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  1. Pizza Mickeys throughout the resorts
  2. Pancake Mickeys throughout the resorts
  3. Waffle Mickeys throughout the resorts
  4. Toilet paper wrappers throughout the resorts
  5. Soap in the guest laundry rooms
  6. Manhole covers pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  7. Three can be found - one each - on the large wooden doors as you exit the main lobby.
    REPORTED: Dick Baker 10 AUG 97
    I can confirm the existance of a hidden Mickey on the large wooden doors at the lobby entrance of the new Coronado Springs resort. It is on the left door in one of the brass medallions. I also confirmed this with a receptionist. I did not notice three as stated and the receptionist only mentioned one as well! Thanx. Mickey forever!
    CONFIRMED: Chris Jones 26 FEB 98
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 27 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Patrick F. Collins 14 APR 99
    The medallions are located, one each per set, on the three sets of doors on the front and the one set of doors on the back corte portchure.
    CONFIRMED: Nancy 06 MAY 99
  8. Go outside and look for Mickey on the nail heads.
    REPORTED: Dick Baker 10 AUG 97
    The nail are so rusty they are hard to tell anything.
  9. When I went with my parents and my best friend and her parents, my best friend and I noticed right when coming in from the main entrance doors right in front of you the large fountain is in the shape of a Mickey. I am pretty positive its a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Bianca 10 NOV 00 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  10. I recently stayed in Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, upon check in, I noticed that there was a Hidden Mickey in the main lobby. If you look at the crest on the wall inside the check-in area, look at the cross on the right hand side inside the crest. Go to the left of the cross and look at the second fleur-de-lis down. The end of the fleur-de-lis is in the shape of Mickey ears. You have to look closely. All of the other fleur-de-lis in the crest are not perfectly round but curved.
    REPORTED: marie 16 AUG 98
    The mirror image on the other side is the same shape.
    CONFIRMED: Nancy 06 MAY 99
    Nancy & Marie were right about the hidden Mickey in the Coronado Springs lobby (El Centro building). These two are rounder than any of the other fleur-de-lis, which are more pointed on the ends.
    CONFIRMED: Becky 08 JUN 00 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  11. In the Check-In Area on the far wall is a picture of Sunflowers. There is one large sunflower and two small sunflowers that form the familiar 3 circle icon. My daughter found this as we were walking toward it.
    REPORTED: Ric Flack 28 SEP 00
  12. In the lobby, when you walk through to the back, there's a children's area. Right in front of it, there are 2 stone-looking statues. The one on the left that looks like a bird, I think has a Hidden Mickey. On the front, there is a circle (I think it's a sun) that has the three circles in it.
    REPORTED: Alex 26 JUL 99
  13. If you look above the Bus Stop's Covered Area, you will see a Bus, that say's Bus Stop. "Inside" the bus, there are silhouette's of people, and Mickey!
    REPORTED: Meredith 27 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 27 MAR 98
    While waiting for a bus, I was sitting on the bench and looked up at the bus stop sign. Right there was a bus filled with people and a Mickey. I thought that was pretty neat since right before I went to WDW a went to this web page and learned about hidden mickeys!!
    CONFIRMED: David J. 17 MAR 99
  14. My wife and I noticed that there are lots of Hidden Mickeys throughout the paths around Coronado Springs. They are made of three stones put together.
    REPORTED: Jason Nesbitt 28 NOV 01
  15. There is a wooden bridge pathway through some trees. It is between the main pool and the Ranchero section of the resort. Not quite in the middle of the bridge there is a group of three trees coming up through the bridge. The wooden rings surronding these trees form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Laura Larson 01 JUN 98
    The resort map called this the "nature walk".
    CONFIRMED: Nancy 06 MAY 99
    The one reported in the nature trail has the three circles, but the left ear is separated from the head.
    CONFIRMED: Alex Buznego 26 JUL 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  16. Check out the design over the "bar" ...
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 25 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Nancy 06 MAY 99
  17. In the Pepper Market, the iron bars form the three circle shape.
    REPORTED: perdy 08 MAY 97
    There is one in the gate as you exit the Pepper market. If you look up at the top you'll see the ears and head.
    CONFIRMED: Eric Williams 10 AUG 97
    I saw the hidden Mickey's on the doors as you exit the main doors. Also there are hidden Mickey's on the nail heads. I know this because a bell boy pointed them out to us.
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Marsh 06 OCT 97
  18. While checking in, I noticed that the dish garden on the counter had a cactus in the shape of the Mickey ears. I checked all the dish gardens on the counters in the lobby and they all had a cactus in the shape of a Hidden Mickey. I guess the gardeners had to find cactus in the Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: Lisa & Kevin Spellman 01 AUG 97
    Dish gardens are apparently all gone. Looked every day during my visit and they never appeared.
    LOST: Nancy 06 MAY 99
    The dish gardens on the counters are there, but no cactus.
    LOST: Alex Buznego 26 JUL 99
  19. This is the best Hidden Mickey we were shown on our whole visit. In the Maya Grill, (also one of the best dining experiences of our whole visit!) ask one of the cast members to show you - you won't see it yourself! On the floor, roughly beginning at the pool in the Moon Room, there is a pattern in small, dark tiles that form the big circle that makes up Mickey's head. From the pool, look across the restaurant towards the tall pillar with 'fire' on it. You will see there are two large round tables that form the ears. Very cool!
    REPORTED: Adrienne 13 OCT 97
  20. I took pictures of the two Hidden Mickeys at the Dig Site (main pool). One facing one way and one facing the other pict from hiddenmickeys.org pict from hiddenmickeys.org on the "broken" walls at the entranceway to the pool. I did not find the third the Guest Service Cast Member told us about in the same location.
    REPORTED: Barb aka (TDC) gardenia 20 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom Williams 02 AUG 97
    Walls at right side of pool (looking from hotel lobby area) has a Hidden Mickey on their top designs.
    Two more can be found at the main entrance to the Mayan water slide/pool area. As you are about to enter the area look high on the wall. In red you will find a Mickey mixed with the Mayan symbols. As you enter the pool area - look back and up high on the wall again for your second one.
    CONFIRMED: Dick Baker 10 AUG 97
    In the Dig Site (main pool), look to the top of the Pyramid count 4 rows down 2nd block from left there is a hidden Mickey in white.
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Marsh 06 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 27 MAR 98
    The Mickey reported at the top of the pyramid appears to have washed out in rains. There is a lot of what looked to be salt deposits on the rocks.
    UPDATE: Nancy 06 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: George, Valene, Jenny, Heather & Shane 26 JUN 99
  21. In the Dig Site, there is a playground around the back of the temple. There is a huge Mayan head in a sand box. Behind the head are two very large potted plants, in large round pots. I'm certain with view from above, we would have a hidden Mickey using the huge round head with the two pots as ears. And since the placement of the two plants in the playground area is so odd, it's hard to believe it wasn't deliberate.
    UPDATE: Nancy 06 MAY 99
    The one reported in the playground is gone. I found the huge Mayan head, bit there were no potted plants.
    LOST: Alex Buznego 26 JUL 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  22. Mayan Calendar on wall beside pool bar has a Hidden Mickey on lower right quadrant.
    REPORTED: Tom Williams 02 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 31 AUG 98
  23. On the sidewalk to the Marina there is a hidden Mickey. From the marina if you walk toward Casita 1 about 4 or 5 sidewalk squares down is a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Sharon Howell 13 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Michelle 11 OCT 98
    As you turn away from the boat/kayak sales desk and walk back toward the center, if you look down, on the corner of a nearby cement square, there are the imbedded 'rocks' clearly in the shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ruchelle Owens 02 DEC 98
    Turn away from the desk, walk to the first full square to your right. Mickey's full head is chipped into the concrete on the lower left corner. I checked all the surrounding squares and this appears to be the only one. A cast member confirmed it.
    CONFIRMED: Nancy 06 MAY 99
    As a cast member at the marina at Coronado Springs, I can confirm that the hidden Mickey chipped into the sidewalk by the place where the first surrey bike is parked was indeed put there on purpose, it is very easy to find and quite apparent to the naked eye, once one knows where to look for it.
    CONFIRMED: Lenore 01 FEB 00 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  24. On the Room Service menu
    CONFIRMED: Ginny Landhuis 30 DEC 01
  25. My family and I went on a trip there from California, and when you drop off your bikes and walk into the back door into the lobby, there is a hidden Mickey on the floor in the cement in the shape of Mickeys Head right next to the Bike Racks where you drop them off after a nice ride around the resort.
    REPORTED: Abby Zamora 05 JUN 99
    The one reported by the Bicycle rental desk is very rough, and looks as if it was made by someone while the cement was wet, because the circles aren't very round.
    CONFIRMED: Alex Buznego 26 JUL 99
  26. Guest rooms-yellow sheets of stationery (several images of Mickey Mouse appear)
  27. In our room, 7692, he is in a picture on the wall. look at the small cactus.
    REPORTED: jonathan mcfadden 30 MAY 00
  28. I don't know if they do this at all the resorts, but when the cleaning staff replaced the towels in our rooms, they would take two washcloths and a handtowel and fold them in the shape of Mickey's head and ears, and place them on the bed that way. Pretty Neat!
    REPORTED: David Lee Gold 21 FEB 02

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