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Dixie Landings Resort

Dixie Landings
  1. It isnt mentioned in the Disney Transportaion Guide but those staying at the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter, Old Key West and Disney Institute can get a water taxi to Downtown Disney.
    REPORTED: Stuart Cowper 05 JUN 02
  2. Our first on-property stay was at Dixie Landings. One of the things that impressed me the most was that on most of the walkways you will find impressions of leaves and flowers embedded in the cement. Just look down!
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 22 MAR 95
    CONFIRMED: anon 03 FEB 98
  3. I was told by a Cast Member at Dixie Landings that the Magnolia trees which grace the property were not original to the site but brought in fully matured from various parts of the country in order to achieve the "antebellum rural south" effect. He added that the largest and oldest of these located along Magnolia Bend was originally from New Jersey and that the nursery that supplied and delivered it holds an exclusive contract with Disney for the care and maintenance of this singular plant.
    REPORTED: J. Leacock 08 SEP 98
    The fact about Dixie Landings Magnolia tress is true! I asked a Cast Memeber!
  4. In the Main Pool at the Old Key West resort in the deepest end, there is a walkway above that creates a small overhang over the water. If you speak (even very quietly)into one end of the overhang, your voice can be heard (at full, echoed volume) at the other end (about 25 feet away). My friend and I would trick little kids at the other end... they had no idea who was speaking directly to them!
    REPORTED: Ginny Freese 17 MAY 99
  5. Earth Day 1991 signaled a "moving" experience for yet another impressive oak -- a 55-foot-tall tree weighing in at nearly 85 tons. The live oak was moved 12 miles across Walt Disney World® property. It is doing well in its new "digs" - serving as a centerpiece for the "Ol' Man Island" recreation area at Disney's Port Orleans Resort: Riverside.

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