you are walking to Space Mountain from the castle. Clearly it was placed there the last time the cement pavement was poured. It is only about 4" across and hard to find unless you walk right over it.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Lambrecht 16 AUG 00
    It was actually my Dad who found it. After you come out of Space Mountain head for the large structure that has the Lunching Pad and the Astro Orbiter. On the ground, in the corner of one of the stones, near one of the "support beams" (I don't know what else to call them) there is a Hidden Mickey. It is just a carving of the outline. You pretty mush need to be standing right over it to see it.
    CONFIRMED: Corey Waldner 02 MAR 01
    I was walking through Tommorowland and my boyfriend spotted a hidden mickey on the floor!!! It's near THE LAUNCHING PAD AT ROCKETTOWER PLAZA but under the track of the TRANSIT AUTHORITY. It was carved into the ground.
    CONFIRMED: marilyn 26 JUN 02
  5. Go to Popcorn 18, (it is the one right outside the entrance to Space Mountain). On the back of the stand look at the door that opens to the popcorn for the cast member to serve, and on the right side there are 3 rivets in the shape of everyone's favorite mouse. Cast Member Mike pointed this one out on an E-ticket night.
    REPORTED: Alex Marcy 21 JUN 01
    The hidden Mickey on Popcorn 18 is real (the rivets on the left don't have it, just the right)
    CONFIRMED: cast member Mike 06 JUL 01

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