Old Key West Resort

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Fort Wilderness Campground

  1. While staying at Fort Wilderness Campground I noticed the abandoned railroad tracks that cross the property. I have a vague recollection from many many years ago that we took a train that went thru the campground.
    REPORTED: anon 22 JUL 99
  2. Horseback riding excursions in Fort Wilderness are a blast, however my mother wasn't too fond of the horse she was riding. She got on the horse and he liked to gallop.....we came to find out that his name was Ragin' Cajun, and was an old racing horse. We also came across an old horse named Freckles, who tended to take a few shortcuts along the way. The Disney Cast said that Freckles had ridin' the course so many times that he knows all the "cut threws" and was taking the teenager on his back into uncharted territories...and he was getting hit in the face with tree branches. My horse tended to bite everyone else's, and I was getting nervous, b/c the horses were trying to bite back...so the Disney Cast member came up next to us on his horse and grabbed my horse and yelled "Lucy be good!" and a few minutes later Lucy did the same thing again and this time the Cast Member yelled "Lucifer, knock it off!" They nicknamed Lucy this b/c she is usually a lead horse and tends to get up set if she's not.
    REPORTED: anon 27 SEP 00

Old Key West Resort

  1. While having dinner at Olivia's I noticed that their music selection always includes some Jimmy Buffett songs, of which I am a fan. While we were eating, one of his new songs, "Jamaica Mistaica" was being played. This song contains several expletives. Disney was well aware of this because they "censored" those words with static. I found that very amusing. They don't miss a thing!
    REPORTED: Rich Conser 07 SEP 96
  2. According to a Disney Vacation Club guide, Disney is looking into expanding not only the regular resort swapping base, but also adding many more "alternate" experiences, such as the African Safari and short-term items, like one-day bike trips.
    REPORTED: Jim McSpiritt 28 SEP 96
  3. In the main pool near the hospitality house, there is an imprint of three shells on the stone near the shallow end of the pool in the shape of a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Steve 27 APR 02

Shades of Green

  1. The busses for Shades of Green have US Army Military license plates.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 27 FEB 99
    Shades of Green used to be The Disney Inn. It was leased to the US Government and may only be used by servicemen.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Milo 29 MAR 01

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