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Fun Facts
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  1. When we were there the Animation tour was closed, and Mickey's pants were blocking one of the doorways. Pretty subtle.
    REPORTED: Joy Hogley 26 MAY 98
  2. When you enter the animation courtyard, go to the animation tour. Take the tour and watch the first of the two movies. When Capt'n Hook shows up on the boat and forces Robin to jump, there is a Hidden Mickey in the shadows of the corner of the boat.
    REPORTED: anon 12 MAR 97
  3. There is a decor Mickey located on the Animation Celebration Building
    REPORTED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
  4. Walter Cronkite's cuff links are gold with a black Mickey on them.
    REPORTED: divetone 10 OCT 95
    I could not see the cuff-links as Mickeys that were worn by Walter...
    Walter is wearing Mickey cufflinks. It's not the easiest thing to see, but I worked there and I've seen that thing well over 700 times, so I'm pretty sure.
    CONFIRMED: Andy Nelson 07 FEB 96
    I also worked as tour guide on the Animation tour. Walter does not wear Mickey cufflinks, but plain round black ones.
  5. There is a hidden Mickey in the film with Robin. When Robin is a pencil drawing, and turns into a lumberjack, his shadow forms a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Goot 22 FEB 99
  6. We spotted a hidden Mickey on the Hercules drawing in The Magic Of Disney Animation, it is on one of the pictures displayed on the left wall as you enter the room on the left of the waiting area after you enter, it is the room where they show how the annimators finish the pictures. The Mickey is on the wall of the palace, it is a background picture with no people in it, there is a set of stairs on the right then a small door and more to the left just before one of the pillars is a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Logston Family 29 APR 97
  7. My daughter also spotted one that may or may not count because it is not permanent. An animator had made one out of push pins on a bulletin board. We got a real kick out of that one.
    REPORTED: Terrie Braun 16 JUN 96
  8. I asked the clerk in the shop at the end of the Animation Tour if she knew of any Hidden Mickeys. She showed me the display platform in front of her register, when viewed from above, formed a Hidden Mickey. It was covered with plush toys and the "head" is about a foot higher than the "ears."
    REPORTED: R. Reed 03 MAY 96

Animation Courtyard Studio Store

  1. The middle display is in the shape of a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: anon 16 JAN 99
  2. On the bean bag display if you look inside the hooks that the shelves go in are in the shape of Mickey heads.
    REPORTED: anon 16 JAN 99

Animation Gallery

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The Catwalk Bar

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