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Brown Derby Fun Facts

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  1. Make sure you get a private call at your table from Goofy. Let the waitress know if it is your birthday or that your child would love a call! It's a great treat... and so is the grapefruit cake (they will give you the recipe!)
    REPORTED: terry heegle 17 SEP 96
  2. The Hollywood Brown Derby has the original Californian restaurant Cobb Salad. What people don't know is how the salad came into existance. One night the restaurants owner and a couple intoxicated Hollywood superstars, including Douglas Fairbanks, developed the munchies and went into the kitchen when the restaurant was closed. They raided the kitchen and threw what was left lying around in a bowl. It was so good they added it to the menu. A lot of resteraunts offer Cobb salads but the one in the studios is the only real Cobb Salad right down to the secret dressing.
    REPORTED: Jacob Young 31 JUL 97
    The story about the invention of the Cobb Salad by Douglas Fairbanks, et al., who raided the Brown Derby kitchen after hours is apocryphal. According to a recent book, The Brown Derby Restaurant: A Hollywood Legend, about the Hollywood restaurant, written by the owner's widow, it was Bob Cobb who invented and named the Cobb salad. Two members of the wait staff at the Disney/MGM Brown Derby stated that Brown Derby owner Bob Cobb showed up at the restaurant one night and requested a dinner that would not aggravate a sore tooth from a dentist visit earlier in the day. The chef created a salad by chopping the ingredients very finely in a machine called a "buffalo shredder." Mr. Cobb enjoyed the salad so much that he continued to order it even after his toothache went away and eventually added it to the menu.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 03 OCT 97
  3. At the Brown Derby the butter the shape of the butter is in the form of a derby hat.
    REPORTED: JJ 26 FEB 98
  4. At the Brown Derby when I ordered an ice cream it came with a piece of chocolate shaped like a derby.
    REPORTED: Ry Ogron 07 OCT 99
  5. There is a cast members only cafeteria behind the Brown Derby, but it's closer to the Animation Tour building and the old Soundstage Restuarant.
    REPORTED: anon 01 JUN 99
    "Take Five" is a backstage cafeteria for cast members. There is also a "Company D" store (where cast members can buy clothes/goods which have some kind of CAST designation on them... like a key-ring that says 'Team Disney') housed there.
    CONFIRMED: Jordan 26 SEP 00
    There is in fact a cafateria behind the Brown Derby and next to the animation tour. The name of it is Take 5.
    CONFIRMED: East 25 MAY 01
  6. The Brown Derby Resturant was the location for the cut from 25 to 8 for O' Town, the band fetured in "Making the Band".
    REPORTED: Thomas McCarthy 07 MAR 01

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