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Information on what is and isn't a Hidden Mickey

  1. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. I went to Typhoon Lagoon and received a ticket with a picture of Goofy on an inner tube floating in a pool. He is holding a drink with a pink umbrella in it, and there are two beach balls floating in the water beside him. The two beach balls and the inner tube clearly form the head and ears of Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Ben Holiday 02 JUN 02
  3. As I went down the water slide (the real big one) I looked up and saw an outline of a Hidden Mickey on a rock in the park. It was fairly large so I don''t know if you could see it if you just walked along it. It was absolutely beautiful.
    REPORTED: roby 08 FEB 97
  4. The back wall of the lagoon there is a hidden Mickey made in small rocks.
    REPORTED: Chris McDonald 23 SEP 01
  5. On the Typhoon Lagoon ride that consists of three water slides (Storming Slides) you must walk up a long path that consists of several wooden stairways. About halfway up on one of the stairs the end of the board is cut to the familiar Mickey Shape. It is on the left hand side, and I only saw ONE board like this. Really good attention to detail.
    REPORTED: anon 20 AUG 00 Tropicooler II
  6. Anyone noticed the one in Shark Reef? It's on the wall below the exiting steps.
    REPORTED: bill warden 16 AUG 93
    According to two Cast Members, "With the Florida sun and saltwater fish, you can imagine the algae that can accumulate on the sides of the tanks. This algae is periodically cleaned by lifeguards and they sometimes do things they are not supposed to do. They were reprimanded for drawing the outline of Mickey's head on the exit steps. This would have been the sighting Bill Warden saw. As far as we know there are not any "Hidden Mickeys" at Shark Reef, only those which lifeguards create!"
    About 4-5 feet down on the exit wall.
    CONFIRMED: Dennis Finnegan 10 AUG 98
  7. On the path leading to the point where you go into the water at Shark Reef, there is a Hidden Mickey carved into the path. There are holes all the way to the deck, but about three feet from where the concrete ends there is a Hidden Mickey. My friend, Vicki, found it while she was sweeping the sand out.
    REPORTED: Rosemary Crilly 19 SEP 96
    Just to correct a past post on a hidden Mickey; there is one in Typhoon Lagoon. I can point one out on the sidewalk halfway between High and Dry Towels and the bridge to Typhoon Tillies. It's small, and only the long time guards know about it.
    CONFIRMED: Dan 16 OCT 00
  8. I had to try crushen gusher so I was looking for it. And if you go there you will see that there are lots of bridges that cross over the lazy river. I'm not sure which one it is but if you check them look at the bottoms of the boards while walking up you will see that one of the boards has two Mickey ears sticking out of it.
    REPORTED: Ryan 29 MAR 06
  9. On a bright day you can see a Mickey in the water on the bottom of the lagoon.
    REPORTED: Don Hamel 01 DEC 95
  10. I found a hidden Mickey in Typhoon Lagoon. When you are scuba diving, if you go towards the end near the cement wall, look down and you will see yellow rocks that are placed like a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Erica Malanchuk 08 FEB 97
  11. If you look at kiddie area from an Aerial view, behind the wrecked ship and facing the wave pool, it is an outline of Mickey's face.
    REPORTED: Vicki Hollrah 07 DEC 95
    The kiddy pool has three seperate areas and when you look at it from above, it forms a hidden Mickey. You can get a good look at it from Humunga Cowabunga.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 09 OCT 96
  12. In the shallow area outside the wave pool there is a child's size tugboat (looks like a mini- Miss Tilly). On the starboard side, on the hull is a "repair" that's in the shape of a perfect Mickey!
    REPORTED: Barb J 31 AUG 99
  13. Near the exit of the cave towards the back of the park is a locator map...one of the small children is wearing the famous Mickey Mouse ears cap. On no other locator sign is he wearing this hat.
    REPORTED: Chuck Thacker 29 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Alex Buznego 26 JUL 99
  14. There is the survey marker located in front of Shark Reef. decor
    REPORTED: Chuck Thacker 29 AUG 96
  15. If you take any Typhoon Lagoon item such as one of the many sports bottles they sell with the logo on it then you can see the hidden Mickey. The logo shows a sunset behind Miss Tilly with waves on one side and blowing trees on the other. If you flip this image over then the sunset forms Mickey's face while the waves are one ear and the trees are the other. Now, I know, it is not as clearly visible as some Mickeys but I believe it to be a hidden one anyway.
    REPORTED: ODFMike 03 MAR 97
    I also noticed this hidden Mickey in the logo. The sunset area makes up the head and the waves and a circular shape for the inside of the trees form the ears. You have to look at it upside down though.
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Smith 21 JUL 98
  16. Just outside of Singapore Sal's (the giftshop) they've added some new stuff. One is a clock a thermometer and a barometer. They form a Mickey. They've also added large maps near the bridges where you enter. By Leaning Palms and High and Dry Towels. On these maps is a hidden Mickey. It's the same one as on the paper maps.
    REPORTED: Linda Kaye Jonas 24 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Alex Buznego 26 JUL 99
    I saw this Mickey on the right wall of Singapores Sal's Sovenir shop. It is three clocks all in the shape of an upsite down Mickey head.
    CONFIRMED: Lauren De Jong 31 OCT 99
  17. I got a Typhoon Lagoon mug when I gave back the locker key and I noticed that on the big flower northwest of the logo is a hidden mickey
    REPORTED: Ethan Long 26 AUG 01

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