Disney's Polynesian Resort Fun Facts

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  1. The rooms of the Contemporary and the original Polynesian buildings were actually made individually, poured as concrete shells offsite, and then stacked using a crane.. Problems developed when mold began forming between the concrete walls and a foul ordor emanated... This method of construction was then abandoned.
    REPORTED: Mark Matthews 07 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: anon 03 FEB 98
  2. In the Captian Cook's Resturant, there is a Hidden Tinkerbell.
    REPORTED: Denise 06 JAN 01
  3. In the Polynesian's main volcano pool (the one with the slide), you can hear Hawaiian music played under water. This has been going on for years, but during our trip in June 1996, we had never heard it quite so loud! Usually you have to put your ear up to the speakers (located near the underwater lights) in order to hear it well, but it was quite noticeable in the middle of the pool. One lady came up for air and said to me, "Am I going nuts or do I hear music..?" Only Disney, ma'am.
    REPORTED: Julie Crutchley & Mary Glenn Crutchley 11 JUN 96
  4. You will hear the sound of crickets. The cricket noises are coming from the speakers, if they were real crickets, stomping on the bushes would silence them.
    REPORTED: anon 03 FEB 98
  5. I hear that originally there was a wave machine at the Polynesian resort so that guests could go surfing, but it caused massive errosion of the beach so it was turned off. Aparently it is still under the Seven Seas Lagoon.
    REPORTED: Rob Mumford 08 APR 98
    There was a wave making machine on the island across from the Poly beach during the 70's. Equipment was later moved. The white sand on Poly beach was being washed out. Actually saw it in operation. Waves were never high enough to surf on.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Moyer 26 APR 98
    The Wave Machine in the Seven Seas Lagoon was present in the late 1970's. It was then shut down because of erosion. The entire machine and it's components were removed from the lagoon, and the area under water was made into a reef.
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Sensenig 14 JUN 98
    I was there in May and taking the little boats back over to the resort. Our Skipper told us that the wooded island that is directly across from the Poly housed both the wave machine (which did erode the beach, but was deemed too dangerous to move) and was also the original location for the Polynesian Luau. Guests were originally paddled over in Hawaiian canoes for the show. The Luau Cove has since been built to replace the use of the island
    CONFIRMED: Kristin 18 AUG 00
  6. Recently at Epcot (November 30, 2001), the announcement right before Illuminations reminding you every 5 mins when the show is going to start is done in a female voice. My girlfriend says that its the same voice as the emcee of the woman that does the Polynesian Luau.
    UPDATE: Jason M. Perretta & Nora C. Mankiewicz 06 DEC 01

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