Disney's BoardWalk Resort Fun Facts

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  1. Disney's Boardwalk Resort is very similar to the Magic Kingdom park. Both have a system of undergroung tunnels. If you notice you will enter the main lobby on the first floor but walk throught to the lake side and you are on the second. This system is, however, easier to access than the one at the Magic Kingdom and smaller in size. The Boardwalk tunnels are in the shape of a crooked "y.&Quot; one leads from the convention center (main entrance) to the Boardwalk Villas, the other spur behind Spoodles, Flying Fish, Bakery and ESPN Club.
    REPORTED: JC 25 APR 00
  2. Recently we were staying at the Boardwalk Villas. On the roof of the Boardwalk there is a very large sign 10 to 20 feet high that says "THE BOARDWALK" which is lit up after dark. We noticed that in the evening 2 letters were not lit in the sign. We thought this was very "un-Disney" to have 2 letters burned out in a sign. The next day we noticed that the same two letters that had been "burned out" were now lit and all the other letters were now turned off. Then we realized the two letters were the D in Board and the W in walk. DW (as in Disney World).
    REPORTED: Mark and Jodi Rugg 23 JAN 98
  3. On one side of Disney's Boardwalk Inn, there's a pool with a waterslide that exits through the mouth of a large, brightly-painted clown face. According to the Cast Member who took us to our room, the lifeguards are starting to refer to it as "Krusty the Clown."
    REPORTED: Sir Michael 31 DEC 96

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