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You can also find other information on fun facts and secrets of Walt Disney World by consulting with your local independent bookstore or visit our online bookstore. These are real Disney secrets. For more Disney secrets and trivia and bloopers try DISNEY Ever Notice... ?. If you are interested in rumors (some true, most not), checkout Disney Urban Legend Reference Page and Urban Legends Archive.

  1. All the lead characters in the show have real human hair wigs. Supportin anamatronic cast has synthetic.
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 10 JAN 00
  2. I learned during tour guide training that the original concept for The Great Movie Ride (then called Great Moments at the Movies) involved having real live celebrity look alikes portraying all of the characters on the ride instead of audio animatronics. That means that that would have been a real person portraying John Wayne on top of his horse or Sigourney Weaver hiding from the Alien. This later proved to be impossible to do for various reasons.
    REPORTED: Robert 11 APR 00
  3. Here's a tip about the Great Movie Ride, if you have children, ask to wait for the next show (if the first or second row on the Gangster or Cowboy is filled, ask to wait for the next ride for the first or second rows, and the Gangster or Cowboy will talk to your kids ("Mugsy" might say "Hey kid, I just want to ask ya's one question, ya got any cash?" or The Cowboy or Cowgirl would say (on the jewel part) "Hey kid save my seat!" Also, if you get a bald tall Cowboy (has some hair on the back of his head) he will ask you your name and say his. What he did was ask my name, and before he tried to grab the jewel, he said Steve, get 'em out of here!!!
    REPORTED: Steve Bazemore 03 JUL 97
    The bandits, a.k.a. the cowboys or cowgirls, are called Kate and Kid Durango... and yes, we do talk to guests on the ride.
    UPDATE: k. durango 28 JUN 98
  4. The belt buckle worn by John Wayne in the Western Scene is an actual buckle worn by the Duke in one of his movies.
    REPORTED: Jennifer St. Jean 04 OCT 96
  5. In the western town across from John Wayne, there is a sign on the wall for Ransom Stoddard Attorney. This is a reference to a Jimmy Stuart/John Wayne movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence. Ransom Stoddard was played by Jimmy Stuart!
    REPORTED: Merlin Williams 08 MAY 01
  6. When entering Gangster Alley, there is a movie poster of an Edward G. Robinson film that has been "torn" so that his face and the title are not very prominent. Apparently, the estate of Edward G. Robinson would not approve the use of his likeness in the gangster scene; they did not want him to be remembered only for his gangster roles.
    REPORTED: Jennifer St. Jean 04 OCT 96
  7. In the Alien section, the first status monitor on the bottom left side, you read the ship's statistics. However, if you scan to about the middle of the message, you read something like "Walt Disney World welcomes all aliens currently residing on board this ship" or something like that, then continues something about Goofy and some other characters. Then, it says "Estimated time till next special effects failure, 45.8 years". No one I know can interpret what 45.8 stands for. You have to be on the on the farthest left seat to see it though. One of the cast said there were many many secrets in the old west ads.
    REPORTED: Blase Theodore 07 JUN 98
  8. The computer screens in Alien have all the names of the creators of the ride. (You're moving to fast to see them while on the ride.)
    REPORTED: Stacy Knutson 03 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Blase Theodore 07 JUN 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  9. There is a hidden Minnie. It is where you load onto the vehicles in the middle of the picture is the biggest house, off to the right hand side is a brown tree stump. Right above the stump is a large black shadow that is the side view of Minnie all in black.
    My son and I found a Hidden Minnie in the loading area. In the center of the mural is a cottage roof. Assume the roof's peak is in the 6 o'clock position; look between 1 and 2 o'clock, about three feet from the peak. You will see a shadow shaped like Minnie.
    CONFIRMED: Bob Madden and Son 13 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Doug & Alisa Dillard 17 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Alea Kosciel 07 MAR 96
    In the mural, on the bottom, on the middle-left you can find Mickey's profile in the shrubbery. It's hard to see, but definitely there.
    CONFIRMED: Katherine Wright 23 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Stacy Knutson 03 OCT 96
    When you actually enter into the cars, get into the second car, sitting near to the front. The Hidden Mickey is actually part of the huge painting of Hollywood Hill and is somewhere near one of the roofs of the big houses. This Hidden Mickey was actually pointed out by on of the staff and confirmed by two others.
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Hudson 25 OCT 96
    In the loading area, on the mural to the left of the first seat in the second set of cars there is a Hidden profile of Minnie Mouse. This is I believe the same Hidden Minnie already reported. A Cast Member named Marci was kind enough to point this out to us.
    CONFIRMED: The Spencer Family 24 JUL 97
    There is a mouse in the Hollywoodland mural in the loading dock area. It is in a tree by where the driver sits in the second or "B" vehicle. As long as I've been there they've called her Minnie though, and not Mickey. You need a flashlight to see her well, so ask an older cast member who knows what they're talking about.
    CONFIRMED: Gigi 05 AUG 97
    In the Hollywood mural, there is a hidden Minnie.
    CONFIRMED: Tracy Stocker 20 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Spencer 02 JUN 98
    In the Great Movie Ride there is a hidden Minney on the loading dock. It roughly right in the center of the backdrop and is a profile of her head. A castmember needs a flashlight to point it out and almost everyone knows where it is.
    CONFIRMED: Ryan 11 JUN 98
    I would like to confirm the Hidden Minnie in the loading dock Hollywood mural. She is at an angle to the right edge of the gazebo. The gazebo is close to the center of the mural. There is also a stump below and to the left of her. It is a side view of Minnie's head all in black. If you sit on a seat close to the mural, you should be able to see her well without a flashlight. You can even see her if you ride the first vehicle, since it passes by that part of the mural when it re-enters the loading dock.
    CONFIRMED: Freddy Zanfardino 03 AUG 98
    On the Mural where you board the cars almost in the center there is a Minnie silhouette. It's very dark hidden next to some trees above a roof.
    CONFIRMED: HeyMamie 01 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Stacy 23 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: Evil Needle 27 DEC 99
    I spotted the hidden Minnie in the Great Movie Ride. Its in the begginning where there is a huge mural of Beverly Hills. It is towards the left of the mural on the bottom. There is a gszeebo with an orange roof. To the right of it is the face of Minnie Mouse looking side ways.
    CONFIRMED: Carlos Rovira 13 MAY 01
    CONFIRMED: Jocelyn 18 JUL 01
    CONFIRMED: kc 16 DEC 01
  10. We rode the Great Movie Ride twice during our recent visit. Once we were hijacked by a gangster (male) and once we were hijacked by a western bank robber (female). It depends on which car you're sitting in when you leave the load area.
    CONFIRMED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    It's true that the ride has two "scenes". One a gangster scene, the other a "gunfighter" scene. Once the gangster scene was the left line, the gunfighter the right. But the next time they were reversed. The 3rd time we told the cast member loading the cars that we wanted to see the gangster scene. She told us to go to the other line. If you want a certain scene, just let the cast member know.
    CONFIRMED: Cathy 24 JUN 99
  11. Most (if not all) of the clips you see in the theater in the queue (just before you go in to enter the actual ride) are clips from movies in the ride.
    CONFIRMED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
  12. If anyone is in the Great Movie Ride, let me know if the Idaho Potato Pin is still on the uniform of Sergony Wever. I put it there around easter when i worked on the ride. It is right unter the red pin. Supervisors on the ride would often leave misc. objects in the ride to make sure we were paying attention during the morning cycling of vehicles so often we would leave things in the ride to make sure they would keep up on their job. The potato pin was still there when I left in May to come back to Idaho. Other items that have been found include mouse ears hanging in the salon in Western Scene and the famous cigarette in the mouth of the munchkin in Oz.
    REPORTED: Stacy Kay Knutson 11 SEP 96
    Yes the Idaho Potato pin is there. I just went the second to last week of May and looked for it for you.
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Paci 29 MAY 00
  13. The horseshoe prints below the second bar on the left hand side. These are very hard to find.
    REPORTED: Stacy Knutson 03 OCT 96
  14. As you enter the Gangster scene, and approach the run down porch, looking over your left shoulder towards the roof you will see Mickey's silhouette in a warehouse window. (An interesting point about this Mickey...It was not placed there by the Imagineers, but rather by a guy named Carlos, who was a gangster at the Movie Ride a few summers ago. The fake warehouse windows are really next to the actor's corridor, where the Mugsy's wait to take over vehicles. There are chairs and a water cooler up there..it's rather cozy. (I was Mugsy in the summer '92) When the Imagineers found out Carlos had cut out a Mickey and put him there, they liked it so much they kept it!)
    REPORTED: Sean Alan Squier 12 AUG 93
    CONFIRMED: Stan Sroka
    CONFIRMED: Gary Eckhardt 17 FEB 94
    The "Mickey in the Window" (during the gangster hijacking) is gone. Yes, we rode twice in a row to be sure. I guess it got too famous and someone official took it out.
    UPDATE: Pete LeMaster 10 MAY 93
    In the updated Hidden Mickey list, it has a quote from a person who said that the Mickey placed by a Cast Member in the window of the gangster scene had been removed. Everyone rest at ease though, I was just there in July and Mickey is still watching over the entire scene.
    UPDATE: Todd D McCartney 06 AUG 93
    Well, it had been taken out for a little bit because it was never officially approved, but the new one is not only approved but was made by the imagineers to be the exact proportions of the original Mickey drawings. Unfortunately though, the new Mickey looks like a piece of cardboard in a window, while the old one really looked like Mickey was looking down from the warehouse. Oh well, yet another "improvement" by the Walt Disney Imagineers. It even has a little message on the back saying do not remove, Walt Disney approved.... I think it was put up on June 6, 93, but I can double check.
    UPDATE: Sean Alan Squier 12 AUG 93
    The fact is there was not supposed to be a Hidden Mickey here, but it was placed there by a cast member gangster. The Imagineers took it out, but put it back and legalized it since it was so popular.
    CONFIRMED: anon 02 OCT 97
    In the gangster scene, if you look all the way up on your left and look at the windows far above the building where Mugsy comes out you will see a siloette as clear as day, placed there by cast members long ago and eventually authorized by WDI.
    CONFIRMED: anon 11 JUN 98
    The Mickey who is in the gangster scene, who's shadow is in the window if you turn around was not an original design element. That window is directly over the waiting area for gangsters who are waiting for there show, and most of the time they're pretty bored. One of them with a more artistic flair was playing with the paper water cups that they had there, and tore one into the Mickey's head shape. They all thought it was cool and should stick it up in the window. A long (at least two years long) struggle ensued between those cast members and Imagineering staff. The gangsters would put a new one up, and the Imagineers would take it down. Finally, (realizing that they couldn't possibly win) Imagineering put up their own official version, and there its stayed ever since.
    CONFIRMED: Christian Jacoby 03 JUL 00
    The Imagineers didn't put up the Mickey in Gangster Alley that is described as "a shadow of Mickey lurking at the right end of the line of windows towards the top of the warehouse building on your left way up at the topin the last window pane to your right." That was put there by a cast member by the name of Carlos (Charlie) Ahrens. So far, this is the only "unathorized Hidden Mickey" in the Great Movie Ride. I was also a cast member at the time it was done. We always thought Imagineering would see it and take it down, but they never did.
    UPDATE: Chuck Harrell 14 MAY 01
    I have to say that the Hidden Mickey in the Great Movie Ride Ganster scene is there and for good! It is located in the window above the scene behind you. It is really noticably when you are looking in that area. That is also where the CMs have a water cooler and a walkway to get to the scene.
    UPDATE: Mickey 30 MAY 01
  15. As you approach the gangster scene look at the building that the gangster comes from. Look at the top of the stairs and you will see the time clock and times cards the employees clock in on
    REPORTED: sam lee 26 NOV 96
    The time clock for Great Movie Ride Cast Members is not in the ganster alley scene. What he saw is just decoration for the scene.
    UPDATE: Rachel Nacion 30 JAN 97 Click for the Warner Bros. Online Shop-WBShop.com pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  16. There is a part prior to the Wizard of Oz scene that features Mickey in Fantasia. If you notice it is very windy and dark in that scene. This is because it was originally supposed to be the tornado scene that "takes" you to Oz, but the creators of the Wizard of Oz would not agree for some reason.
    REPORTED: mburzynski 02 DEC 96
    The reason the Wizard of Oz People would not let the "tornado" carry you to the Land of Oz (now it's the Fantasia sequence on the GMR), was that the SFX designer of the tornado, Buddy Gillespie, made MGM put a trademark and a patent on the effect, prior to the movie's 1939 debut. So, the WDW people would have had to buy the rights for use of the tornado (its image, its likeness, etc.), and Disney is not about to shell out the dough for a muslin tornado when they can just as well use something from a Disney film.
    UPDATE: Colin 23 AUG 00
  17. In the Emerald City scene in Oz, if you look at the Yellow Brick road, you will see that it forms the word "OZ" with one of the parts of the Emerald City.
    REPORTED: anon 28 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Paci 29 MAY 00
    Backyard Imagineering
  18. How about that slime that falls on you? The stuff that falls on you is water. However the stuff in the back of the ride that is just dripping from the ceiling is another story. It is a mix of Glycerol and water. You can make it at home, the stuff needed is sold at your local drugstore.
    REPORTED: jojobean 15 APR 97
  19. Further on in the Movie Ride. you can find Mickey in the hieroglyphics of the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene (last block on the left) having lunch with Donald Duck. Interestingly, also in the heiroglyphics, directly across from Indiana Jones, you can find C-3PO and R2-D2 carved in stone. R2D2 and C3PO can be spotted to the right, above the crate. C3PO is holding a screwdriver, fixing R2D2. To the right again, 3/4ths of the way up the wall behind the 2nd statue, Donald appears to be serving Mickey a platter of something. There is also a very small hieroglyphic painted with Mickey Mouse ears, but it is not visible from the ride. Kelly showed me the Mickey (and Donald) in the hieroglyphics, but I'd recommend taking a flashlight with you. It's really dark in that corner and you must depend on the lightning flashing at just the right time. Of course, you might get thrown out for using the flashlight, but... The hieroglyphics of R2D2 and C3PO in the Indiana Jones scene were inspired by the director of the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" trilogies who had the mechanical robots from his first blockbuster painted in the hyroglyphics that appear in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" They were on the wall in the original movie set and you can see it, barely, on the film if you can pause it on your VCR).
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
  20. There is a third Star Wars character within the Great Movie Ride. As you enter the abandoned mummy's tomb after the Tour Guide returns, look very closely at the flat board with the small Egyptian figures lined up on it. In the back right hand corner, there is a small figure of Wicket the Ewok from Return of the Jedi. You have to be on the far left to see it and it is easily missed. I only found it because it was pointed out to me as I was trained to work there.
    REPORTED: Scott Everhart 06 MAR 97
  21. In Enubis there is the 101 symbols above as you enter the mummmy section. 101 is code for when a attraction goes down. Yes, we pray to the 101 God hoping for some time off.
    REPORTED: Stacy Knutson 03 OCT 96 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  22. On The Great Movie Ride at Disney Studios, notice the gangsters' license plate is 021-429. Is it mere coincidence that the date of the St. Valentine's day massacre is 02/14/29?
    REPORTED: michael sturm 27 JUN 95
    To the right, you can see a car in the distance with mob members inside. Take a look at the license plate on this car. It says "021 • 429" which if you translate that into a date (02/14/29), is the date of the famous St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago, Illinois. February 14, 1929.
    CONFIRMED: John 15 MAR 01
  23. On the left hand side as you leave you'll see a lamp broken off the wall if you look back you'll see the socket for a light bulb. Opps, they messed that one up.
    REPORTED: Stacy Knutson 03 OCT 96
  24. I worked on the Jungle Cruise after the '94 rehab when the back half of the plane was added. The other half is in the Great Movie Ride in Disney.
    REPORTED: Brian Messier 06 JUL 95
    CONFIRMED: j stone 14 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED: Stacy Knutson 03 OCT 96
  25. The Humpfry figure is taller than in actual life because that's the angle they shot the sceane in the movie. (Ms. Bergman was actually taller in real life).
    REPORTED: Stacy Knutson 03 OCT 96
  26. At the end, when they show all the clips of movies, which is the only movie mentioned by name? "Good Morning Vietnam!"
    REPORTED: Jennifer R. 19 JAN 99
    I was a lead in that attraction for 6 months, and we used to use this trivia question to stump the trainees and to get them to stay awake through the finale film!"
    CONFIRMED: Jenny 25 APR 02
  27. During my tour guide training at The Great Movie Ride, I was informed that Finale (the theatre where the film is shown at the end of the ride) was originally supposed to be the Wizard in the Emerald City. From what I understand, there was supposed to be a divider down the middle of the theatre seperating the A and B vehicles. Where the screen is now was where the Wizard would have appeared surrounded by flames. When the Wizard would say his famous line, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," the show would suddenly be "interrupted" as the curtains to the left or right of the screen would open to reveal either your live bandit (on the A vehicle side) or gangster (on the B vehicle side) who would then take a bow. Along the outer walls of the theatre (to the left of the A vehicle or to the right of the B vehicle), is currently large empty carpeted areas. Here was supposed to be large platforms where all of the animatronic characters that were seen earlier in the ride would be standing and would take a bow. Finnally, your tour guide would stand and take their bow to the sound of your thunderous applause. This had to be scrapped, along with the Oz twister (which is now Fantasia), due to the fact that Disney only owns the rights to about 3 minutes of The Wizard of Oz. That's one reason why you don't see the trailer for it in the preshow.
    REPORTED: Robert 11 APR 00

Great Movie Ride Effects

  1. How about that slime that falls on you? The stuff that falls on you is water. However the stuff in the back of the ride that is just dripping from the ceiling is another story. It is a mix of Glycerol and water. You can make it at home, the stuff needed is sold at your local drugstore.
    REPORTED: jojobean 15 APR 97

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