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Yacht and Beach Club Resort
  1. Stormalong Bay's sand-bottom swimming pools in the water recreation area at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resorts hold 750,000 gallons of crystal clear water - a world record.
  2. The pool at The Beach and Yacht Club Resort was supposed to have fish in it. Disney invested many millions of dollars for this pool. The filtration system was to support fish without chlorination, however, the system could not filter out the sun tan lotion. The fish's gills became clogged, and they died. They attempted to fix this many times with no success. Also, the pool is kept clean of debris by scuba divers each morning (only in Disney).
    REPORTED: Robert Frank 27 AUG 97
  3. When in the Yacht Club, I noticed some corner tables next to the chairs in the seating area. It's in the lobby off to the left side. The table has a lamp on it with a series of drawers. None of them open (I tried). The drawers have name plaques of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Huey & Duey. I also found another one near the center that had names such as: Kurt, Slovnia (?) and 4 other female names. Guest services didn't even know about these or what the names refer to. Of course, we know the first set of names. :)
    REPORTED: Benedetta Machado 03 FEB 01
  4. The carpet in front of the elevators in the lobby area of the Yacht Club is the same design as on the Dreamfinders compass in Journey into Imagination.
    REPORTED: Justin 11 NOV 97
  5. At Beaches and Cream if you look at the back of the menue you can see a "Kitchen Sink." It has every kind of ice cream, topping and whatever else they throw in there in this dessert. I ordered it and if you finish it within an hour and eat it all by yourself you get it for free. Well I only took up this offer because something free from Disney almost never occurs!! So I decided to get myself some free ice cream. Well, I did finish it and almost got sick when I did. I did receive a certificate that I was in the "Kitchen Sink Club" and Mickey signed it himself. For a good time, I would recomend trying this sundae!
    REPORTED: Chris Sullivan 14 MAR 98
  6. The lost Mickey sundae from Donald's Dairy Dip can now be found at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort poolside. The picture on the wall has a Hidden Mickey formed by an ice cream sundae, with Oreo cookies as his ears.
    REPORTED: paula 25 NOV 99
  7. A friend of mine works as a sales clerk at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resort. Apparently, the hotel is the personal favorite of Demi Moore and her three daughters, who have been spotted many times at the character breakfast in the Cape May Cafe. The employees who've met her, including my friend, have all said she is very sweet and friendly.

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