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Disney's Contemporary Resort

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  1. Pizza Mickeys throughout the resorts
  2. Pancake Mickeys throughout the resorts
  3. Waffle Mickeys throughout the resorts
  4. Toilet paper wrappers throughout the resorts
  5. Soap in the guest laundry rooms
  6. Manhole covers
  7. On the top of the traffic posts that block off the old driveway to the Contemporary Resort, there are decor Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Shawn Connelly 27 MAY 97
  8. Inside main entrance arches (deliberate). decor
    CONFIRMED: Stephen & Kristen Piering 26 APR 98
  9. Floral arrangement of a Mickey Mouse watch in parking lot
    While waiting for a bus, a security guard coming off the night shift struck up a conversation with my wife and I. He invited us to go on a Mickey Watch at midnight. We met a different security person who took us to the 12th floor and into one of the Penthouse Suites overlooking the Magic Kingdom. There, very obvious to us then, was a Mickey Mouse Watch constructed of shrubs, bushes and concrete. By the way, the watch is constructed incorrectly. The winding mechanism is on the wrong side of the face.
    CONFIRMED: mrt 16 JUL 95
    The whole watch is made as if a left handed person or mouse would wear it on their right wrist. I wonder if Mickey is left handed!
    UPDATE: rbnxma 30 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Beau 29 JUL 97
    While waiting in the Monorail, in one of the "middle" cars, I sat towards the left overlooking the guest parking lot. While I was looking for my car and where it was parked...I saw a huge Hidden Mickey shaped from the hedges and shrubbery. I've never noticed this before and I've been on that monorail a tons of times in my life times and always visit the Contemporary!
    CONFIRMED: Jimmy Siano 18 NOV 00
  10. The statue of Mickey shaking hands with Leopold Stokowski I saw was in the main lobby entrance. I don't know if there is another in the Convention Center.  decor
    REPORTED: Shawn Connelly 28 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Kristen & Victoria Piering 26 APR 98 Kenneth Cinders 09 MAR 00
    I too have acquired one of these unique "hidden Mickey" pins. My pin, numbered 14,777, was acquired last month at the Contemporary Hotel. I received it though not by asking - "Didn't I just see a hidden Mickey", but by being the first person to recognize the newest hidden Mickey addition to the hotel. I was sworn to secrecy ... so I cannot reveal its exact location, but I can say that it is in the lobby. I was also told that the pins will stop at number 123,100 (the date of the final day of this year 12/31/00). Get them while you can!!
    CONFIRMED: Vance Yensid 27 MAR 00
    Just spent a wonderful week at the Comtemporary Hotel in Disney World where I too received a Hidden Mickey Pin from the front desk. I asked the question - "Didn't I just see Mickey hiding?" and was handed pin #21,788. In case you are wondering - they keep track of everyone who received a pin so you can't get more than one. But having just 1 makes it very special! I proudly wore it the entire trip and even turned down an opportunity to trade it for another type of pin. My Hidden Mickey pin is a keeper!
    CONFIRMED: Kimberly Schwinn 26 APR 00
    I don't know who those people who got those pins at the front desk talked to, but I've been working there for over a month now and asked several Cast members about it, but NOBODY has heard of such a thing. I have been positioned at every station, and you would think that I would have come across something about that by now. Sorry to burst the bubble, I would have loved getting my hands on something like that!
    I guess they keep new employees in the dark about certain things ... because I was able to get a Hidden Mickey pin from the Contemporary Hotel. Maybe they don't want the employees getting them all! I visited Disney World over the Easter vacation and had a great time. I'm living proof ... Hidden Mickey Pins exist!
    UPDATE: Megan Stringfield 12 JUN 00
    **** Hi, My name is Jimi. I work at Disney's Contemporary Resort Front Desk. WE DO NOT GIVE OUT PINS FOR FINDING HIDDEN MICKEYS. We never have, and we probably never will. Please stop asking. I have talked to other cast members that have worked here from before the whole Pin Trading thing started. They have never heard of it. I have also worked at other Disney Resorts, and they don't do it either. Sorry to disappoint you, but we look forward to you being our guest at Walt Disney World.
    UPDATE: Jimi 20 JAN 01
    There are absolutely no "Hidden Mickey Pins" available at the Contemporary Front Desk, so don't bother asking. There is no such pin, and we're not sure if there ever was. I don't know what pin everyone else has, but I didn't get one!
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rodney 20 JAN 01 -->
  11. In the main elevators, the metal (stainless steel?) on the doors has been machined with hundreds of small half moon "swirls" about the size of an old silver dollar. The markings are offset to the right by one-half of their diameter from one row to the next. Thus, a swirl on row two is topped by two swirls on row one - a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: E. Kosmin 03 JUL 01
  12. I spotted a Hidden Mickey in the mural on the wall of the monorail loading area. It's a brown bear wearing black mouse ears.
    REPORTED: Deb Silhan 09 FEB 97
  13. All the ash trays with sand have the hidden Mickey pressed into the sand.  decor
    REPORTED: John S. Wolf 23 AUG 00
  14. When I recently stayed at the Contemporary resort, I worked out in the 3rd floor health club. On the ceiling above the employee desk there is track lighting. The cast members arranged the lights to cast the form of Mickey on the wall behind the desk.
    REPORTED: Jen Staples 22 JAN 98
  15. In front of the main entrance of the South Garden Wing, there is a brick walkway. At the end opposite to the doors is a pattern of a different shade of brick with an outline in the shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Matt DeGrandis 06 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Greg Hinds 13 MAY 98
    CONFIRMED: Josh Sanders 31 AUG 98
  16. My son noticed a hidden Mickey etched in the brick walkway of the north wing's main entrance leading from the sidewalk to the entrance. It is a large scale etching and can be easily overlooked.
    REPORTED: Michael Fiore 02 DEC 98
  17. There is an outline cut in the tile floor, at the entry to the North wing in the Contemporary Resort.
    REPORTED: David Russell 18 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Herb Moskovitz 19 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Connelly 27 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Jaimie Grover 26 NOV 97
  18. When We stayed at the Contemporary in August we stayed in the South Wing. Our day beds material had tri-circles in it and it was shapped like Mickeys. When we asked the about it, it was confirmed by an employee. I wish we had a picture of it.
    REPORTED: Jane Ann Marie Grimes 14 SEP 98
  19. The pool at the Contemporary South complex is in the shape of Mickey, saw it from the monorail. decor
    REPORTED: Keri S. 07 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Connelly 28 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: David Hollander 30 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Nicole Piering 26 APR 98
    Yes that is a "Hidden Mickey" that the pool is in the shape of. In '96 I was a Cast Member at the Travel Co., and also worked at KinderCare (child care service @ WDW resorts) I once was babysitting up on the 6th floor, and while WDW was constructing the pool I spotted it. The Hidden Mickey's are just another part of the Imagineers, Imagination at work to keep everyone on their toes. It's working isn't it?
    CONFIRMED: Kimberly Thomas 15 SEP 98
    Disney's Contemporary Resort has a pool complete with a waterslide. From the top of this waterslide looking down, the pool actually forms a "Hidden Mickey". I dont know if this was intentional or not, probably was, since its not verry hidden.
    CONFIRMED: Dan Seiser 17 FEB 01
  20. Convention Center - statue of Mickey shaking hands with Leopold Stokowski (deliberate). decor
    REPORTED: WDW List pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  21. I found this guy sitting on the roof as I was looking out of the Monorail... He is visable from the right side of the express monorail just before you enter the Contemporary Resort (or the left side just as you exit of you are on the Resort Monorail) He is a metal mickey sitting on a roof.
    REPORTED: Jimmybop Wrong 04 DEC 01
  22. Fun Center - Clothes of Disney characters hanging from ceiling (deliberate). decor
    CONFIRMED: Stephen, Donna, Nicole, Kristen & Victoria Piering 26 APR 98
  23. Outside near Bay Lake - silver metal structure with Mickey sitting on giant ears (deliberate). decor
    Behind the Resort there is a metal EARS structure, underneath it in the bricks there is layed out a Mickey Mouse head.
    CONFIRMED: Kami Walker 15 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Kristen Piering 26 APR 98
  24. My son and I were parasailing. We used the service of Sammy Duvall's Watersports Centre from the Contemporary Resort. In the water, near the dock of Discovery Island, my son spotted a Hidden Mickey.
  25. The newly redecorated rooms have hidden Mickeys on the bedspreads and on the upholstery of the daybed. The ones on the daybed are somewhat obvious, but not totally (I didn't notice them until I exclaimed to a front desk clerk that I loved the hidden Mickeys on the bedspread and he told me to look at the daybed. In the midst of various circles and L-shaped geometric figures, you will see the Mickey-head geometric figure as well, on the purple and green daybed upholstery. You have to look for the ones on the bedspreads. More obvious will be the fish. But, there are definitely Mickey heads made up out of a large circular spiral topped with two smaller spirals, among the complex print of the bedpsreads. The same "Mickey head of spirals" design is available in a stamp kit in Fantasyland. If the two are not identical, they're very close.
    REPORTED: Helen O'Boyle 03 JUN 99
  26. The shower curtains at the Contemporary Resort are decorated with small, randomly scattered circles, and many of these form very clear hidden mickeys. (The circles are all the same size and three different "shades" formed by varying number of lines etched in the clear plastic. Some of the circles are iridescent and very pretty when the light shines through them.)
    REPORTED: Greg Lowney 26 AUG 99
    Look at shower curtains in room in the Contemporary they look like random circle stamps, of clear and fogger circles. But if you look carefully every so often you will see a full fledged mouse pattern either clear center with 2 foggy ears or foggy head with 2 clear ears in room 6124.
    CONFIRMED: C. Mitchell 11 JUN 01

Contemporary Restaurants

  1. When entering the Contemporary Hotel via day guest monorail on the exterior beam, the lights used if the restaurant area are viewed to be in the shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Unknown
  2. In the Grand Concourse cavern, the giant mural facing Chef Mickey, look at lower right hand side of mural at indian (native american) figures (painted in black) with baskets of orange circles on there heads. On the right most basket are 3 orange circles that form a perfect tilled Mickey head.
    REPORTED: C. Mitchell 11 JUN 01 oslogo
  3. Near the entrance to the Concourse Steakhouse, there is a mural on the center wall. In the mural there are a series of native American girls. The last girl is stooping over. On her back, there is a design on her clothes of several "four-dot" patterns. One of those patterns, the top most one, has three of those dots connected. My conclusion is that this must be a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Matt DeGrandis 19 FEB 96
  4. In the Concourse Steakhouse, where the decor continues the Southwest theme of the Atrium Mural, there is bench seating along the wall under the monorail. Contained within the upholstery pattern there definitely are modern Southwestern renderings of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Matt DeGrandis 19 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Stephen & Donna Piering 26 APR 98
  5. Chef Mickey's - in sign and cut-out figures encircling the walls (deliberate). decor
  6. The reception table at Chef Mickey's has a round table. There are two small gray mounds strategically placed on the table surface.
    REPORTED: Kristin Cafaro 09 OCT 97
  7. My family and I recently went to a character dinner at "Chef Mickey's", and of course there were a lot of decor Mickey's. However, one that I thought was neat and "hidden" was the macaroni, it was made of pasta shaped like Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jan Miller 05 OCT 00
  8. In the California Grill Restaraunt and Bar (15th floor), there is a separate room near the back that can be used for small gatherings, but is usually kept open to the rest of the dining area. If you remove the doorstop, which will get you nothing more than some odd looks, when the doors close together, Mickey ears appear as part of the design on the glass, near the bottom. It's impossible to see unless the doors are closed.
    REPORTED: Chris Friend 30 OCT 97
    On the doors of the Wine Room there is a Hidden Mickey, but the doors must be closed and you must look at it from the outside of the room. I was told about this Hidden Mickey by my Wedding Coordinators!!
    CONFIRMED: rosie avella 05 MAY 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 15 JAN 00
    The hidden mickey in the California Grill is actually in the glass doors to the wine room.
    CONFIRMED: Jay 21 AUG 00

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